The Devil's Cage Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Killing Spree

In the morning, Kieran was sitting in the parlor in Lander's mansion, looking at a visitor.

It was a middle-aged man with thick hands. The wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and mouth did not match his actual age, probably because he kept smiling.

In fact, since the moment he met with Kieran, his smile never dropped.

If it wasn't for his introduction as a police officer, Kieran would take him as a businessman.

The man did not possess the stern manner of any police officer Kieran knew. Even though the person before him in his position was Calkin, the worst police officer in the city, he was serious in his speech and manner.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir 2567!"

The new chief officer, Roshen, took a slight bow and said with a face full of smiles.

Not only was his tone courteous, it also had a sense of inferiority between the lines.

Kieran clearly had felt that inferiority, meaning the chief office was there to ask for his help.

He had never mistaken his own speculations before in such situations. He had seen such a manner in people in the past, and most of them were his previous colleagues. They showed such manners when they were requesting for a raise or a day off from the boss.

Kieran was curious what caused the chief officer to treat him with such manner; his heart naturally had doubts over it, but his expression towards Roshen was ever calm.

Since the initiative was within his palms, why not wait patiently for Roshen to speak and try to get more control out of it?

Kieran was not a cunning man, but it didn't mean he wouldn't fight for more benefits for himself.

Especially if he would be the one doing all the heavy lifting; he must be certain it would be worth his effort.

Roshen saw Kieran remain calm and silent; he couldn't help but slightly move his body, making his posture more humble and low before he started to voice out his intentions.

"Yesterday, during the fire at Brocker's grocery store, someone seemed to have spotted Sir 2567! My men even discovered a frozen secret room beneath the building! Truth be told, if I didn't witness it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it as well, just like the monsters you mentioned last night The Night race!"

"I never thought there were so many of those monsters hiding within my men, and each of them were related to certain murder cases, missing cases and others. All the cases led back to Brocker's grocery store! Of course, none of these were matters of importance. The important thing is those Night monsters in the higher ranks! Before we started our operation, all of them were assassinated last night, including our mayor, state secretary, speaker of the house of commons and my boss, the police director!"

After speaking about a bunch of unhealthy topics with the intention to test Kieran, Roshen finally got to the main point.

The newly-appointed chief officer was looking at Kieran while he spoke; his gaze was judgemental and the meaning of his gaze was self-explanatory.

"Are you suspecting it was me who killed all of them?" Kieran rested his own gaze at Roshen, without any dodging.

"No, no! How could it be? We are just hoping to know more about the Night race. If you can provide some information about the killer, it would be utmost helpful! After all, when my men investigated the scene of the crime, the results were quite unbelievable! So, I would like to ask. Are there any other kinds of monsters besides the Night race?"

Roshen was shaking his hand anxiously, looking panicked, but his voice was clear.

Kieran could even feel that Roshen's manner had changed when he said those words. It was not pleasant and warm anymore but was sharp, as if a piece of cotton had turned into a sharp knife.

"A cover?" Kieran thought in his mind, but regardless of what it was, it was none of his concern.

As for monsters other than the Night race? Kieran had no intentions to hide that as well.

Judging by the sides that both of them took, they were more foe than friend.

Since they were foes, Kieran wouldn't mind increasing their trouble.

"Yes, there are some other monsters that I don't even know, or should I say, there are too many monsters out there, to the point that I couldn't even tell which is which! You can find Lander regarding this matter; he might still be keeping the body of the creature that attacked us!" Kieran nodded in reply.

"That will be much appreciated! And I have a presumptuous request as well Can you please lend us a hand in investigating the crime scene? I know my men gave their best in their job, but they are not experienced in this kind of matter. They might miss out on something!"

Roshen requested humbly.

Kieran instinctively wanted to reject; he wanted to stay put and wait for the day's newspaper for Herbert's information, but the system notification that came right after made Kieran forcefully swallow his words down.

[Discovered sub-mission: Tracking]

[Tracking: Monsters other than the Night have struck again. They come and go without a trace, causing the new chief officer, Roshen, to have his hands tied! The chief officer requested you aid in helping them, hoping that you can find the traces of the killer! This is not a difficult mission, but it is a chance to turn the tide around in the current situation!]

"Changing the tides of the current situation?"

Kieran gave it some thoughts for a while before nodding in agreement to Roshen.

Even though the sub-mission description didn't mention what the current situation was, Kieran had his own guesses.

There were two parts.

One, Kieran basically knew nothing about the monsters other than the Night race. This sub-mission would increase his knowledge in that specific area.

Second, information about Herbert's location.

Aside from those two points, Kieran would also gain favor from the newly appointed chief officer. Kieran would never underestimate the help from a chief police officer.

Everyone had their own channel and ways to get information and deal with things.

No one could guarantee that an extremely difficult matter wouldn't become easier after changing a perspective to look at it.

Aside from that, the higher rankings in Herl City had all been eliminated.

Who knew how far a mere chief officer could reach in the end?

Judging from Roshen's look, other than the responsibility that came with the duty, what else was left inside him?

The motivation to climb higher! Having the urge to acquire ranks and position higher than he had now and the corresponding authority!

Kieran couldn't comment on this because it was human nature.

Other than some saint mentioned in legends, a common man would have all kinds of desires and such desires would turn into hard work, eagerness or even despicable means.

Kieran wouldn't mind collaborating if Roshen didn't get blinded by his own desire and lost his direction.

If he did, the answer was obvious.

"This is great news!"

Roshen didn't sense the changes in Kieran's mind. He stood up slightly and said with an excited tone, "Then shall we get going right now?"

"Sure." Kieran also had no intentions of delaying since he had decided to complete this sub-mission.

After greeting Lander, Kieran boarded Roshen's wagon.

The wagon looked a lot shabbier than his predecessor, Calkin's.

Let alone the difference in luxury, the fact that the wagon before Kieran could hold itself together was already surprising enough. Roshen's wagon needed no further description beyond that point.

The wagon then started off from Lander's mansion. With the police emblem on the wagon and uniformed officers opening the way, Kieran reached the first crime scene, Herl City mayor's house, without any hindrance.

"This is the place!"

Roshen pushed open the door and said, but Kieran's brows were furrowed.

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