The Devil's Cage Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Location

The air-breaking whistle from the falling cannonball covered the screams of the panicking crowd.


The cannon strike landed in the middle of the convoy, blasting everything in a 5 meter radius.

The wagon in the middle was blasted to bits, together with the officers within. They were instantly turned into meat paste.

The front and the back wagon were sent flying, together with tons of broken limbs.

The scent of gunpowder and blood mixed together to form a pungent smell. It spread throughout the street.

A second after the explosion, the street was silent. The seconds that followed were filled with cries and wailings.

It was like a giant rock had been thrown into a calm lake, causing tidal waves and not just a few ripples.

"Help me! Help!"

"Mommy, I want my mommy!"

All sorts of cries blasted one's ear.

Kieran witnessed the scene with his own eyes while carrying Roshen away.

Roshen saw his most trusted men bombarded, innocent civilians caught in the fire, and a little girl with her legs gone because of the bomb; his eyes instantly reddened, infuriated by the act.

He shook Kieran's hand off and took the flintlock pistol out, firing at the bomber across the rooftop.

The bomber was a mantled figured, but it was tall and large; he alone had lifted up the wheeled cannon that required at least three men to operate.

"You piece of f*ck!"

Roshen pulled the trigger out of rage.


Smoke emerged out of the sparking flintlock; the iron pellet was fired at the bomber.

The bomber, though, didn't dodge at all, allowing the pellet to hit his body.

There were no splashes of blood, nor did the bomber flinch or stagger; the iron pellet didn't even scratch him!

Roshen was stunned. He then drew the long sword from his waist, dashing towards the rooftop.

He didn't give it much thought at the moment. The scene that he had witnessed made the newly-appointed chief officer's blood boil. But before he could really do anything, he was stopped by Kieran.

"Our target!" Kieran yelled at him, grabbing his shoulder.

Roshen was awakened by the words promptly.

"Those who still can move come with me!"

Roshen threw a deep gaze at the bomber on the rooftop, imprinting the bomber's figure in his soul before loudly ordering his remaining men.

Seven to eight officers that survived ran over, following Roshen and dashed towards a single house. The bomber then gave out a weird roar, and jumped off the rooftop, returning to where he came from.


A flying kick!

Kieran launched a kick with all his might at the bomber's body. The violent impact broke the bomber's ribs. The mantle made from a common rucksack was torn to pieces by the powerful wind from the kick, revealing the true face underneath.

A gorilla! A green gorilla with a scaly body!

The moment Kieran glanced over the monster, it reminded him of the monkey-like creature back in Lander's mansion.

Seemed like both of them were from the same class?

Kieran couldn't categorize it under the same species, class was the best he could muster.

However, compared to the previous creature's vulnerability, the bomber gorilla possessed the might and constitution that suited its look.

Its ribs were almost crushed, organs were splintered and its spine should broken into several part, yet it was still struggling.

Aside from that, Kieran could clearly sense that its body was healing at an unbelievable rate.


At the same time, a strange noise sounded again. The bomber gorilla was roaring at Kieran with its ferocious face.

"Haven't even learned how to use words?" Kieran muttered.

He then walked forth to the gorilla. When he saw the monster was still struggling to attack him, he was sure that its intelligence was not high, similar to a senseless beast.

Kieran then stepped on its head without a second thought.


The bomber gorilla's head was like a watermelon that was run over by a truck, bursting into pieces.

The cannon it was carrying on its shoulder started to glow green.

[Name: Heavy Cannon]

[Type: Heavy Firearm]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attack: Powerful (Bombing), Strong (Melee)]

[Attributes: None]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Firearm Weapon, Heavy Firearm (Master), Strength B]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It requires a specialized cannonball and has extra loading time, but those wouldn't dim down its destructive power!]


Kieran glanced over the supposedly higher tier Magic rank weapon; he didn't ditch it because of its hideous design. He took it up, stuffed it into his backpack and went chasing after Roshen.

The killer didn't work alone!

This particular point was out of Kieran's expectation.

According to his previous investigations of the crime scenes, the killer was alone, but now a partner had entered the picture.

"They are aware of Roshen's operations? The monsters other than the Night seemed to be blending in with the humans as well, they even chose the same method as the Night race? Or"

Kieran hastened his steps when the questions rose in his heart.

He was hoping to come in contact with that killer as he needed more information to verify his speculations.

Though, the disappointing fact was that Kieran couldn't do so.

"This bastard is very vigilant. The moment we closed in, it gave up its operation right away!"

Roshen frowned as he pointed at the tied up target: a guy with multiple identities, such as a congressman, a consultant for the station and much more.

However, the root of his identity was still a Night monster.

Kieran was exchanging gaze with its ferocious eyes hanging over its burnt and rotten face.

"2567? The great leader will not let you live for long! You bunch of fodders! When the army arrives, it will be the day you die! We the Night race will be the true dictators of this world UGH!"

The Night monster's ferocious laugh stopped abruptly. It was Roshen who used the hilt of his sword, smashing it into its stomach. His skilled hand cause the monster to suffer when it breathed.

"Don't worry, before I die, I will let you feel the pleasure of being tortured by us FODDERS!"

Roshen didn't even care about the Night's hideous face. He stuck his face close to it, emphasizing every word that came out of his mouth.

Kieran also saw that Roshen was turning his sword hilt, causing more pain to the Night's stomach.

When Roshen stepped down, the monster started to throw up.

The vile stench of the vomit made everyone step back. Especially when the pile of vomit had half of a ear; the other officers around turned pale when they saw it. Roshen was no exception.

The chief officer held his expression in and grabbed the Night's hair, smashing its head down on its vomit and shouted, "I'll let you eat as much as you like!"

Kieran raised a brow over the scene but didn't stop Roshen.

He could tell Roshen suffered quite a mental shock after the bombardment at his convoy.

The mask that was hanging on Roshen's face was torn away, revealing his grumpy nature.

Though, compared to the fakely humble face, Kieran admired Roshen's true nature even more.

Still, he felt he needed to remind Roshen of his actions.

"We need him alive!" Kieran said.

Roshen panted hard for a couple of -breaths before releasing his hand.

He waved at his men, and they left immediately.

When all the officers went away, leaving him and Kieran behind, Roshen finally spilled the truth.

"I know where Herbert is!" He said.

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