The Devil's Cage Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Uncontrollable Flames

"Contly? She definitely has other intentions! Though I don't want to doubt those who once traveled with us, but her appearance was too much of a coincidence. She must have reached Herl City a while ago, mixing around with the bounty hunters and mercenaries. She wouldn't have not known what you did a day before, but she didn't appear! Instead, after your battle with the leader of the Nobles, she appeared out in a hurry! Aside from all that, we couldn't verify who she was either!"

Herbert answered after muttering softly to himself.

He was doubting Contly was a Night monster in disguise or some other kind of monster.

Kieran didn't object, but he doubted Contly as herself even more.

After all, that kind of temperament and skills couldn't be imitated that easily.

However, Kieran didn't refute Herbert's saying, but he rephrased his question in perspective of Contly as the guardian of Isogu City.

As the expert in this field, Herbert had more rights in saying, but Kieran was disappointed.

Herbert could only reply to his question with a bitter smile.

"Even after many years of studying Neegor Dynasty's history, I couldn't confirm what roles the guardians of Isogu City are playing Because this has exceeded the study itself, but it is a matter of human heart! From the beginning of time, the most complicated thing was the human heart!"

The conversation ended with Herbert's exclamation.

Kieran continued waiting for Contly to show herself. He was patient enough to find out what she was there for.

Though as hours turned into days, Kieran didn't expect Contly went silent for a whole two weeks.

The last word that she left behind, "Not a problem, I'll find you later!" had become nothing but an empty promise. However, the unusuality didn't make Kieran anxious by any means; instead, he became more patient.

The more unusual she was, the higher the chance she was hiding something.

The moment Contly appeared would be the moment problem arrived.

Kieran waited on patiently and quietly.

During the ten days out of the two weeks, the treatment went well for Pierre and the others.

Other than Cass, Joanna's wagoner who suffered a permanent injury, the others had completely stabilized, especially Becker.

Becker was the big bloated guy that Kieran brought back; he didn't shame his tensile skin and flesh and the abilities of fast healing. On the second day he was brought back, after a full meal, he could run around behind Herbert already; most of the time was because of food.

As for the sealed location and the study of the incantations, only Harold and Cohen could provide help to Herbert.

Even though Kieran had Pro level [Mystical Knowledge] already, the incantations to open the seal was one-of-a-kind, it didn't only consist of mystical knowledge but mixed with some unique cultural influence from Neegor Dynasty, which tied Kieran's hands since he knew almost nothing about the ancient kingdom.

So when Herbert led his students to study the incantations, Kieran went on with his own.

He was studying about [The Fallen's Eye] and the Creature of Desire, or more precisely, Eye of Chimeras!

However, the efforts that Kieran spent in studying both were futile. The Eye of Chimeras didn't provide any reaction at all, as if the test from the last time scared it away.

Even when Kieran wasted one usage of [The Fallen's Eye], the result was the same.

Compared to the silent Eye of Chimeras, the other part of [Fusion Heart] was sprouting its energy from time to time.

The energy that belonged to the devil was circulating in his body in a special way, almost similar to [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] but entirely different.

The violent energy was like the wildest horse, running rampant in Kieran's body, but it didn't clash with the warm stream of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], it only


A small fire spark appeared on Kieran's left index finger, lighting the book in Kieran's hand on fire. Kieran tried his best by clapping the fire away but the book plus the carpet was a goner.

"I'm sorry!" Kieran apologized to Herbert for interruping during his studies.

The elderly scholar nodded in a kind manner and went back into his trance while Kieran was staring blankly at his left hand.

He knew the sudden spark of fire was not a coincidence, but because of [Charles's Fire].

[Name: Charles's Fire (Master)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Create fire with your finger, attack is Weak, burn continuously]

[Special Effect: Lineage Fire (Your bloodline is suitable to cast fire element magic, after charging 5 seconds, increase fire elemental damage by 1)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Constitution B]

[Remark: This is a spell without incantations, casting gesture and casting time. A skill created by the alchemy master fusing ancient hidden knowledge together!]

[Note: You have acquired this skill through learning, not through a Skill Book. Therefore, you cannot upgrade it with Points and Skill Points. If you want to level it up, you will need to continue learning or acquire a Skill Book!]


Kieran again went over the description of Master level [Charles's Fire]. With the buff from [Fiery Sulphur], the fire attack from [Charles's Fire] had reached Average level.

Following Kieran's Constitution reaching A, [Charles's Fire]'s level was increased again and the attack was enhanced to Strong level; it became one of the common offensive measures for him.

Truth be told, it was also one of the biggest downside of [Charles's Fire].

The prerequisite was a major rank increase in Constitution!

Without the buff from [Fiery Sulphur], he would at least need a S rank Constitution to be able to use it commonly and the leveling cost would be a headache for him even if [Charle's Fire] didn't have any consumption when used.

However, Kieran was not concerned about that because everything was unfolding according to his plan.

Until the battle with Benz, the part of [Fusion Heart] which belonged to the devil overlord was triggered by something and it altered [Charles's Fire] in some way.

The name, effects and attributes didn't change, but a newly added special effect, [Lineage Fire]!

[Special Effect: Uncontrollable Lineage Fire II (Although your bloodline is suitable for fire magic, you haven't control it completely. After charging 5 seconds, fire elemental damage +1, but has high chances an explosion, misfire. (Able to damage friend or foe!)]

Although it was just the special effect that changed, it became a undetermined variable to Kieran since he was used to knowing well about himself and planning ahead.

Kieran disliked such a variable, let alone the effect it might cause during a battle.

In battles that could cost him his life at the slightest mistake, Kieran would never put the skill to use. Aside from that, he needed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Following how fast was Herbert studying and deciphering the incantations, there would be an inevitable battle between them, the Mutants and the Night race.

Kieran wished not for some slight random mistakes during his battle, so he spent most of his time in the two weeks to control the fire.

The result were the ashes of the book and the big burnt hole in the carpet.

"Herbert, I'll go have some air outside!"

Kieran then walked out of the room.

Harold and Cohen in the room exchanged a gaze before they followed Kieran, leaving the room.

They had waited for this opportunity for a long time!