The Devil's Cage Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Such Coincidence!

"What an advanced hiding skill!"

Kieran checked his surroundings with utmost focus, but he still couldnt discover his enemy.

A hiding skill far beyond the skill range of [Undercover] was essential in order for the killers to set up such a successful trap.

They would never expose their location or killing intent before they struck.

Although it was a fearsome, magnificent skill, after their setup and formation were exposed, it was rendered useless.

Kieran locked his eyes on the bowman, or more precisely, on the shadow next to him.

The intertwining chains made his shadow look messy, as if it was a huge spider web. The bowman, who was standing on top of the chain, had become a spider.

The metal arrow that contained his immense power was like the venomous web of a spider, vibrating with an intense killing intent as it focused on its target.

"Is it the shadow? Or maybe"

Kieran shifted his gaze to the chain under the bowmans feet.

The unusual chains inside the building were definitely not for decoration. They had to be there to serve the bowman, or

To hide another killer player!

Kieran took a deep breath and got ready to move.

Just like the bowman had said, Kieran had a limited time to tangle with him. There might be some other more effective way to detect the other killer, but Kieran chose to go with the most direct way.

He tightened his leg muscles and jumped up high towards the bowman.

When the bowman saw Kieran coming, he let out a wretched laugh and released the string of his bow.

Kieran could feel the banter in the mans laugh. He sounded like a cat teasing a mouse, his contempt coming straight from his heart.

Kieran was not angry though. He actually longed for this. It would only ease the fight and grant him an easy victory.


The vibrating bow string fired out an arrow like a shooting star, aiming at Kierans approaching chest.

Then the spider web wiggled a little, and a shadowy figure appeared silently behind Kieran, holding a dagger that radiated with a gloomy dazzle and aiming at Kierans back.

A double attack!

The bowman waved his hand at Kieran, bidding him goodbye. Before he could move his hand down though, he froze.

Kieran suddenly jumped up again by stepping on the formless air. The killer behind Kieran was not shielded by Kierans back anymore, so the arrow his comrade had fired was shot at him.

The dark-side player blocked the arrow with his dagger, but the force of the arrow was too powerful. Even though he did his best, the arrow still hit his shoulder.

As the killer player was shot, Kieran fell back down from mid-air.

The dark red greatsword slashed down and split the killer in half starting from his head.

Blood and organs spilled out in mid-air. The bowman, who was on top of the chain, reacted by firing arrows one after the other angrily. The falling arrows formed a dark cloud above Kieran.

However, Kieran jumped up once more by stepping on the air. He was using [Modii Jump]!

Not only did he escape the arrows range, but he also managed to launch himself higher, reaching the bowman and wielding [Arrogant Word] at him.

The dark red greatsword, which was covered in blood, was giving out a bewitching glow, which made its slash more powerful than before.

The thick chains were broken one after the other.

The bowman, who was standing on the chains, started slipping off. He was barely able to dodge Kierans relentless slash. However, even though the chains were being cut off, the bowmans bow was moving along with them in mid-air, as if his feet were glued to the chains. The man moved upwards at an incredible speed, using a gravity-defying method.

Before he could move back to the upper chains though, a spider web latched onto his back and pulled him down hard, causing him to slip off. Shocked, the bowman instinctively tried to remove the spider web, but his buff arms made him more clumsy as he moved his hands. No matter how hard he tried to reach the spider web, he could not touch it.

When his hands failed him, the bowman swung his bow string behind his back and sliced the spider web off.

His bow managed to cut the spider web, but before he could celebrate its successful removal, he suddenly realized that his bow had now gotten stuck with the spider web. He couldnt get it off, no matter how hard he tried.

"F*ck! You forced me to use my ace, you worthless newbie!" the bowman yelled, gnashing his teeth in anger as he felt Kieran approaching fast.

He had thought that this was just a simple assassination mission, yet it had turned into a life-and-death battle, which definitely exceeded his original expectations.

Kieran was a newbie who had gotten his hands on some Magical Rank items, such as the greatsword that had sliced the chains and the spider web that had latched on to him.

Although the sword was heavy and clumsy, and its weight could slow the user down, its sharpness had reached a Strong Level.

As for the spider web?

Based on the battle notifications on the bowmans vision, it had to be Rare Rank equipment. Not even a fresh veteran player could get his hands on a Rare Rank item, yet Kierans Rare Rank weapon and high-tier Magical weapon had made the bowman use the ace up his sleeve.

If he could kill Kieran, then those two pieces of equipment would be his!

The bowman stopped trying to escape the spider web and turned around, opening his buff arms and throwing himself at Kieran, as if he was going for a hug.

His toned arms became even wider and more robust. The expanding exceeded his arms limit, yet it didnt stop.

Blood cells sprung out of his skin follicles and then went back into his skin, his muscles feeling like they were freed of their shackles as they continued to expand at an exponential speed.

When the bowman stood in front of Kieran, his arms were already blocking his body. His palms were now as big as doors.

"You amateur newbie! You think you can run rampant around me by using a couple of Magical items? Ill show you despair! Behold my [Titans Arm]! Can your Magical greatsword cut my arms off? No matter how sharp your blade is, youll need a Legendary Rank item to hurt me!"

The bowmans voice was coming from behind his door-sized arms as Kieran approached him.

His tone was full of arrogance. He seemed eager to swing his arms at Kieran.

A giant palm whipped up a strong wind before it smashed down at Kieran.

The strong wind blew hard at Kierans hair and clothes, making him struggle to move. When Kieran saw the falling shadow of the palm, he could not help but grin.