The Devil's Cage Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Arrangements

The aid-giver!

When Mary's mother felt that things were going wrong, she wrote letters out to all the potential aid-givers, and those who she requested aid from naturally fit the criteria of an acquaintance.

Galeart was obviously suspecting that Mary's mother's death was related to these aid-givers, which explained his attitude towards Kieran.

Kieran was not mad at all. Instead, he wanted to thank Galeart for his vigilant attitude that made him speculate more.

It was a fact that Mary's mother was not weak, and those she requested aid from, how weak could they be?

However, there were two bodies hanging on the rail outside Tita Town. Kieran didn't think that the five riders from before could have the capabilities to kill someone stronger, hence the question!

Who killed two of the aid-givers outside Tita Town?

"Who did Mary's mother request aid from? Or should I say, how many people?" Kieran asked directly.

"Three! Harway, Fuller and Andy. You should be the disciple that Andy's letter mentioned! Seems like you've inherited Andy's mantle, he should be able to rest in peace now."

Galeart said slowly after some thought.

Kieran could tell Galeart was purposely avoiding to answer his question, resulting in Galeart's words having a hidden and vague sense of mockery. Though his answer meant Kieran had to press the question on.

As for the identity that the system arranged for him?

Since Kieran had no memory regarding his identity in this dungeon, he decided to avoid that topic.

"Only three? Based on what I know, there were two fresh body hanging outside Tita Town"

"So unknowingly, my suspicion is the biggest?" Kieran muttered to himself.

Galart was still looking at Kieran with vigilance. Mary was frowning, and her face was displaying a certain type of expression that made Kieran feel strange.

"So, you think that I am the one who killed Mary's mother?" Kieran asked Galeart while looking him in the eyes.

In order to prevent and disrupt Duke Sergourney, the attendant of Swuster Castle's owner should have been to Tita Town a day before Kieran. Thus, he should have noticed the two dead bodies.

Two out of three aid-givers were dead, and the owner was assassinated by an acquaintance.

No matter from what perspective one looked at, Kieran as the remaining aid-giver was quite suspicious.

Galeart kept quiet, meaning he acquiesced.

"I don't have the proof to persuade you now. Even though I would tell your that I am a greatsword user and don't have Mary's mother's sword with me. Other than that, you might even think that me saving Mary and your life is a cover up, a cover up for the hidden agenda that I can't disclose!" Kieran spoke in a questioning manner, but it sounded like he was stating the facts.

Kieran knew that if a person was insisting that another person was harbouring malicious intents, no matter what the latter did, it would be useless. Compared to wasting his energy to explain, he might as well wait for the truth to float up the surface. Though Kieran was not the passive, waiting kind.

"Time will prove my innocence, and we now need to quicken the time for it to arrive!"

Kieran then expressed his intention of continuing the journey to Mary.

After a little hesitation, Mary nodded.

The situation before them was clear. Even though Galeart had awoken, he was badly injured, thus robbing his fighting capabilities.

As for the little girl, she might be able to deal with a common grown man, but definitely not Kieran.

Mary recalled her memories of Kieran wielding his greatsword back at the high tower. That kind of power was definitely not one she could compete with.

So if Kieran was really the assassin that killed her mother, if she were to resist now, it would only worsen their already loose relationship. Compared to being a captive under Kieran, why not just humour him and show compliance while looking for another chance.

Kieran could understand what Mary was thinking with her glimmering eyes, but he was not concerned. He was thinking about the matter at hand.

"Two of the three aid-giver are dead, only I remain Is this a coincidence or is someone plotting this deliberately? If it was someone's plot, why would they spend so much effort to let me take the blame?"

As the situation was whirling itself into even more confusion, Kieran furrowed his brows hard.

While riding a little behind Kieran, Mary could see Kieran's face with a slight twist of her head. She was inspecting Kieran with the corner of her eyes. It seemed like he was comparing something, though throughout the whole jungle path, the little girl couldn't come up with an answer.

"We can't enter Tita Town directly. We should find a nearby place to make camp"

Kieran was making arrangements for the group, but before he could finish, he stopped abruptly.

Kieran squinted his eyes in the direction they came from.

At that moment, the sky was already lighting up, though it didn't block the blazing flames from shining through the sky, setting off its own light. Quite the opposite, it was because of the unusual blazing light made the smoke clearer to the eyes.

"That...That's Swusters Castle!"

Mary cried. Her body was shaking and crumbling.

Even though Mary decided to leave Swusters Castle to avoid the danger, but that place was home to her.

Now, her home had been set ablaze. One could only imagine the impact to the little girl's heart.

Galeart rounded his eyes to the scene and passed out because of the shock the scene gave him.

"Bring Galeart into the woods, clear the tracks around you. I'll be back!"

Kieran didn't have time to comfort Mary. All he did was briefly instruct her and then he leapt off his horse. He went back to the other two horses behind, took his backpack and the box with [Arrogant Word] before he sprinted back the way he came.

Even with the weight of his belongings, it felt like feathers under Kieran's B- Strength.

He was sprinting as fast as a galloping horse. Within a few breath's time, he disappeared from Mary's sight.

Truth be told, Kieran wished he could be faster if possible because he felt that he was already on the trail of the assassin.

Before this, Kieran had speculated that there were at least three to four factions involved in this incident and the factions of Duke Sergourney and the assassin that Kieran kicked off shouldn't have such quick response to any incidents. It would take them at least one to two days to realize their mistakes.

Excluding those two factions, all that was left was the one chasing the imperial envoy and who killed Mary's mother.

There was still a possibility that those were two separate factions altogether, but regardless of whether it was one or two, Kieran knew they wouldn't return to Swusters Castle without a reason.

They must have plotted something. Although, the blazing fire was signifying they didn't achieved their goal and were expressing their anger by burning down the high tower.

As for what their plot was?

Kieran was amazed by Mary's mother's intelligence once more.

"She made so much arrangements after knowing something was wrong, not only to buy time for Mary but had also expected the worst?"

Kieran muttered in his heart.

Then he sprinted even faster toward the blazing tower.

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