The Devil's Cage Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Rescue

Kieran's voice echoed through the mountain streams and finally reached the high tower opposite.

After 3 to 4 minutes, that tightly shut door of the high tower slowly opened up. A slender, dressed figure walked out of the door.

Kieran was shocked when he saw that figure.

Although the figure's face was covered up, but it was hard to cover her youth underneath and judging from her height, she wouldn't be over 12 or 13 years old.

"You...You are 2567?"

The girl mustered up her courage to ask, not really sounded afraid or brave.

"You are the owner of Swuesters Castle?"

Kieran nodded and asked with a affirmative tone.

"Yes! Can you help me? Galeart is badly injured, he needs aid immediately, but I couldn't do anything!"

A sub mission came right after her words.

[Discovered Sub Mission: Rescue!]

[Rescue: Swusters Castle owner's attendant was badly injured. He is a loyal and honorable guardian. If your rescue is successful, you will gain the favourable impression from Swusters Castle's owner!]


"Please lead the way!"

Kieran wouldn't reject the request given that it was a sub mission.

However, when Kieran laid eyes on the girl that the background described as "Swusters Castle" owner, he felt a little odd. Even though Kieran had heard the word "witch" mentioned back in Tita Town and could vaguely guess the person's gender, he never thought it would be a child that was barely of age.

Though, her senses and intuition were quite sharp as she could notice Kieran's strangeness in his eyes.

"I'm Mary, Swursters Castle's owner. I've inherited this title from my mother a week ago, I am thirteen this year!"

The girl introduced herself as Mary and briefly explained her background.

"Good day, 2567 here. Pleased to meet you!" Kieran smiled to display his goodwill, but his sharp senses picked up a sense of sorrow when Mary introduced herself.

"Something happened to the previous owner of Swusters Castle a week ago?"

Kieran was certain, or else a thirteen years old girl wouldn't have inherited the title.

After a topic that held a heavy meaning, both of them didn't continue their chit-chat. Mary quickened her steps forward; it seemed like she was really worried about that guardian named Galeart.

Kieran was following tightly behind, and his eyes were inspecting Swusters Castle as much as he could. Even though it had "castle" in its name, Swusters Castle was not a bit similar to what Kieran had imagined for a castle. Frankly speaking, it was more like a tower than a castle.

The kind of tower that was used as an observation tower for a castle or an archer tower for defense.

However, the humid and cold interior shared the same impression as other castles in Kieran's mind. It might even be colder than some other castles because of the lack of humans situated inside.

While following Mary through the tower, Kieran didn't see another person on the way.

Though after some thought about it, it seemed only natural. If there was someone else in the castle, Mary the owner wouldn't have to welcome Kieran at the gates.

Kieran and Mary moved upwards from the first floor to the third and he finally saw the alleged Galeart.

Galeart was a white-haired, bearded old man. Although his body was fit and buffed, but time had left its harsh marks that couldn't be removed on his face. He seemed to be in a bad condition and was unconscious.

A big scar started from this right brow ridge and dragged all the way down to the left side of his mouth's corner. Kieran wasn't sure whether he could keep his eye but he knew what danger Galeart been through. If Galeart hadn't dodged the attack in time, his head would have been sliced in half.

Kieran's eyes continued down and saw an arrow was plunged deep in Galeart's left shoulder.

However, the arrow and the scar on his face were not the reasons that he passed out.

Galeart was losing blood!

Even with bandages over his wounds, blood was still seeping out the white linen.

When Kieran removed Galeart's top, he saw even more wounds over the body. One of the deepest ones was at his back, almost revealing his bones inside.

After seeing the wounds, a thought promptly bloomed in Kieran's heart.

"Did he block the duke and his men alone before this?" He asked.

"Yes! Galeart was buying me more time, waiting for mother's reinforcements for the rescue! But there was no one else other than you, 2567!"

Mary tried to remain calm while she spoke.

Kieran however could detect the panic under the pretended calmness. So he didn't reveal the bodies he saw at Tita Town and never asked how the previous owner discovered the clue, but instead, he started to treat Galeart's wounds with a skilled hands.

Master level of [Medical and Medicinal Knowledge] plus [High Bandages] and some [Hemostasis Balm] made Galeart's injuries seem so much better.

Another mention-worthy point was the arrow inside his shoulder. It was deeper than he had imagined, and the arrow head was the barb kind, forcing Kieran to widen the wound to pull it out.

"I'm done. I can't promise about his eyes, but at least he'll live!"

Kieran said with confidence after Galeart's breath stabilized.

It wasn't the amazing knowledge from [Medical and Medicinal Knowledge] that could bring Galeart back from the dead, but the effects of [High Bandages] and [Hemostasis Balm].

If the two items were absent and with the hideous wounds on his body, stitching was the best option to heal his body and considering bacterial infections, Kieran would be at a loss of what to do.

Though, with the corresponding items, everything was simplified. Kieran could worry less about the others and let the items work their way on the wounds, recovering the HP points of the target.

Although Mary was young, when she saw Galeart's face was being relieved of the pain, she promptly thanked Kieran and brought over a bowl of warm water for Kieran to wash off the blood on his hands. Seemed like Mary had quite the resolving ability.

"Although I've accepted your mother's request for aid, but I need to know more. More than what was written in the letter, the missing imperial envoy! His name, looks and what really happened, including how your mother knew that the envoy was missing. Please don't mind me, but based on my judgement, the current Swusters Castle should not possess such a informative capabilities!"

Kieran started to talk about the reason he was there after Mary brought over the washbowl for him to wash his hands.

Though after considering Mary's age, Kieran added an elaboration at the end to explain.


Mary opened her mouth after hesitating for a while but before she could finish, Kieran dragged her behind his back abruptly.

Mary wanted to resist out of instinct, but she promptly calmed down.

Her sharp senses allowed her to noticed something was wrong.

"Show yourself!"

Kieran shouted at the shadowed corner of the room after standing in front of Mary.