The Devil's Cage Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Reverse Star

Crack Tsk Tsk!

A teeth-souring screech came from the frozen area as large chunks of ice started to form around Benz. It blasted out in all directions from him at the center.

With its broken paths and crumbled houses, Charlie Street was frozen in an instant.

Those Mutants who were retreating couldn't escape the fate of becoming frozen as well; even the giant cypress ent was frozen. At most. Its large size would delay its death for a while.

Ice kept forming over the tree trunk. The clumsy cypress ent wailed in pain. It begged for life but Benz wasn't moved by its pleading.

He even hastened the freezing over its branches because the opponent he was trying to freeze was in front of the ent and the ice couldn't pass even one inch past that point.

The ground was in flames. A body formed by magma stood still, blocking the ice from advancing.

The 3 to 4-meter tall figure had a dignified and imposing manner that even the ent couldn't compete against. When the magma rumbled, the flaming wings spread out and blasted out sharp, flaming waves that were like powerful blades that displayed its unrivaled sharp edges. It cut everything before his eyes in half, including the moving ice and even Benz who controlled the ice!

The Powerful level blast wave and Extreme level scorching flames were replies to the icy attack.

The ice that was hesitant to advance a moment ago was completely shattered by the flames of [Flame Blast].

The ice that could cover the sky was vaporized in an instant, turning everything into steam.

As the steam rose, the blast waves continued forth, heading towards Benz.

Even though he had formed layers of ice barriers in front of him to block the fiery blast waves that caught him by surprise, he still underestimated the power of [Flame Blast].

His ten layers of ice barriers were instantly incinerated with one strike; the blast wave tore Benz apart.


Upon impact, Benz disappeared like the steam around him. Or more accurately, he fused with the steam.

A malicious gaze emanated from inside the steam, which was how Devil Kieran knew what had just happened.

"He vaporized himself?"

Devil Kieran was shocked after seeing the gaze within the steam before his eyes. He never thought that Benz possessed such an ability but the shock in his heart did not slow down his actions at all.


When the steamy mist swirled around to become a more dense and lethal form to enshroud the magma devil, a scorching energy that was even hotter than the previous strike erupted from the magma devil's body. It instantly turned the mist around the devil into steam that rose.

At the same time, mystical runes on the 10-meter blazing wings shone brightly again as it extended itself and flapped hard, whipping up a powerful force.

The rising stream became even thinner and clearer because Benz in his steam form was caught by the force from the wings. The powerful force also prevented Benz from taking any proper position to attack.

Benz was forced to reveal himself.


Just as Benz revealed himself, Kieran blasted another [Flame Blast] at him in mid-air!

Kieran already understood the saying of "follow up on the victory with hot pursuit", let alone the fact that there was a time limit on [Transform Devil]. If he couldn't seize this chance, he would end up being the one to suffer instead.

The blast wave struck hard on Benz's body which was covered in ice. The powerful impact and flames shattered the ice shield and Benz's own body with a single strike again.

Benz disappeared into the steamy mist once more but Kieran wouldn't give him the chance to fuse himself into the mist this time. Kieran flapped his blazing wings, dispersing the mist in the area in an instant.


After a heavy grunt, Benz's figure appeared beside the frozen cypress ent with an ugly stance; he was looking at Kieran with an anxious and doubtful gaze mixed with the intention to kill.

As one of the leaders of the Mutants, he never thought that any existence in this world could harm him before his Majesty was awakened. Even those who shared the same rank as him weren't able to do so. Thus, Kieran's presence broke his confidence.

While looking at the magma rumbling on the devil's body and its horns that were upright high in the sky, Benz's sense of panic enlarged infinitely.

Even though Benz expelled his emotions the moment he noticed it, he was angered and embarrassed.

"I want you to die!"

Amidst his loud roar, he raised his right hand and pressed it into the cypress ent.

Instantly, a blue light shone out like an explosion.

Crack! Tsk Tsk!

The freezing started again but this time, Benz himself was also frozen together with the ent.

After a breath's time, Benz froze himself with the ent. The ent was resurrected under the heavy layers of ice coating, showing a different form.

The thick ice coating and the huge body size, as well as the ferocious features that formed on its tree crown, made it looked like the legendary frost giant.


After bellowing a thunderous roar later, it launched its icy fist at Kieran.

The punch was as clumsy as ever but its strength and destructive power were enhanced in an unimaginable way.

The wind alone from the punch itself flipped the ruined grounds.

More importantly, a chilling force was mixed into the punch that struck panic and fear into people's hearts as if it was going to freeze the entire block of Charlie Street.

Devil Kieran looked up at the punch. He bent his legs a bit and retracted his wings behind his back.


He then jumped towards the frozen punch head on!

Kieran never thought of dodging, even for a punch like this. He was confident that in his devil form, his strength would not lose to any other existence.

The frost that could freeze an entire street was indeed extremely frightening but his flames were powerful enough to scorch the skies and boil the sea!


Dong Dong!

Dong Dong Dong!

Inside the heart in his chest, the part where it seemed to have dried off a long time ago felt like it was infused with the morning dew at this particular moment.

That dried part of his heart came back alive, beating vigorously. Not only did it come back alive, it came back strong and powerful!

It was born from Kieran's conviction of victory, transforming him into an existence that would never lose a fight.

The golden lion was awakened from its slumber. It stepped onto the empty space, shaking its golden mane and letting out a powerful roar at the sky. It symbolized that the king had returned!

The roar woke the tiny spider up as well. The Hell Fiend Spider with broken memories was wiggling its body as if it was unwilling to fall behind the lion. It buzzed softly at Devil Kieran.

The roar and the buzz gathered at a single spot, stimulating the heart with its spirit.

The part of the heart where it was infused with the morning dew became even more energetic and lively. It even stimulated a sense of Origin Force from within.


A loud explosion that shook heaven and earth went off from Devil Kieran's chest. A flame different from the common fire exploded from Kieran's magma body.

The dense sulphuric presence instantly filled the realm.

Kieran who jumped towards the punch looked like he turned into a reverse comet, blasting towards the sky.

The fear from the natural instinct rose from Benz's heart. It made him feel like he was a vermin fighting a giant or like a mortal fighting a God!

"NOOOOOOOO!" Benz screamed out loud but it was too late.

Kieran who turned into a comet collided hard with the huge frozen punch, shattering the fist with unparalleled strength. Everything went silent after that.

But this was just the start!