The Devil's Cage Chapter 393

Chapter 393: Smiley Face


Using such a word to describe Allen... That person must have done something shocking or outrageous that shocked the world.


Blacksmith: U know Old Strea Street?

2567: Ya.

Blacksmith: That guy was originally the resident of that street.

2567: Resident?

(Kieran was astonished by Blacksmith's word. From Kieran's perspective, it would be more suitable to describe him as a player. Unless

Kieran suddenly popped up a thought in his mind.)

Blacksmith: Yes, resident.

Blacksmith: That guy treated this world as his reality, treated Old Strea Street as his home and even got married with some native there. Though no one knows how he did it.

Blacksmith: Other than that

Blacksmith: During the build up construction at Loens Street, Broker used some unpleasant method to kill that guy's wife.

Blacksmith: The result is what u witnessed. That guy listed killing Broker as one of his life goals, and, by all means necessary, he will achieve it.


"Home was destroyed and wife was killed So he went crazy?"

Kieran related more towards Allen's unusual behaviour, eventually sighed in his heart.


2567: What about the Blood Alliance?

Blacksmith: It's not only him who treated this world as their reality. When that guy started to fight back against Broker, some other "residents" who couldn't differentiate between reality and the virtual world joined his crusade and eventually formed the group named Blood Alliance. They have nothing against normal players, but they will fight Broker with their lives. They once robbed Broker's secret bazaar and foiled Broker's plans more than once.

Blacksmith: Broker's group tried to encircle and suppress them, but their efforts were futile.

Blacksmith: Allen and that bunch of maniacs had outstanding strength and power, plus they would throw their lives away. It really struck fear into Broker's mercenary group.

Blacksmith: Know why Broker had to form a robot army?

Blacksmith: The biggest reason was because of Allen.


"Unable to differentiate reality and virtuality?"

Kieran took in a deep breath. He opened his palm, clenched it and repeated the process.

After a few times, he frowned. Just as the underground game was described, it felt 100% real.

Kieran didn't even notice any difference about himself at that moment and himself back in the real world.

Under such circumstances, if there was something or someone that one could entrust their heart to, then what else could distinguish between reality and virtuality?

Even more so, some people that wanted to avoid their problems or mental trauma would treat virtuality as the new reality.

Virtuality will take over reality in one's conscious.

Kieran's heart skipped a beat when the thought came into his mind because he realized he didn't repel such a thought.

"The power of habits is really scary, eh" Kieran muttered.

Blacksmith: I don't know much about other things, u could ask Lawless if u want.


After Blacksmith left that message behind, the name quickly dimmed down to gray.

"To differentiate between reality and virtuality, Blacksmith needs to go back and forth between two worlds? Reminding himself what is real?"

When Kieran saw Blacksmith's name dim down, he related to the work and rest pattern of Blacksmith. Kieran's heart bloomed up such a resolution too, but soon enough, he shook his head. Not that he was denying Blacksmith's methods, but he related to the most important point.

"Enter at least one single player dungeon in three months".

With such rule in existence, any effort to remind oneself to distinguish between the two worlds would be futile.

Unless one could breakthrough outstandingly from the conventional way, they would be trapped in the game.

Leaving the game for a short while was like seeking temporary relief regardless of the consequences. It would only waste the precious time of a player, placing him in more danger in the dungeon world, eventually leading to his own demise.

Kieran had no intention to die. The reason he entered the game was to survive and to live a better life. It was his unaltered motive from the beginning, so he need to go through the game in an outstanding way, like the Witch did!

"The Witch!"

Kieran thought about the Witch's existence that struck fear in every veteran player's heart. Until now, he had no idea how the Witch could breakthrough the game outstandingly, but one thing was for sure.

Her strength!

Powerful enough to strike fear, terrorize and put everyone else behind her!

Strength was the base for everything.

Similar to Kieran at the moment. Because of the proper arrangements and opportunity at the earlier stages, he could now face a normal dungeon without too much pressure.

Problems might still persist in special dungeons, but it accelerated his growth significantly, granting him more strength to face the normal dungeons.

"If I follow this benign cycle, one day in the future, I could achieve what the Witch achieved!" Kieran thought with utmost firmness.

Suddenly, when Kieran was having such a thought in his mind, something happened like a signal responding to his thought.

At the corner of his room, that ball of paper with the strange smiley face that was almost forgotten by Kieran burnt up on itself without any signs or notices.

Smoke rose up from the little ball of fire and formed that strange smiley face once more. It was neither too big nor too small, similar to the size of a human face.

Only after the smoke rose up did Kieran realize something was wrong, He felt like he was being watched. Although such a thing was not possible under the system rule's protection, but


Right after that moment, Kieran swung [Arrogant Word] around, slashing the smokey strange smiley face with its dark red sword edge.

The smokey face dissipated with the slash but it didn't go off with the sword wind.

After a while, it gathered around and formed that smiley face again.


A cone shaped fire was blasted towards the strange smiley face, but within the blazing fire, not only did it not disappear, it instead became clearer than before.

It was absorbing the fire!

After concluding that it could absorb fire, Kieran moved his hand towards [Safety Potion Pack] and took out a [Holy Water VIII] in his hand.

The glittering liquid was splashed towards the smiley face right away, but it was useless.

The holy water went through the strange smiley face that had gotten clearer, and fell to the floor, causing a small splash.

Physical attack was useless since it was formless.

Blazing fire only solidified its appearance, and even the holy water had no effect on it.

Kieran squinted his eyes, staring at the strange smiley face; he was prepared to activate his ace card.

Even though he might suffer another backlash, which made him reluctant to use it, it was better than being a sitting duck.

Lust, Greedy, Gluttony, Sloth, Rage, Envy, Pride all the seven sins' aura was swirling around the rampant, chaotic and tyrannical aura, turning into a raging wind sweeping every inch of the room. The books and items were blown away the moment the violent wind started.

However, the strange smiley face was not affected by the violent wind either; moreover, it gave out a heavy laugh.

"Not bad! You are qualified! I'll count you in!"

After it sounded, the smokey strange smiley face hurled itself at Kieran.

Kieran had no space to dodge the smoke, and before he could react, he was thrown to the floor.

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