The Devil's Cage Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Curse

The greatsword was swung downwards, slashing Jeanne before Kieran's eyes.

He didn't show any mercy because to him, Jeanne was nothing more than an enemy.

The best way to deal with his enemies was death.


[Arrogant Word] brewed up the wind of death and slashed down at Jeanne, but the slash was different than usual, it didn't cut its enemy in half.

A grayish white radiance emitting from Jeanne's body, blocking the dark red sharp edge.

The radiance wasn't a solid force, more like a soft one, but the soft and strange radiance was dispersing the force of [Arrogant Word], resisting the sharp edge from reaching its target.

Kieran raised a brow and then raised his greatsword. He swung down another time, with a more powerful slash.


However, the grayish white radiance appeared once more and blocked the second slash.

At the same time, the grayish white radiance started to disperse and turned into mist from the mountains, spreading out together with the breeze.

Under the haziness, a figure faintly appeared, a man with long robes.

Kieran couldn't see properly through the mist, let alone the man's face. But when the man raised his arm and pointed Kieran with his index finger, the sharp battle instincts that Kieran had honed through many battles made him switch a step and dodge the direction where the finger was pointing before swinging out a slash with [Arrogant Word].

Still, the battlelog notification appeared on his vision.

[Curse: Constitution is not at A rank, Strength, Agility, Intuition decreased 3 ranks, Spirit is at B+ rank, caster will have to suffer a Heavily Wounded level mental impact!]


[Arrogant Word] that Kieran swung out turned extremely heavy, to the extent that he couldn't wield it anymore, and the greatsword fell on the ground.

An extreme feeling of exhaustion spread throughout Kieran's body. It felt like he had run through a long marathon with all he had. His body was weak all of a sudden, especially when he felt the weight of [Armor of Excellence] pressuring his body; he could barely keep himself up.

Kieran then immediately activated [Lionheart, Lion's Courage]!

He hoped [Lion's Courage] could dispel the curse on him and so it did. The Legendary medallion didn't disappoint Kieran; when the golden lion mirage formed behind Kieran, the feeling of weakness started to dissipate.

Meanwhile, the man in the mist gave out a cold grunt unwillingly.


His arm suddenly exploded in front of Kieran.

Then, the blood from his arm and the grayish white mist fused together, forming tons of blood skulls with bat wings within the bloody mist which dived towards the golden lion mirage.

The bloody skulls with bat wings had shadows but form, similar to the golden lion.

They couldn't even withstand a strike from the golden lion, but they had the advantage of numbers.

Hundreds of thousands of them surrounded the golden lion, causing the energy that was poured into Kieran's body to lag, until it ceased.

"What is this?" Kieran was stunned; he had never come across such a situation before.

The equipment skills could be interrupted?

The shocking thoughts didn't last for long before Kieran forced himself back to reality.

The weight of [Armor of Excellence] made Kieran's body wobble and start to fall, but he clenched his teeth and gave his utmost effort to prevent it. Compared to Kieran, Sand of Time on the other side was not having it any better.


After the magic rebound cost him an arm, he staggered backwards, throwing up blood from his mouth, dyeing the ground around him red again. But he was ready to raise up his other intact hand.

Although his arm was shivering non-stop, his target was clear.

The Sand of Time wanted to deliver another hit to Kieran!

An extremely dangerous premonition rose up from Kieran's heart.

The chilly cold air flowed into Kieran's body as he breathed; it made him numb and stole his senses, as if he was frozen solid.

The feeling was too familiar, the breath of death!

Kieran had grazed death more than once, thus he knew what he must do to prevent it. He needed to be calm and not panicked; any more panic would only worsen the situation, causing him more lethal problems and erase the only gleam of hope!

[Armor of Excellence]'s heavy weight made it hard to move, but at least he could stand up with his utmost effort.

The enemy on the other side in the mist seemed to be waiting for that moment. Kieran was confident that the sudden strike from before had been plotted for quite a while.

The enemy must had observed him in detail to plot against him.

After suffering the backlash from the Creature of Desire, Kieran provided the enemy a perfect opportunity to observe him, hence the man could cast the cursing finger with utmost confidence.

Of course, the man hadn't predicted everything; at least, it was out of his prediction that Kieran had the Legendary medallion [Lionheart] and a higher Spirit attribute.

Maybe the man could base off his observation, judging Kieran's Strength, Consitution and [Armor of Excellence]. However, it was impossible to notice [Lionheart] which was hiding under [Armor of Excellence] and the formless Spirit attribute, which gave Kieran an opportunity.

One second, two second

After suffering from the magic rebound and losing an arm, even though he tried to raise his other intact arm, the seemingly easy movement became extremely hard.

After a full five seconds, Sand of Time only completed his casting gesture, then he raised his head and looked at the target waiting to be slaughtered.

His target was waiting to be slaughtered!

In Sand of Time's view, Kieran was already a dead man. Even though some minor accidents occurred in the process but he believed the result would remain the same.

So when Sand of Time raised his head up to Kieran holding his palm straight, he was stunned.

A bad premonition appeared in Sand of Time's heart; he hastened his casting speed, but Kieran was a step ahead.


The loud incantation formed a cone-shaped flame, blasting towards Sand of Time and Jeanne, engulfing them completely.

The Powerful rank fire attack sent Sand of Time who was declining in strength and power falling into the sea of flames; his survival chances were fading away as the flames devoured him.

Jeanne, on the other hand, let out an agonized cry and woke up from the illusion that Creature of Desire caused her.

The flames were burning harsh. The pain on her face and her body continued to jar her, telling her that she had lost her looks that she was so proud off.

The burning flames turned Jeanne into a frenzied woman as she lost every bit of sanity inside her. She dashed towards Kieran like a wild beast, wanting to bring him down with her.

Jeanne directly rammed into Kieran's right hand that he hadn't let down after his calculation in his mind.

Right after they came in contact, a layer of icy frost spread out with exponential speed; the burning flames on Jeanne were rapidly extinguished by the chilly air.

When the high and low temperature clashed, steam burst out like a smoke grenade, spreading all over the area before the bedroom like the mist from before.

Under the heavy steam and fading mist, two items with an extravagant golden glow were extremely eye-catching.

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