The Devil's Cage Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Revenge

"Strength decrease!" the woman in the golden dress said once more.

[Strength has been disabled by a Special Power, Spirit Attribute has not reach B, Strength Attribute has temporarily decreased by -1...]


The evenly matched strength contest was broken in an instant.

Kierans body moved towards the killer player uncontrollably.

"I will tear you apart!" the man laughed wretchedly.

Kieran didnt panic any further though. His eyes were fixed on the battlelog notification that had popped up in his vision.

"Spirit Attribute hasnt reach B rank?"

Kieran was unsure where the womans mystical power had originated from. He did not know what mystical lineage or dungeon world she belonged to, or what the B Rank Attribute stood for, but he knew what he had to do at that precise moment.

[Using Golden Attribute Point]

[Spirit B- B]

[Using Golden Attribute Point]

[Spirit B B+]

Kieran used his Golden Attribute Points without hesitation, upgrading his Spirit twice.

[Spirit has reached B Rank, Blocking Effect removed]

[Spirit has reached B+ Rank, Target has been induced with Magic Repulsion]


The woman spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, her floating body staggering in mid-air as the three crystal balls dimmed.

"Its the Chosen One!" she said as she looked at Kieran, making the killer players heart tremble in fear.

Meanwhile, the chain broke.

Kieran, who had regained his Strength, pulled the chain once more, causing it to break.

The chain shattered, pieces flying out in all directions and smashing into the walls around them, producing heavy clunks.

Kieran dashed straight up to the killer player, but the man evaded him like a snake.

He swung the remaining part of the chain in his hand, trying to prevent Kieran from getting close to him. The killer player kept retreating as he looked at Kieran nervously, as if he was frightened to his very core.

When he saw the killer players shocked expression, Kieran was forced to reevaluate the phrase "The Chosen One". All this while, he had thought that it was just talk among the players, but now he realized there were still a lot of things he didnt know.

While his mind was pondering the matter, his body didnt stop moving.

He followed up his victory with a hot pursuit, swinging his remaining chain at the killer players chain, tangling them both together again. Then he pulled hard, making the chain tighten once more.

After breaking, the chain was missing its middle section, so even though it was taut, Kieran was only three meters away from the killer player.

This was a golden opportunity for him!

Pulling on the chain hard, Kieran moved his body forward and kicked up with his left leg like a long spear, aiming at the killer players chest.


The killer moved his left arm over his chest, bearing the impact of the kick.

Even though his left arm was broken, he tried to release the chain to put some distance between him and Kieran. Kierans speed exceeded his imagination though.

As the killer player tried to make a move, Kieran launched a second kick.

The second kick splintered the bones in his left arm completely, followed by a third kick.

The third kick crushed his broken left arm into a meat paste before a fourth kick was launched.

Even though [Hundred Violent Kicks] favored speed over attack, when the fourth kick was launched, it produced a terrifying whistle.

It was [Barsical Kick, Bide]!

As Kieran attacked with both legs, the fourth kick granted him a Strength and Agility +2 Buff. Thanks to the Transcendence Level [Hand-to-Hand Combat, Combat Kicks] Buff, Kierans Strength and Agility increased by +4.

As a result, Kierans fourth kick had an S- Strength Level and an A+ Agility Level.

Even though [Hundred Violent Kicks] decreased his Strength Level, his increased Agility made the kick irresistible.


It felt like firing a powerful shot, Kierans kick landed on the killer players head before he could even react.

The killer player was instantly sent flying, but the next moment, Kieran pulled him back by the tangled chains, launching another kick at his head. That kick would crush the killer players skull. Kieran was confident about it, because the fifth kick was the last attack of the [Hundred Violent Kicks] Agility boost and Strength weakening buff.

He had an S- Rank Strength now!

A moment ago, the killer player might have been able to assume a defensive stance to avoid a kick at his weak spot, but after the fourth kick struck his head, a fit of dizziness came over him and all he could do was watch helplessly as Kierans foot closed in on him.


The killer players head burst like a blooming flower upon the impact, brains and blood splashing out and staining the floor behind him, forming a half-circle.

[Player Killed: Shark]

[Treated as self-defense through authentication]

[Categorized as an Honor Kill]

[You will receive all the Points and Skill Points of the player]

[Total: 30,000 Points and 6 Skill Points]

[Received the players house key]

[Granted the right to use the players house]

[All the players belongings have been returned to their house]

[Honor Kills: 18]


Kieran walked towards the final killer player, the woman called Golden Canary, without even taking a breath.

He didnt even bother hiding his killing intent. He would never show mercy at a target because they were a woman.

Before Kieran had come of age, the educational system had taught him to show extra respect to women, but when one became his enemy


Kieran launched a merciless kick at Golden Canary.

The Magical Repulsion did not allow her to move. As the woman watched Death coming for her, her heart was unwilling to accept it.

The moment she had decided to avenge her brother, she had pushed all fear out of her heart. If she hadnt, she wouldnt have been able to come this far.

The womans eyes expressed her pity as she turned them to the man hanging in mid-air


Suddenly, she seemed stunned. Before she could react to what had happened, she was blocked by the big figure in front of her.

"Have you lost your mind?!"

Kieran retracted his foot abruptly when he saw Lawless standing between him and the woman, blocking the kick with his body. Staggering back because of the sudden rebounding force, Kieran shouted at Lawless, "No I owe her this! Ugh!"

Lawless gave him a bitter smile. He seemed like he wanted to explain, but the words never came out of his mouth.

A dagger had been stabbed at the back of his waist. The person holding it was Golden Canary!

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