The Devil's Cage Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Unique Power


A bullet was fired from the [Jagdtiger-X1]'s cylinder, igniting a small spark.

The gunshot echoed throughout the whole floor.

The killer, who had been beating the crap out of Lawless, was shot on the chest. Blood started gushing out of the bullet hole as he fell down, his face looking up at the sky.

Kieran was in shock. He had just fired to stop the killer from beating Lawless. He never would have thought that he would kill him with one shot.

"Something is not right!" he thought unconsciously.

"R Run!" Lawless, who was still hanging from the chains, stuttered.

He turned his head around and looked at Kieran and then down at his own injured body.

"Run!" he repeated.

"Yes, run! Otherwise, you will share the same fate as this ungrateful little pr*ck! I'll beat the crap out of you and throw you off the building like the other guy!"

Amidst the sharp clunking noises, the killer, who had fallen because of the shot, stood straight up without using his hands or the bindings at his waist. He stood up the way he had fallen, as if an invisible hand had pushed him from behind.

Though what concerned Kieran more was the person who appeared behind the man. It was a woman in a long golden dress.

Although her dress was very eye-catching, the weak, petite woman was not worthy of Kieran's attention during normal times.

Of course, given that the woman wasn't floating in mid-air surrounded by three lustrous crystal balls of different colors.

She was a mystic! Kieran felt panic rise in his heart.

The three crystal balls were white, blue and red and looked like they were orbiting the Sun as they moved in a circle around the woman.

They were not moving very fast, so Kieran got a glimpse of the flickering runes inside them. Despite his Pro Level [Mystical Knowledge] though, he could not understand their meaning.

He couldn't have guessed what they meant, even if there had only been one crystal ball.

Kieran's heart instantly filled with vigilance.

The mystical realm had a basic ground rule. The harder and more profound the knowledge, the more powerful and more dangerous it was.


"Lock on!"

The floating woman pointed her finger at the killer player whose chest had been shot, before she turned to Kieran.

The white and blue crystal ball fired out a beam of a different color.

Kieran instinctively tried to dodge it, but light was too fast for him.

Before he could even budge, his body was hit by the blue beam.

A battlelog notification instantly popped up, informing him that he had been attacked, but not showing the actual damage in numbers.

Kieran frowned, a bad feeling emerging in his heart.

The malicious attack had struck him, yet it had inflicted no damage on him. How could that be?

There was only one possibility. The attack had been a prerequisite for a more powerful attack.

As Kieran speculated about it, the woman started a series of "attacks".

"2567, Sniper rifle disabled!"

"2567, Handgun disabled!"

"2567, Spear disabled!"

"2567, Bow disabled!"

"2567, Greatsword disabled!"


After the woman's continuous chanting, the red crystal ball started repeatedly firing red beams at Kieran. Every beam that struck him caused his skills to change.

[Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm has been disabled by a Special Power, Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm is at Transcendence, Skill Level -1]

[Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm has been disabled by a Special Power, Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm is at Transcendence, Skill Level -2]

[Sharp Weapon, Spear has been disabled by a Special Power, Sharp Weapon, Spear is not at Transcendence, Skill has been blocked temporarily]

[Sharp Weapon, Bow has been disabled by a Special Power, Sharp Weapon, Bow is not at Transcendence, Skill has been blocked temporarily]

[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Weapon has been disabled by a Special Power, Sharp Weapon, Heavy Weapon is not at Transcendence, Skill has been blocked temporarily]


"What the f*ck?" Kieran started panicking even more.

He had never come across such a unique power before.

Seeing Kieran's sudden confusion, the injured killer player, who was already healed, laughed out loud.

"Well done, Golden Canary!" he praised his comrade. The woman, who was known as Golden Canary, didn't reply with words. She just nodded silently.

The killer player didn't seem concerned about the coldness of his comrade. He picked up a chain from the floor and walked towards Kieran with big steps.

"I warned you to run! I told you that if you didn't, I would beat the crap out of you and throw you off the building! Now, let's begin!"

As soon as the killer player finished his sentence, he threw out the chain in his hand like a viper striking at its prey, aiming at Kieran's neck.

Although Kieran was still overwhelmed, when the chain flew over his neck, he raised his hand and grabbed it, pulling it back hard.

The killer player pulled back with a contemptuous laugh.

Did Kieran want to have a strength contest? In the killer's opinion, Kieran was way weaker than him.

Suddenly, the chain was pulled tight.

Both sides felt like they were being pinned down on the spot. Neither of them was budging.

They were well-matched in strength!

The killer widened his eyes in shock.

How could a newbie like Kieran be this strong?

"You are dead meat!" he shouted at him.

His facial muscles started to jitter under the system blur as an intense killing intent filled his heart.

The killer player had heard about Kieran before. That was why he was shocked by the strength he was displaying.

Three months! How could Kieran have reached such a level in three months?


The killer player couldn't afford to let Kieran grow anymore! He had to slaughter him first.

He knew that if he allowed Kieran to keep growing, considering his current potential, he would turn into a titan that he would have to look up to.

As the killing intent erupted from the bottom of his heart, the killer player became even more vicious. His whole body started to tremble as it exploded with even more strength.

Kieran was pulled slightly forward, but he quickly used his left hand to grab the chain, channeling his full body strength into his arms and stepping back a little.

The step he had taken forward a moment ago had been lost!

Both sides were exploding with strength, causing the taut chain to produce a teeth-numbing screech. The gaps on the chain started to break apart under their explosive strength, getting bigger by the second.

The chain was breaking apart!

Just as it was about to break, the killer player opened his mouth.

"Golden Canary!" he shouted.

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