The Devil's Cage Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Counterattack

Kieran met the guardian of Isogu City once more at a corner of the temporary camp.

Contly was still carrying that box that was about a person's height: a meter wide and two knuckles thick. One would know that it was extremely heavy with a glance; her hearty look was slightly dull though.

Before Kieran could speak a word, Contly rushed ahead and spilled hers in an anxious manner.

"The Night race and the Mutant race have forged an alliance. Our remaining people can no longer remain neutral. Although I've tried, the results changed little to none! Everything is useless!"

Her anxious tone elevated the shocking contents even more. Not only did she explain the pinch ahead, she even explained why she didn't show up before.

More importantly, everything she said was the truth. Kieran could easily verify them by sending a couple of men to investigate.

Kieran was even confident that if he sent some men out to investigate, his men would return with news that was like discovering the pursuers had cornered them or something similar.

From the look of things, Sven and Rien being missing, and Kieran leaving the mansion with the convoy were already known facts to the Mutant race leader, Mozorc. He swiftly made plans to counter Kieran's moves.

That was why Contly appeared before Kieran: to bring forth logical reasons...

However, a dull face like hers spilling such truth was uncomfortable to Kieran. It was not just Kieran. Anyone who saw her face and listened to what she said would doubt her words.

When Kieran looked into Contly eyes, he realized something in his heart.

Contly was not willing to become someone's puppet.

"So this is to remind me? But with such ways she must have something on her that could transfer sounds or even transfer a view of the scene here with a certain angle very far away!"

With Kieran's increasing understanding of the dungeon world before him, he didn't exclude the possibilities that the Night race or Mutant race possessed some similar tools.

After all, both of his enemies were from the dynasty that conquered the world 1,500 years ago.

No one knew what gifts they received from ancient times. Still, Kieran knew how to play along with Contly.

"It's even faster than I imagined! Thank you for your notice in advance, Lady Contly. I'll send some men to investigate and we will talk in detail when they return!" Kieran frowned and pretended to sigh.

"Very well!" Contly nodded and the dullness on her face went away. Her face returned to the image that Kieran had of her in his mind.

Then, Contly turned around and headed towards the campfire.

While looking at Contly's back, Kieran signaled with his hand and Pelby ran over instantly.

"Master!" The dominated bodyguard bowed down respectfully.

"Bring some men and go check the paths that we came from. Inform me if you find anything!" Kieran said.

"Yes, master!" Pelby bowed once more before turning around to some of the familiar bodyguards.

After around two minutes, horses galloped away.

Everyone in the temporary camp was shocked by the sudden galloping but almost everyone saw Kieran discussing something with Pelby before Pelby went off with a small squad right away.

Their movements told everyone that something must have happened.

A disturbed atmosphere rose in the camp. Herbert even had to step out and comfort everyone with his words, despite the fact that it was just for a while.

"We need to hurry up now. This situation brings us at a total disadvantage! The speed of the reactions from the Nights and Mutants exceeded our expectation. We can not afford to delay any more!"

Herbert went over to Kieran's side, mimicking Kieran's manner and sitting on the floor before saying it softly.

"Mm, I understand!" Kieran nodded and he glanced over Contly with the corner of his eyes.

They were at least 10 meters apart. He didn't know whether the tool on Contly could receive the sounds where he was but it didn't really matter if it couldn't.

Everything was proceeding as planned.

After an hour, Pelby came back. The other guards that followed returned with a frightened expression.

Everyone's hearts skipped a beat when they saw the scene.

"There are five hundred fully armed men behind us and closing. It's around 20 miles from here!"

Pelby revealed what he saw.

Everyone instantly gasped when they heard the news.

Their convoy had less than thirty men in total, but there were five hundred pursuers on their tail, almost twenty times their numbers. The stress from the numerical disadvantage instantly sent everyone into a state of despair.

"Maybe they aren't chasing after us?" Someone pretended to play a joke but no one responded.

The atmosphere was getting denser by the second. Sorrow and despair spread through the air.

Based on his calculations and a quick glance, Kieran determined that it was almost time. He stood up immediately and headed towards the campfire.

Promptly, his actions gathered all the attention from the others.

"Get moving everyone. Ditch all of your useless belongings and move on lightly! I'll try to buy enough time for you guys!" Kieran said loudly to the crowd.

"Yeah, that's right! 2567 and I will try to buy as much as possible. You people better start moving!" Herbert nodded and squeezed himself out of the crowd before headed towards Kieran's side.


"Sir Herbert!?"

Harold, Cohen, Joanna and their parents were dumbstruck as they were looking at the elderly scholar in a blank gaze.

"They are after me! My departure will make you guys safe"


His students interrupted his words once again but before his students could continue, Herbert quickly followed up with a wave of a hand.

"Don't show such sad faces now. I'm not sending myself to die. 2567 is with me! Even against thousands upon thousands of men and soldiers, I'll be fine! And don't try to say something about how you want to come along. 2567 is powerful but he can't guarantee everyone's safety at once!"

"Now, get moving!" Herbert made his tone even stricter at the end, sounding as firm as ever.

His students hesitated for a while before taking immediate actions.

Their gazes towards the duo besides the campfire had complicated reactions. It was a mix of relief and disturbed conscience.

They knew the trouble originated from Herbert and that it would be best for Herbert to solve it with his hands if Kieran was not around!

Although no one dared to say something like that, most of them had a tacit acknowledgment in their hearts.

When Kieran was added to the mix, everything was different.

According to their relationship, they, his students, should be the ones standing beside Herbert but at that moment, the nearer kin was running for their lives and leaving Herbert behind in the hands of a mere acquaintance.

It made them ashamed of themselves. Blush smeared all over their faces.

Harold and Cohen were breathing rapidly. Both young lads exchanged a glance, seemingly plotting something. Although Lander as the father knew his son more than anyone, he ordered a couple of the guards to surround Harold and Cohen and escorted both of them into the wagon. The same went for Joanna.

"Father, mother, I won't act impulsively. I only wanted to say something to the professor and 2567. I promise!" The young girl told her parents with a calm tone but her parents knew perfectly well. Such calmness came from her stubborn side.

"You promise?" Her father emphasized.

"With the guards around me, isn't my promise important?" The young girl pointed at the two guards before her.

The already cold relationship between her and her family had become even colder following her rebellious question.

The girl's father frowned but he waved his hand, allowing the guards to make way for her to Kieran.

Joanna's steps were slow and hesitant. It took her almost ten seconds to cross less than a dozen meters.

When the girl was before Kieran and Herbert, her eyes could only focus on Kieran. Some words of farewell were discarded right away.

She said in a straightforward manner, "Please don't die!"

After her words escaped her mouth, she turned around and ran back to the already departed convoy without turning back.

Kieran and Herbert stood there and saw them off.

Kieran then laid his backpack down and started to prepare delicately.

He had to perform his act to the very end right?

Since he said he would stay behind to buy time if he didn't pretend to confront and prevent the pursuers, wouldn't it be too fake?