The Devil's Cage Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Legacy

"Wrong! I was wrong from the beginning!"

Guns and cannons were blasting around his ears, but Kieran was dashing towards the rain of bullets. His heart was anxious beyond comparison. Because of his wrong judgement, Lawless and Rachel were in grave danger.

When the killer players were dying off in bulks, who would be the one suffering the lost most?

The answer was easy, the leader who led the killer players!

Broker's original target was the leader of the killer players all along!

Maybe a couple of killer players could form a petty organization but countless petty groups could form a major faction. On top of that, this faction was operating in an effective manner!

Think of Kieran's wanted order!

If there wasn't a person who controlled the overall situation, would there be such a quick reaction to Kieran's wanted order?

What did Broker want from that person?

Kieran had no idea, but he knew that if both of them met, the benefits from their meeting would surely surpass the one by gathering all the killer players here.

More importantly, Lawless and Rachel had gone to Broker's place for an ambush according to their promise.

Kieran was tasked with attracting all the killer players away and Lawless would head straight to Broker to deal with him, with Rachel following behind. It was what they had planned.

With Lawless and Rachel's strength, if Broker was alone and his attention was distracted by the sudden incident here, their plan could really work. However Broker's attention was not even placed at Kieran but was placed on the real target of his plan, the leader who ruled over all those killer players!

A feeling of unease filled Kieran's heart, causing him more anxiety.



A horizontal sweep from his great sword split the robots before him in half at the waist. Kieran then dived into Broker's robot army like a rampaging rhino, carving a hard path out from them, but he still felt that he was far too slow.

"Faster! Faster! Wait for me!!"

Kieran's heart was beating vigorously with the anxiety. The rage that came with the anxiety granted him even more powerful strength.

Dong Dong Dong!

The burning and rampaging, chaotic and violent aura started to erupt like the magma from the ground, rumbling and brewing up the devilish aura into cyclones and sweeping the place.

The killer players were overwhelmed and stunned when they felt the apocalyptic aura; even the robots were short circuited for a while.

Kieran took the small window and broke out from the robot army and the killer players.


"Power of the lineage?!"

Looking at the screen, Broker felt astonished before he laughed out loud.

"Interesting! Interesting indeed! But"

Broker muttered to himself, but not a single soul could hear what he said after that.

Though obvious changes of the robots around him were very much visible.

A light blue net of electromagnetic waves was ready to spread out in all directions from Broker's standing point, but another figure was quicker than the net.

A chef's knife appeared out of nowhere and landed near Broker's throat.

"It's been a while, Madam Rachel!"

Broker said with a smile and without a change of expression even when feeling the sharp pain at his neck.

"If it were avoidable, I would rather not see you!" Rachel twitched her mouth corner in disdain.

"But here you are Although you are not the one I am waiting for, I'd still welcome you like I am welcoming my most honored guest!"

Broker said with a happy smile.

After his words faded, a series of footsteps appeared.

Dak, Dak, Dak.

The owner of the footsteps walked in without a slight intention of covering up.

Broker was staring at the black-mantled person who appeared with the footsteps with a warm smile. Even though the person appeared with Jason's mechanical head in his hand, Broker's smile was not diminishing.

Compared to what he was after, a modified robot was nothing. He wouldn't mind even if he had to sacrifice his whole robot army because should he succeed in his plans, he could create ten more robot armies with ease.

As for the chef knife at his neck, it was the least of his concern.

Anything had its risk and compared to the benefits of his plan, the danger before him was not worth mentioning.

"Welcome, Sir Extremus! If my information serves me right!"

Broker couldn't bow with the knife at his neck, all he could do was nod to show his manners. It would be perfect for him if the knife was out of the question.

"You information is indeed precise, to the point that I have to come out and kill you myself!"

The leader of the killers, Extremus emphasized each and every word with his cold and mechanical voice. There was not much difference than Broker's robots in their manner of speech, maybe even more merciless.

"I have no objections if you wanted to kill me. As a matter of fact, a lot of people wanted to. After all, I am not a people's person, just like the situation now!"

Broker said while he pointed to the chef's knife at his neck.

Then he continued with his ever-hanging warm smile. "But, don't you want to know the reason why would I go to such extreme length to "find" you?"

Extremus was not a bit interested, not only did he not reply but instead


Extremus raised his hand and a powerful wind appeared near Broker's throat, however his target was not Broker but the chef's knife of Rachel!


A chilly light flashed over the room.

A coin split in half and fell from mid air to the ground.

Extremus, who had fired the coin, appeared behind Rachel in an instant and raised his hand towards Rachel's neck for a grip but missed.

Rachel had already dodged the attack and appeared ten plus meters away from him.

The lady inn owner inspected the killer leader that appeared suddenly with doubtful eyes.

That familiar chilly feeling made her ask with a heavy tone, " Who are you?"

Extremus was silent, he turned around to Broker instead.

The erupting killer intent made Broker raised his hands up high.

"There is no hurry in killing me. How about you kill me when we locate the Witch's Legacy?"

Broker said in an orderly manner with his hands held up high.

Extremus suddenly halted his steps and stared at Broker with a judgemental gaze.

"The Witch's Legacy?" The chilly voice repeated.

"That's right, the Witch's Legacy! Fancy for a collaboration, Sir Extremus?" Broker asked.

"Very well!"

Extremus went silent for a few seconds before spilling out his condition for the collaboration.

He pointed at the figure in the screen and said, "Only if you help me kill Him!"

The person that Extremus was referring to was Kieran!

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