The Devil's Cage Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Loot

Kieran checked the two Legendary items first.

When he saw the blue liquid inside the crystal test tubes, he was stunned. He was surprised both by the fact that the two Legendary items were the same potion and by their use.

[Name: Azzindel Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attributes: When consumed, Spirit +1]

[Prerequisites: Constitution C]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is one of the best works of the ancient potionologist Azzindel]

[Notes: Only effective when Spirit is below B Rank]


"Spirit increases when its consumed?"

Kieran was looking at the description, his heart pounding fast. This was the first time he had come across a potion that could increase an attribute.

While Kieran had been upgrading [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] with Golden Skill Points in order to increase the Spirit attribute, it had never crossed his mind that it could also be upgraded by using a potion.

Even though there was a small requirement, that little detail did not diminish its value.

"Had ancient potionology reached such a level?" Kieran wondered.

Meanwhile, he recalled the [Night Owl Token], which had been crafted by ancient alchemy.

The word "ancient" seemed to show Kieran the vast, deep knowledge of the mystical realm in the past. It seemed to be totally different than their knowledge these days.

Still, his astonishment did not stop him from drinking both potions at once.

[Consuming Azzindel Potion]

[Constitution has passed authentication...]

[Spirit +1]

[Spirit +1]


After drinking both potions, Kierans Spirit increased from C to B- Rank. He could clearly feel his thoughts and consciousness become more lively.

This was only one of its benefits though. The higher his Spirit became, the bigger advantages over illusions and fear effects would Kieran have. Using items related to Spirit would produce a much more powerful force as well.

However, there was still a long distance to go before being immune to the backlash effect of [Fusion Heart], which required an A Constitution and an S Spirit. He had gotten one step closer though.

This was delightful news for Kieran. Exchanging one Golden Skill Point for rewards worth two Golden Skill Points was amazing. How could he not be satisfied?

As delight lingered in his heart, he checked out his other rewards.

There was a Rare piece of armor among the bunch. It was made from the skin of a mythical monster. It felt light, yet tensile. When Kieran picked the pants up, they felt slippery.

[Name: Rudenmoren Skin]

[Type: Armor (Long Pants)]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attributes: 1. Rudenmoren Breath, 2. Rudenmoren Hatred]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: Pure human blood lineage is restricted]

[Remarks: Rudenmoren was a giant sea serpent that used to rampage the East Coast 50 years ago. It sank ships and devoured sailors until it was eliminated by the East Coast mystics! Both sides fought for over a day, until Rudenmoren was eventually killed at the beach. An East Coast alchemist bought the remaining skin of the serpent at a high price and made this pair of pants!]


[Rudenmoren Breath: You are able to breath under the sea like you do on land]

[Rudenmoren Hatred: +1 Strength and Agility when facing Human enemies.]


"Special equipment!" Kieran commented as he went over the attributes of the pants. When he put on the pants though, his delight was diminished.

Even though he had doubted his lineage when he had seen the [Fusion Heart]s attributes, [Rudenmoren Skin] made him feel slightly depressed.

"This is just a game!" Kieran tried to comfort himself. Yet he did not believe those words.

Considering the hyper-realistic world before him and the strange penalty of the game, how could he treat the underground game like a mere game?

Fortunately, Kieran brushed his complicated feelings off quickly when he saw his loot.

The remaining loot was similar to the loot he had gotten from the East Coast mystics earlier. Most of it was less valuable than Magical items, but there were still two items that peaked Kierans interest.

The one Kieran was interested in the most was a Magical item named [Fireball Staff].

It was a 30-centimeter long wooden staff, painted and as thick as a pencil.

[Name: Fireball Staff]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Magical]

[Attack: Weak]

[Attributes: Fireball, Remaining: one use]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: It is hard to replenish its usage, even if you have mastered alchemy or a Fireball spell. It was created to be a one-use item.]


[Fireball: Fires out a fireball that explodes upon hitting a target, causing Powerful Level Explosion Damage. The explosion will cover a five-meter radius, causing Powerful Level Fire Damage and three-second Burn Damage, a certain percentage is required to induce a Burnt Debuff. (Burnt Debuff: Target will burn for one second and undergo a Constitution Authentication, If Targets Constitution is lower than E, the Burnt Debuff will last for another four seconds]


"A one-use Magical item?"

Just like with [Azzindel Potion], this was the first time Kieran had come across a one-use Magical item.

After reading its description carefully, Kieran placed [Fireball Staff[ in his mantle and switched his attention to the other Magical item, a bright-colored conch shell the size of a thumb.

[Name: Trickster Conch Shell]

[Type: Etc]

[Rarity: Magical]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attributes: Illusion Generation]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is an item used to prank people. However, this was not the purpose of its creation.]


[Illusion Generation: Creates an illusion no taller than two meters or wider than one meter, human or animal. The illusion will be generated in a virtual projection. Lasts three minutes, twice per day]


"A prank?" Kieran muttered.

He didnt think so. Even though it was only a virtual projection, if it was put to good use, it could produce a surprising effect.

After placing [Trickster Conch Shell] in his pocket, Kieran continued organizing his remaining loot until Rosland came by with a box.

"Sir 2567, everything is prepared! This is the extra compensation I mentioned, a Magical item that can resist a mental attack!"

Rosland opened the box, revealing the golden coin inside it. Kieran picked up the coin.

[Name: Guard Coin]

[Type: Etc]

[Rarity: Magical]

[Attributes: Able to resist a mental attack no higher than a Strong Level]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: It might have its limits in terms of resistance, but it is a good thing to have!]


Kieran nodded when he saw the [Guard Coin]s attribute. When Kieran had first encountered Tally Landsky, her ability to resist mental attacks had made an impression on him.

Thus, when Rosland had offered a compensation, Kieran had asked for an item that could resist a mental attack without a second thought.

Rosland seemed relieved when he saw Kieran nod in approval.

Smiling, Rosland said, "Shall we proceed with the next step of the plan, sir? After your display of strength tonight, the whole West Coast will understand what to do! You can set your own rules from now on!"

"As for the Shepherds..." Rosland paused on purpose when he mentioned that name.

Kieran instantly turned his gaze on him.