The Devil's Cage Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Surprise Accident

Out of the three chairs that surrounded the table, two were tucked under it, leaving their backs outside. The third chair was pulled out though, and there was a pair of footprints before it.

Kieran followed the footprints and saw dozens of books in the room. The footprints were no strange finding. They belonged to the dead body on the stairs.

Almost instantly, Kieran painted a picture in his mind. The third person had noticed when the bladesman had invaded the house, so he had placed his things down abruptly and rushed out of the secret room in hopes of stopping the man. He had underestimated the bladesmans abilities though, which had far exceeded his imagination. The third man had not been able to stop the bladesman. Instead, he had lost his life trying


"Could the bladesman have known that the third man was inside here all along and purposely allowed him to notice his presence?"

Kieran recalled the footprint on the sofa, which confirmed his theory.

"The bladesman was far more familiar with the place than I imagined! Who is he?"

The more sure Kieran was about his theory, the more doubts formed on his mind.

However, his attention was soon turned on the books laying around the room.

According to the traces left behind, after the third person had noticed the bladesman, he must have hidden something under the books.

"I hope no clues have been destroyed!" Kieran thought as he looked at the tidy books.

Searching from top to bottom and left to right, Kieran went over all the books that were in the room. Schmidt helped as well, after a brief explanation of the situation.

Why could Kieran see the footprints before the chair, when he could not?

After many collaborations with Nikorei, Schmidt had grown accustomed to the paranormal element. After all, shamans could see so much more than he could.

Schmidt concentrated on finding clues in the books, and his concentration paid off.

"Found it!"

Schmidt pulled out a piece of paper from one of the books and signaled at Kieran.

"This is it?" Kieran muttered with a serious expression when he saw the paper.

[Pure Ruby X1]

[Blood Queen Tiara X1]

[Michigi Egg X1]

[Fantos Manuscript X1]


Although it was a copied note, the ink had been smeared across it before it could dry off. The words were too blurry to read.

"What is this? Some kind of alchemy prescription?" Schmidt asked out of curiosity.

"I dont recall any prescriptions that needed a manuscript!"

Kieran rolled his eyes at Schmidt and continued searching through the remaining books.

Unfortunately, other than that piece of paper, there was not much else to discover.

"I am taking these with me!"

Kieran pointed at the books and the ingredients around them.

"Sure, be my guest!" Schmidt did not blast Kierans ears off with the "you cant take any evidence from the crime scene" bullsh*t. The mystics had their own rules, and since Schmidt had gotten involved in their business, he had to follow them.

Of course, his identity as a policeman made him tell his colleagues to clean up the mess and order his men to let him know if there was a new discovery.

Schmidts colleagues were more than happy to comply.

The supernatural cases that had taken place on the West Coast during the past two years had showed common police officers that there was another world hidden in plain sight.

The best example was the ghostly ferry on the Golden Beach.

A force field that could withstand a canon, and a ferry that had seemingly devoured the people who had boarded it. Those sorts of signs were enough to turn ones worldview upside down.

"They were really scared!" Kieran said after he started the Picard and loaded all the valuable items into the car.

Although the police officers that had arrived to the scene had acted calmly and seriously, Kierans sharp senses had picked up on their unusual manners and sweaty palms. It was all too obvious for him.

"The first time I encountered a supernatural case, I was not much better than them either. They need time to get accustomed to it and also some guidance. I will make a report to the director and ask for a psychologist to see everyone!"

Schmidt let out a sigh. His colleagues had reminded him of his worst memories.

"A psychologist? Are you sure about that?" Kieran countered Schmidts words.

Whenever he recounted his unpleasant experience during [The Shamans Partner], the psychologist that had treated Louver always came to mind first.

"Louvers case was an accident That poor kid!" Schmidt understood what Kieran was referring to. He let out a sigh again.

A sudden emergency break made the tires collide violently with the asphalt. The smell of burned rubber suddenly filled the air. Schmidt, who had not put on his seatbelt, smashed his head against the dashboard in front of the passenger seat.


The heavy hit was accompanied by Schmidts cry of pain.

"Woah, 2567! I admit that the psychologist we hired before was a fraud, but theres no need to be angry every time his name is mentioned! After all, not all psychologists are frauds like him. There are still a lot of true professionals out there!"

Schmidt rubbed his forehead, clenching his teeth as he ranted at Kieran.

"Louver!" Kieran uttered the name in a serious tone as he listened to Schmidts ranting.

"What?" Schmidt was confused. He didnt know what Kieran was trying to say.

"Where is Louver now? Did you forget that he was a skilled blade user?" Kieran said quickly.

"It couldnt be! He is at a recovery center outside the city" Schmidt said unconsciously, his voice lowering as he spoke. His words betrayed his lack of confidence. Kierans description of the culprit, 180-centimeters tall with a nimble figure and extremely capable with a blade, fit Louvers description.

"We should head to the recovery center right now! Ill tell you how to get there!" Schmidt suddenly said, changing his mind.

"Now? Its too late!" Kieran shook his head.

The situation before them was clear enough. If Louver was the bladesman they were looking for, he would have been long gone from the recovery center outside the city. If it was not him, it would be useless if they headed there.

In other words, no matter which route they took, it was too late for them. Still, they had reached some conclusions.

Kieran was not confused about the identity of the bladesman anymore.

Even if it was not Louver, it had to be someone who was related to the Drifter Society.

As Kieran recalled Louvers nimble wielding of his blade when his parents had been killed during the explosion, he frowned hard.

He had not thought of Louvers wielding when he had seen those wounds on the bodies. Suddenly, Kieran recalled one of the members of the Drifter Society mentioning that "thing".

"Schmidt, any news on the Drifter Society?" he asked.


Schmidt nodded. The answer he gave made Kierans face turn pale.

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