The Devil's Cage Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Breakout

Thunderous gallops were heard as black bodies flew like the raging tide.

Riding their red-eyed flaming black horses, the Black Knights were running towards Kieran and co. surrounding them completely.

About 500 Black Knights circled the Picard, causing Kieran, Schmidt, Raul and Cidney to turn slightly pale.

When they had decided to return to Forende Town, they had expected resistance, but not these kind of numbers.

"Ill go on the offensive! Schmidt, Raul, cover me! Cidney, take over the wheel and drive us away from this sh*thole!" Kieran ordered everyone before picking up the box with [Arrogant Word] and getting out of the car.

Kieran did not give much thought to the situation before him. He just ran out at full force.

He wouldnt use [Devil Transformation] or [Desire Summoning], unless it was his last option. He only had one Golden Skill Point left after all.

"If that Golden Skill Point could be replenished"

Kieran gripped [Arrogant Word] tightly, his eagerness for that Golden Skill Point rising in his heart. He knew that, even though the Black Knights had a high Fire Damage Resistance, if he used the devils flame, they would be turned into ashes.

Now though?

Kieran stood on top of the front hood, signalling at Schmidt, who was loading a machine gun by the trunk of the car.

"Charge!" he shouted.

Kieran was like an arrow let loose, rushing towards the circling Black Knights ahead.

He was dragging the dark red greatsword up and down with a slanted slashing move. The sharp edge sliced the war horse and the knight on top, splitting them into half.

Then the sharp edge was swung back down, executing another slash.

At the sound of the slicing metal, another Black Knight was split in half.

A couple of black spears were lunged at Kieran, but they couldnt advance anymore.

[Primus Scale]!

As the slanted slash struck home, Kieran screamed out loud, channeling all his strength into swinging [Arrogant Word] with a horizontal slash. Kieran purposely dislocated his step to suit the swinging slash of [Arrogant Word], his body spinning like a top as the dark red blade moved in deadly circles.

The black spears were broken by the spinning slash, followed quickly by the Black Knights.

Kieran was like a meat-grinder advancing forward, whipping up a bloody storm and carving a bloody path among the Black Knights surrounding him.

Schmidt pulled the trigger of the machine gun repeatedly, firing over and over again.

Bullets rained down on the Black Knights, piercing their armor. However, a black mist shrouded their bullet holes, helping recover it.

The force of the raining bullets made the Black Knights stagger though, allowing Kieran to widen his escape path.

Cidney stepped hard on the pedal. The Picards tires spun on the spot for a couple of rounds before emitting a burnt rubber stench and letting loose like a wild horse dashing forward at lightning speed.

The sudden dash had moved the car away from 1/3 of the encirclement in an instant, but the Black Knights reacted quickly, ditching the front blockage and flanking the Picard from left and right.

The Night Owls speed and explosive energy allowed the Black Knights to run in a parallel line with the Picard while dishing their weapons on the car.

Their black spears and swords were stabbing and slashing at the car.

The Picard, which had been whole a moment ago, was turned into scraps. The passenger door had been stabbed by a black spear and split into half by a knights sword.

The windows of the Picard had all been shattered, and the engine hood had sunk down.

The trunk of the car, which was made of pure steel, had also suffered some slash marks.


Schmidt tightened his fingers around the trigger. After he fired at a Black Knight heading for Cidney, the corners of his eyes picked up a few more Black Knights hurling their spears at the cars tires.

Schmidt quickly turned his machine gun around.

However, as he turned the gun away, a Black Knight from the other side struck again. His target had also been the tires.

After a sudden loud noise, Raul hurled out a jade-colored vine.

The vine was nimbler than a snake as it constricted around the hurled black spear. Not only did it alter the spear, but it also caused the Black Knight who had hurled it to fall off his horse.

"NICE!" Schmidt cheered as he watched the scene. His face turned sour again quickly though.

The machine gun was jammed!

"Those f*cking business scoundrels! When I get back, Ill shoot their asses up!"

After cursing, Schmidt threw the machine gun inside the trunk and pulled out his ace from his pocket. Grenades.

"Beat this, you black bastards!" Schmidt yelled, hurling two grenades at the Black Knights.


The Black Knights and horses on both sides were thrown off their feet at the explosion.

"Step on it! Step on it!" Schmidt shouted, tapping the roof of the car eagerly. He wanted to get away from the Black Knights fast.

Even if Schmidt was not urging him, Cidney would still have tried his best to accelerate.

In fact, Cidney had been stepping on the pedal from the moment the fight had begun.

The Night Owl horses were too fast though!

After a few seconds, the concentrated galloping noises approached them again.

"Faster! Faster! They are coming back!"

Schmidt was reloading his machine gun as he urged Cidney. The Black Knights were back on their tail again.

"This is the fastest it can go!" Cidney shouted back at Schmidt.

Even though Cidney was a polite doctor, his manners were of no use in that situation.

Pieces of glass were crashing all around him, making him bleed all over his body. The Black Knights pursuing them had appeared again. He wished he could jump from the car and push it himself to get it to go faster. This was just wishful thinking though.

As Cidney was stepping down on the pedal with all his strength, a figure jumped on the roof of the car.

It was Kieran! Cidney was delighted, and so were Raul and Schmidt.

Kieran had proved himself to everyone, unconsciously affecting the natives around him.

Schmidt, who had been reloading his machine gun nervously, started reloading it calmly.

As he cleared the jam and reloaded the gun, Kieran took out a couple of grenades, hurling them skillfully at his target.

Boom! Boom!

The explosions took place almost simultaneously.

The Black Knights on the front row were blasted to the ground, dragging the others with them like a heel rope.

The Black Knights toppled down in groups.

Everyone in the Picard was delighted, but suddenly their delight was killed off by shock.

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