The Devil's Cage Chapter 333

Chapter 333: The Truth About The Prophecy

"I am not joking!" Boller, whose expression had returned to normal, emphasized again when he saw Kieran's suspicious expression after that shocking revelation.

"The Scroll of Legacy had your name on it. It might be just a code name, but this means that when the next Holy Knight trials begin, you will be enlisted!" Boller explained.

Kieran was quiet.

In fact, he didn't even need Boller's explanation. He could see it all on the system notifications.

[Special Trial Acquired: Path of the Holy Knight!]

[Path of the Holy Knight: Your achievements caused the native inspector to present you with this chance. This doesn't stand for any faction, it is just a trial!]

[Note 1: Special Trials have priorities. The player will need to meet some advance qualifications in order to enter [The Shaman's Partner III]

[Note 2: You will enter the Trial Dungeon with the previous dungeon's Reputation]

[Note 3: If you fail the Special Trial, your penalty will be +1]


"The special trial can grant me the qualifications for [The Shaman's Partner III] in advance?"

Kieran scanned over the notes.

Everything had its advantages and disadvantages.

Although Kieran had met some advance qualifications, if he failed, the +1 severity of the penalty would be a big concern.

What concerned him the most though, now that he met the qualifications to enter [The Shaman's Partner III], was what would happen if he gained access to the future dungeon through his dungeon rating again.

Kieran needed to deal with the matter at hand first though.

With the exception of Boller and Philly, the grand hall was completely empty.

The Creature of Desire expressed its wish to go out, but before Kieran could answer, its body started to fade away until it eventually disintegrated into nothing.

The summoning time was up!

A notification about the Creature of Desire popped up in Kieran's vision.

[Desire Summoning!]

[Name: Creature of Desire]

[Type: Summons]

[Rarity: Special]

[Attributes: 1. Desire Dominance, 2. Thousand Evil Eye Strike]

[Effects: Devouring]

[Prerequisites: Fusion Heart]

[Remarks: The shards of the Eye of the Chimeras have fused with your flesh, blood and desire, and created this monster. Its strength and malefic nature are out of this world!]


[Desire Dominance: Your deepest desires will be exposed before the Creature, which will grow infinitely and turn into a weapon against you. When you face the Creature of Desire, a Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride authentication will occur. If the Target passes, they will be immune to the effect. If the Target fails, they will be punished for their respective sins.]

[Thousand Evil Eye Strike: The 1,000 evil eyes will fire out a burning laser. One of the core eyes possesses an Extreme Attack, the 10 main eyes possess a Powerful Attack, 100 eyes possess a Strong Attack, and the rest possess a Common Attack. They are able to fire together or individually, once per day]


[Devouring: The Creature of Desire devours the targets under its effect or a target that it has killed, thus granting itself stronger power.]

[Notes: Devouring is a special trait. The targets killed by the Creature of Desire will not drop any loot.]


The Creature of Desire was undoubtedly very powerful.

[Desire Dominance], with its seven irresistible authentications, and the attacking power of the [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] were enough to satisfy Kieran, who now had the confidence to kill anyone on his level.

However, the [Devouring] effect had made Kieran's chest ache. The [Fusion Heart] expressed that pain in a more practical way.

A heartache! Kieran felt very depressed.

The enemies killed by the Creature of Desire would not drop any loot!

It cost one Golden Skill Point to summon the creature, but after investing that Golden Skill Point, he wouldn't get anything back.

"This is a last resort for desperate times, huh?" Kieran thought silently.

Meanwhile, he put [Devil Transformation] above [Desire Summoning] on his priority list.

At least in his devil form, he could reap his own loot. Now though

Other than a Rare Rank piece of equipment, there was nothing else before him.

Just as Kieran picked up the staff-like equipment, the door of the hall was pushed open from the outside.

Elli, Simones, Raul, Cidney, Rosland, Tally and some strangers rushed into the hall. They were all looking around with a shocked expression, trying to find the opponent that was supposed to be in the hall. The fully-armed strangers seemed resolute enough to bear even the worst outcome, but what everyone found was an empty hall.

Their indifference fueled them with delight.

Then their attention was turned to Kieran, who was sitting up straight on the golden throne, with a golden crown and a golden feather mantle over him and a staff in his hand.

"Assistant o' assistant, in the form of a raven, ominously befallen. Bird of Death, with a body of chaos and a heart of light. He who will reign over the land with a kingly might."

The prophecy made by the God of Earth rang in their ears once more as they started to bow and salute. They had originally gone there for the God of Earth.

"Master!" everyone said in one voice, forming a sound wave around the hall.

When the sound wave extended from the inside of the hall and came into contact with the broken walls, a part of it went through and a part of it rebounded.

That sound wave was the castle's unique power.

The [Lionheart] medallion was shaking. The golden mane felt the familiar power in its slumber and opened its eyes to welcome it, glancing around with reverence and forming a powerful aura of compliance over Kieran's body.

When Rosland, who had been staring at Kieran from the moment he had walked into the hall, felt that aura, he bowed and saluted wholeheartedly without the slightest hesitation.

"Lord Bird of Death!!"

Tally, on the other hand, was refusing to show any respect to Kieran and was about to show her contempt with her actions. Before she could though, her eyes were hurt by the golden glow and an overwhelming force hit her body.

Tally was forced to kneel down on the ground. She struggled to stand up, but that mysterious force made her shiver and sent her face-first to the ground.

"I see"

Simones grinned when he saw Kieran. Kieran despised that grin. It usually implied that he had planned things beforehand.

While Kieran was bathing in his own embarrassment, Simones, Raul and Cidney saluted him.

So did Elli. The young lass' eyes were dazzling with tears. Her gaze made Kieran feel even more unsettled than the earlier embarrassment.

Kieran twitched at the uneasy feeling. He wanted to say something to everyone bowing their heads, but he was at a loss for words.

Embarrassment accompanied the heavy atmosphere.

Suddenly, Kieran realized that Boller was giving him a cheeky smile. A bad feeling instantly bloomed in his heart.

"Your Majesty!"

Boller knelt down on one knee and placed his right fist over his chest.

It was an ancient knight salutation that symbolized a knight's loyalty to their king.

This was only the beginning though.

The armed knights within the castle seemed to resonate with Boller. Every single one of them walked behind Boller and saluted Kieran in the same way.

Their bodies were ghastly. Some of them had even lost limbs, but they had carved their pledge in their souls and sacrificed their lives to protect the king's honor.

"Your Majesty!" hundreds of spirits of armored knights said loudly in unison. The energy gathering outside the castle seemed to reach its limits.

The forgotten bell of Morsenburg Castle rang loudly, reminding everyone of the former glory and long history of the castle. The bell sounded like it was writing this scene down in history and declaring that a new age had begun!

The curtains of the show were finally being lifted!

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