The Devil's Cage Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Nemesis

The darkness compromised everyones sight in an instant.

What was left was only the heavy, rough breathing that lingered in everyones ears.

The seed of fear sprouted among them.

The mystical individuals in the grand hall were much stronger than common men. They didnt scream in panic or flee before the sudden change.

They were all moving slowly and silently towards the big door.

The devilish aura that had erupted from Kierans body made them realize they had underestimated the situation and their opponents.

Such a mistake could only lead to death.

Death was watering the young sprout of fear in their hearts. As seconds passed, fear and panic spread in every heart in the hall. A number of people hastened their steps, when they suddenly heard a clear sound in the hall.

They didnt care anymore. All they wanted was to leave that place.

As the thought of escaping filled their minds, none of them bothered lighting a fire to shed light in the hall. Their minds had no spare space for that.

As the darkness compromised their sight, all the while also blocking Kierans sight, they thought that they were safe for the time being. Everyone was afraid of being attacked if they lit a fire. Even though that would speed up the process and help them leave, no one was willing to sacrifice themselves for the others. At least none of the mystics in the hall. Their arrogance prevented them from making any unnecessary sacrifice.

Greed, Envy, Pride

Three types of aura started to materialize from their bodies.

The Creature of Desire slowly expanded its body through the breeding of the auras.

Hundreds of thousands of arms and legs intertwined within its body, clashing and twitching relentlessly. During the interchange, scarlet eyes started opening one after the other.

The eyes looked dazzling in the rainbow light, expelling the darkness within the hall.

The mystics in the hall would have rather stayed in the dark.

What kind of monster was this?

Everyone was staring at the monster on the ceiling. Under the rainbow-like glow, they saw an enormous mouth open up, revealing countless sharp teeth.

As the mystics were struck by fear, the hungry Creature of Desire launched its attack.

It opened its mouth wide, and a couple of mystics were sucked into it by the violent suction.

Rings and layers of sharp teeth span like an electric saw, grinding the bodies that had been sucked inside. After a second, the bodies had been grinded into nothing, This was only the beginning though.

The sounds of devouring and spinning and the grinding of the monsters sharp teeth turned into an evil rhythm that filled the hall. Everyone was anxious to escape, but this only sped up their death.

The countless eyes of the creature fired out a rainbow-like laser, piercing and melting the bodies that were trying to escape. No one was spared.

This included the exceptionally skilled leader of the East Coast mystics, Barry. He turned into a shadow and seeped through the seams on the floor like a ghost, but the Creature of Desire extended its hands and grabbed his formless body, throwing it into its mouth and grinding it to pieces in that form.

After a clear noise, the Spirit of Evil was digested thoroughly.

Unlike the other people the creature had eaten, after digesting the leader of the East Coast mystics, Kieran, who was connected to the creature through his heart, felt a refreshing satisfaction deep inside him.

That satisfaction didnt stop the creature though. Quite the opposite, it became even fiercer and more rampant.

To the Creature of Desire, that satisfying feeling was like poison. It only aroused its bottomless desire even more, causing it to become more dangerous.


The devilish power of the deadly sin enveloped the whole hall.

Everyone within it was struck by a sudden hunger. They were all looking dazed and bewildered as they stood still and exchanged looks with each other.

Their gazes were slowly turning vicious. As their sanity was diminishing by the second, all that was left in their eyes was the desire to devour everything.

This intense hunger made them forget where they were and how dangerous they were. Their eyes were manic as they threw themselves at each other, biting and tearing each other apart.

Everyone bit off a piece of meat from someone else, chewing the bloody flesh in their mouth. They felt satisfied for a moment, but the hunger took over again.

Biting and devouring! All that was left in their heads was the instinct to devour.

Everyone was either eating someone else or being eaten themselves. Delighted laughter and loud cries of agony were heard all around the hall.

Kieran, who was still bound to the chair, watched the scene coldly, allowing the Creature of Desire to take over. He felt no mercy for his enemies. Schmidt, who was behind Kieran, could not watch anymore, but he did not say anything.

He turned around, unwilling to witness something that he could not accept.

The golden glow was shining once more, shedding light on Kierans chilling expression.

At that very moment, Kieran looked like a king watching coldly as the rebels were being executed.

"Bird of Death! Dont think youve won!" Rainers voice was heard behind Kieran.

The Shepherds leader grabbed Schmidt by the neck with one hand, using him as a shield.

Rainer was very careful. He only exposed one of his eyes above Schmidt's shoulder as he looked at Kieran.

"Make the monster stop!" he said loudly. "Or I"

"You will what? Kill him?" Kieran interrupted Rainer in a cold mocking tone.

Then he raised his hand invitingly and said, "Please, dont stop! Carry on!"

"I will kill him!" Rainer yelled angrily in shock. The leader of the Shepherds tightened his grip on Schmidts neck, displaying his determination. Unmoved by his actions, Kieran grinned mockingly.

"You are willing to watch your friend die? The assistant of the God of Earth has become the devil himself? What do you think the God of Earth will think of you when she finds out about this?"

The hand around Schmidts neck loosened a little as Rainer started to move his mouth.

Thanks to the telepathic abilities of the Creature of Desire, Kieran could clearly feel the fear in Rainers heart.

It was a sweet aroma that the creatures sense of smell thought would become a delicious dessert.

Kieran held back his desire and diverted his attention elsewhere with his own words.

"How do you think Rei will react when she comes back and finds out that the Shepherds attacked the people closest to her while she was gone? If the situation was in your favor, this would all have been unnecessary. What a ridiculous explanation!"

Kierans mocking grin got wider as he emphasized each word for Rainer and Schmidt, whose neck was still in Rainers hand.

"I would never let my friends die in front of me. But who said he is my friend?"


Rainer was shocked.

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