The Devil's Cage Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Legendary Weapon

The dark red two-handed sword was glowing with a golden light. The mixed aura made it feel slightly bewitching.

[Name: Arrogant Word]

[Type: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Attributes: 1. Arrogance, 2. Wildness]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: Strength B- Two-Handed (B+ Single-Handed) Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Master)]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: Arrogance will only understand the arrogant ones!]


[Arrogance: When the sword slashes at an enemy, +1 Strength or Agility for the next attack]

[Wildness: When facing an enemy twice your size, Stamina consumed -30%. When facing an enemy five times your size, Stamina consumed -60%. When facing an enemy 10 times your size, Stamina consumed -90%, Attack +1]


"Arrogance and Wildness?"

Kieran squinted his eyes when he saw the two attributes of the great sword.

As soon as he saw its Powerful Attack, he had already made his decision, but the double attributes only solidified it.

Kieran wanted to keep the [Arrogant Word]. It would be his main weapon of choice from now on!

Any player out there would have bought and upgraded the corresponding skills to Grand Master for a Legendary weapon.

Compared to a Legendary weapon, a Grand Master basic skill was not a big deal.

Kieran counted all his non-useable items.

He had a [Crushing Spiked Club], two [Pitch-Black Ring]s, a [Skeleton Ring] and a [Piercing Dagger]. He took a screenshot of each of them.

The [Crushing Spiked Club] was a no-brainer now that Kieran had [Arrogant Word].

The [Pitch-Black Ring]s attribute overlapped with Kierans Transcendence [Undercover] options, so he would put it up for sale as well.

Kieran considered keeping the [Skeleton Ring] if the number of controlled dead bodies could increase more, since all dead bodies attributes were unable to surpass F+.

He was leaning more towards hand-to-hand combat compared to using a dagger during melee combat though, so he decided to sell the [Piercing Dagger].

When the screenshots were sent to Lawless, his friend was shocked.


Lawless: Another generous reward!

Lawless: U r really something, 2567!

2567: I need a [Sharp Weapon (Heavy Arms)] Skill Book and some items that could fight positive energy and holy aura.

2567: Help me trade points for the rest!

2567: Be fast and youll get commission as usual.

Lawless: No problem! Everyone is still at the Harvest Inn causing a ruckus. It should be easy to sell such good items!

Lawless: As for items that can fight positive energy and holy aura, thats something one can only find by luck. You cant search for them. You can substitute them with alchemy consumables though. Is that okay?

2567: Sure.


Kieran was not surprised by that.

Items that could fight positive energy and holy aura would have to be at least Magical Rank after all.

It would be impossible to search for an item with special requirements.

Substituting it with alchemy consumables was a viable way though.

After finishing talking about business, Lawless immediately messaged Kieran again.


Lawless: You coming for a drink?

2567: I think I might need to keep my head clear for a while.

Lawless: Drinking is also a way to calm down. Why are you so nervous?

Lawless: Ive just contacted Lemour. She promised to contact her mechanic friends to forge me new heavy artillery!

2567: That still doesnt mean I can sleep peacefully. I always tend to rely on myself.

Lawless: Improving urself is a virtue, but so is trusting ur comrades!

2567: Id prefer to be stronger in front of my comrades.

Lawless: Fine!

Lawless: But do note this

(After a slight pause, Lawless went into BS mode again. Kieran was smart enough to end the conversation while Lawless was still in trance. Then he contacted Hanses.)

2567: Hows the [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card]?

Hanses: Settled, of course!

Hanses: The fella was willing to sell out, but the price

(Kieran raised his brow. Obviously, Hanses had been hanging out with Lawless long enough to get affected by his bad habit of sharing only some information and saving the rest to tease him. Luckily, Kieran knew how to deal with that. He just went silent.

After staying quiet for more than 10 seconds, Hanses could not hold back anymore.)

Hanses: U wont make a lot of friends if you act like this!

2567: The same goes for u, if u keep behaving like Lawless!

Hanses: Im better than u, u dull fella! U r a youngster, arent you? Stop acting like an old geezer killing the mood! No girls will like u!

2567: Whats a girl? Are they edible?

Hanses: ...

Hanses: Have you eaten ur integrity as well?

2567: Yeah, with a little sauce on it. It was quite crunchy.

(Kieran did not mind fooling around with Hanses, considering he was the one who had started it. He would actually love to, but as time flew by, he needed to end the conversation quickly and get back to business.)

2567: [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card]?

Hanses: 1,000 Points

Hanses: I dont think it costs that much. [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card]s are as common as chicken bones

2567: Deal!

2567: Get the points from Lawless. He is selling my things.


Kieran replied right away, not denying Hanses statement.

Just as the description of the [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card] claimed, it was useless for a coward, but priceless for a warrior!

Most players were leaning towards the former, but there were a few people who entered the dungeon world willingly.

Truth be told, Kieran would not object to such a method. Every interval between dungeons was time for the player to grow.

If the player could fully utilize that time, they would gain more advantages when they entered the next dungeon.

Even though those advantages might be trivial, they were enough to lead to a different course of action.

Quality over quantity. Kieran knew that rule very well, but sadly, he could not implement it.

Because of his own personal reasons, he could not afford to do so, as he needed to accumulate strength quickly.

Kieran had already accumulated a certain level of strength, but the Killer Organizations interruption had prolonged his journey once more.

After all, he was no different than a normal human being. If he died at the hands of the Killer Organization, that would be the end for him.

Kieran exchanged a few more words with Hanses and then went offline.

When he took care of his physiological problems, he went back to his game lobby.

His PM tab was pinging with new messages.

Lawless, Hanses and Blacksmith?


Kieran was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the name.

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