The Devil's Cage Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Alike

"That will not be a problem! Although it's a little bit wasteful, but compared to you, what is 2567 worth? But please give me more time. The cyber law enforcers are arriving soon. Even though I tried my best in stalling, but that's the limit! So I'd suggest we temporarily leave this place first! What do you say?"

Broker continued with a full-fledged smile.

Extremus nodded without giving a clear answer, turned around and headed outside.

Broker was protected by his robot army that followed him tightly. When he reached the exit, he didn't forget to bid Rachel goodbye.

After the first question, Rachel didn't speak anymore. Not that she didn't want to, but she couldn't.

Similar to when she placed her knife at Broker's neck and wanted to take his life, a dangerous feeling spread in her heart, a familiar dangerous feeling.

Rachel frowned hard. The ones that could make her feel danger were limited and those who were familiar were only a handful.

According to her knowledge, those few people wouldn't even appear here.

Rachel slipped and disappeared into the shadows with her puzzled thoughts.


Wallway Street 13th. Kieran's old broke garage in the game.

"What a comfortable feeling!"

Lawless exclaimed when he entered Kieran's garage.

"Please don't praise this messed up place like a cozy house out loud. That will only lower my thought of your baseline!" Rachel looked at Lawless snappily.

Lawless shrugged helplessly.

Kieran, on the other hand, didn't even mind Rachel's comment about his room. All he was waiting for was an explanation, while sitting on the side.

Before this, while he was risking his life charging to Broker's place, Rachel suddenly appeared before him and signaled him to leave immediately. If it were not for Lawless beside her, Kieran would not comply so easily.

At the same time, Lawless also looked at Rachel.

"What happened?"

Lawless asked directly because of his unusual relationship with Rachel.

"Broker and the killer leader named Extremus met. Broker even proposed a collaboration to that ass! Their target is the Witch's Legacy! Extremus also stated his condition, which is to kill 2567! That Extremus gave me a dangerous and familiar feeling, so I need to investigate this outside the game. I'll leave things here to you for now. Remember to behave yourself!"

Rachel briefly stated everything and reminded Lawless before she went out in a hurry.

When she pushed the door open, she suddenly halted her steps again.

"2567, my suggestion to you is, try not to leave your game room for the time being! That ass Broker has discovered your lineage power, the next time he strike will be directed against you."

Then Rachel pushed the door opened and went off before Kieran could reply.

While entering another player's room required permission, leaving didn't.

"So am I grounded?"

Kieran turned to Lawless and asked after seeing his door slam shut.

"Better than losing your life! A bunch of killer player plus the Broker reeks of trouble!"

Lawless said with a heavy tone. Kieran nodded as well.

He couldn't deny what Lawless said because it was a fact.

Broker would use any means necessary to get rid of Kieran because of the collaboration with Extremus, or else the extreme efforts that he took to meet the killer players' leader would be in vain.

As for the killer players?

[Honor Kill: 35]

[Points: 350,000; Skill Points: 51; Golden Skill Points: 3; Golden Attribute Points: 1]

After witnessing the sudden surge of his Honor Kill, Points and Skill Points, if the killer players would give up now, Kieran would be the first in line to doubt their actions.

Even more so, killing him was the killer leader's decision; his attitude had stated everything clearly.

The moment Kieran killed Nobian, the first killer player he encountered, both of them had been on the opposite side. Even though Kieran did it to protect himself and his authority in the game, the killer leader wouldn't let him roam freely either.

As for Kieran himself, to live a better life, he wouldn't present his life without a fight as well.

So, a deadly fight was inevitable.

The small squabbles before that couldn't even be considered as appetisers.

"Power! Strength! I need to become stronger! Not only to survive but to live a better life!"

Kieran reminded himself in his heart.

He then looked at Lawless, looking for some more answers to his questions, including those that Lawless promised to solve before this.

"What's this Witch's Legacy that we are talking about? I thought she left the game long time ago?"

"Yup, she did. But her equipments and items didn't! All her things were hidden in a corner inside this giant city, and only the "key" that the Witch left behind will lead you to it It's a rumour among veteransBut I never thought it'd be real!"

Lawless couldn't deny the rumour anymore after Broker's extensive measures.

The key's location? No doubt, it was with Broker all the time.

"As for the Legacy?" Lawless's word sounded odd when he spoke. After pausing for a couple seconds, he continued.

"Everyone wished the Witch would drop dead! The fear and terror that woman caused to us veterans is something that current players couldn't understand and imagine... "

"I'd glad that I joined this game after all that!" Kieran said. Not with a joking tone, but a serious one.

Kieran had heard more than once of the Witch from Lawless, a person that could cause every veteran players to give up in party dungeons; how powerful would she be?

Or on a serious note, how terrifying was she?

While all the veterans were struggling with progress, she had already transcended so much further ahead. One needed to know, the veterans had a lot of formidable players, the smart and cunning Broker, Lawless, Rachel and the ten Supernovas.

Not to mention that killer leader, Extremus! He must also be a veteran.

Other than the listed, Kieran couldn't make sure whether there were other hidden formidable players, but every single one of them were suppressed by one woman single-handedly.

Kieran would not think himself stronger than anyone he listed. Because of that, Kieran could only come up with "terrifying" to describe that woman.

Unconsciously, Kieran thought of another woman. The woman that had the title of God of Earth in the dungeon, Nikorei!

Nikorei also suppressed the whole world with her powers single-handedly.

"What will happen if both of them met?"

The sudden thought bloomed in Kieran's mind but was soon dumped away.

"How would a transcended player that left the game meet the worldly powerhouse in the dungeon?"

Kieran mocked himself with a light laugh. Then he patiently waited for Lawless's explanation.

While that was happening


Kieran's PM tab pinged.

It was Broker!

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