The Devil's Cage Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Solo Ride

The spell failed to cast?

A bad feeling started to bloom in Kieran's heart.

Kieran's mind started spinning faster when he saw Fandral had given up muttering softly and had started to chant his spell out loud.

Obviously, the failure casting his spell was very much related to that Madam Jeanne.

She would have guessed that her own brother, King James VIII, was hiding some arrangement to defy her. After all, it was not too hard.

The king had a limited hand to play. Other than Fandral, there was almost nothing else.

The relentless pursuits from before were not purposely targeted at Kieran, but to chip off King James VIII bit by bit, forcing him to send Fandral out.

So she could kill King James VIII once and for all.

Fandral, who was the shield of King James VIII, was forced to leave his side. How could Jeanne let this opportunity to kill the king slip off her hands?

As far as Fandral was concerned, Jeanne wasn't scared of Fandral's retaliation, judging from him failing to cast his own spell. Kieran was confident that Jeanne has set up countermeasures to pin Fandral down and seal his magic off, causing him to not act rashly.

Things were unfolding as Kieran has expected.

After another failed run on his magic spell, Fandral's bright eyes started to turn gloomy.

"My wife has betrayed me! The room connecting this teleportation magic was only accessible to me and her alone. Other than her, no one else could disturb the teleportation."

Fandral's words shocked Bosco and Mary beyond logic, and after the major shock, they both thought of King James VIII simultaneously.

"How about his Majesty!?" Bosco asked anxiously. Mary was staring at Fandral nervously.

"I've set up a defensive magic circle in his Majesty's bed room. Even if that woman sent her men out to kill his Majesty, it would at least last around three hours. But traveling from Lightning Fortress to the Imperial City would take at least five hours on a horse. And since that woman has made her final effort, she wouldn't let us reach the Imperial City safely! I'm afraid Lightning Fortress has been locked down, we"

Before Fandral could finish, everyone present understood what he wanted to say.

"It's over! Everything is over!" Bosco went limp and fell to the ground.

If Jeanne got what she wanted, with her extreme methods, Bosco, the imperial envoy and private consultant of the king, would end miserably. Bosco was thinking about his wife and two daughters at home.

How would they be treated?

The scary thought made Bosco tremble uncontrollably.

Mary was standing there, still like a wooden sculpture. Her face was white like paper. Her magnificent sapphire blue eyes had lost their dazzle at that moment.

The conviction that supported her from the beginning had crumbled at that moment.

All the little girl wanted was to see her father once, but the cruelty of fate made the small wish impossible to come true.

Tears filled her eyes and eventually rolled down her cheeks. She didn't cry out loud but was tearing up in silence. The sight of her tearing up was very painful to watch.

Fandral was looking at Mary with a heart full of guilt. What he wanted to do was not possible anymore.

The betrayal of his wife made him lose everything in an instant. He was robbed of his abilities to see with his eyes in a thousand miles and the heart to resist. The wife who betrayed him was bearing his child as well, the child that he was anticipating, his heir.

"I'm sorry!"

Fandral turned around and apologized in his heart again.

The strongest sorcerer in Warren was at his weakest in that particular moment.

Fandral's actions fueled Bosco's despair even more. The sharp envoy seemed to have noticed the sorcerer's thoughts. Helplessness filled every inch of his body. Bosco suddenly realized the talking and observing skills that he was always proud of had become something useless and disgusting. He would rather not read Fandral's thoughts at that moment.

Bosco wished that his skills would convert into a sword skill!

At least, he could still put up a fight.

Now? All he could do was laugh helplessly, mournfully. Words of mocking were spilling from his mouth, like the raven's cry.


Mary was biting her lips hard, stopping herself from sobbing. Under her teeth, her lips were tainted with bloody red. Her tears had blurred her eyes. As she raised her hand to wipe it, she gripped the sword on her waist tight as well.

The little girl's heart was telling her to be strong.

She had lost her parents, but she had a mortal enemy now. She wanted revenge!

She took a deep breath, wanting to say something, but before she could, a palm was placed over her head. The warmth from the palm was pouring into the little girl. She raised her head and saw the youthful face.

Kieran was calm and cool as usual. His calmness soothed hearts, his coolness gained trusts.

The little girl couldn't help but let the words slip out of her mouth.

"Pl...Please save him!"

Kieran tilted his head down, and he saw Mary's sobbing face, tears rolling down her cheeks. His ears was filled with the sobbing entreat. The little girl before him seemed to have overlaid with someone within his mind.

"Mommy, Daddy, where are you?"

"Why you don't want me anymore?"

"I want my mommy, I want my daddy!"

"I am a good boy. Mommy, daddy, please pick me up quickly, okay?"

Inside a small room, a petite figure was sobbing non-stop.

Until tears dried off, until reality brought him back.

The feeling was too harsh to bear, to the extent that Kieran could still feel the pain that stung his heart and suffocated his chest. It was like needles poking his chest, a sword stabbing his heart and a knife slicing his skin.

Pain! The pain of losing someone! The pain of loneliness!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The excruciating pain sped up the beating of [Fusion Heart]. It was beating like a war drum before a war.

Amidst the drums trembling the heavens, Creature of Desire was howling heavily, like a wounded beast in the wild.

Under the scorching flames, the figures with fiery wings were moaning in sorrow.

Then, the creature opened its eyes. Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust, all seven types of energy were overflowing from his body.

After that, the fiery figure extended his wings, sweeping the world with its chaotic and rampant aura.

The monsters inside Kieran turned into the most primal source of energy; a raging storm was blasting inside Keiran.

It was just an instant. The storm flashed over, but when it faded off, it expelled the pain that Kieran was feeling. It expelled the painful memories that Kieran had with his birth!

He rubbed the little girl's head gently; the blonde hair felt soft and fluffy.

"Okay!" Kieran said lightly.

In his despair, Bosco raised his head and looked at Kieran.

The strongest sorcerer in Warren, Fandral, turned around quickly and inspected Kieran once more. Both of their gazes were giving off an unconceivable feeling.

"Sir 2567, in case you didn't know"

Before Fandral could finish, he stopped. Kieran didn't even have the time to listen to what he wanted to say.

Kieran turned around and walked out towards Lightning Fortress.

"You want to ride alone to storm past the fortress? It's impossible! Impossible!!..."

Fandral was shocked before he shook his head. However, his voice was getting dimmer, until it couldn't be heard anymore.

Bosco was looking at Kieran's back, shivering, clenching his fist hard.

Mary was also doing the same; her mouth were slightly open.


The little girl screamed her lungs out before breaking out a river of tears.

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