The Devil's Cage Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Different

The soldiers kept whipping their horses, sparing no mercy while they rode.

Under the pressure and the pain, the warhorses sprinted even faster. Still, the soldiers felt that it wasn't fast enough!

A total reward of a hundred thousand gold and a promotion of three ranks in the army was enough to excite them and cause a frenzy among the soldiers that were stationed at the military camp outside Herl City.

Without an ongoing war to fight, any chance of raising their ranks was a risk worth taking because the honor came with a hundred thousand gold as well!

For the soldiers who had a monthly allowance of two hundred gold, the reward was an astronomical figure. Therefore, when the orders were given, the soldiers were eager to move out.

Each of them rode two horses, traveling even under the starry night sky.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

The concentrated gallops were like a strong gale beating on banana leaves. There was not a single second of a break. Instead, the gallops were quick and hurried as if they represented the soldier's burning desire, causing them to forget everything else and branding the rewards and promotions in their mind.

Anyone who stood before their path was going to be trampled over.

When the soldiers saw a figure walking out of the darkness, they didn't even hesitate to stop. Instead, they wiped their horse, growling loud to express their killing intentions but none understood what they spoke.

Promptly, the growls stopped abruptly.

A dark red greatsword swept across the night sky. The soldiers who were rushing in the front row were slashed in half together with their horses. The following row of soldiers behind them met the same fate.

And the third. And the fourth. And so on.

One row after another, the dark red greatsword slashed left and right.

The one with the greatsword pressed forward step by step and the soldiers on their war horses were slashed row by row.

Both sides clashed without surrendering an inch.

In the end, the five hundred soldiers that were chasing Kieran were sliced in half like a rapid stream in the river crashing into a river rock, splitting the stream into two.

Though the river streams would eventually joined together after going through the river rock, the difference between the river streams and soldiers was that the soldiers behind Kieran all died with their horses.

However, the piling up bodies didn't frighten away the remaining soldiers. Instead, it cranked them up even more. Each soldier became even more violent.

"Fire!" A loud voice shouted.

The rider soldiers pulled out their flintlock pistols and blasted it at Kieran. The instant flash at the muzzle produced thick black smoke from the firing.

Bang Bang Bang!

Tons of iron pellets were fired at Kieran but only landed on top of [Primus Scale]. The bullets were ineffective!

Let alone the flintlock pistol pellets, even modernized machine guns could barely scratch the Powerful defense of [Primus Scale].

Yet the soldiers seemed to not be too concerned about such a despairing fact.

They ditched their pistols and drew their swords from their waist, continuing to charge at Kieran. The frenzy and violent temper of the soldiers were even clearer.

A familiar feeling rose up in Kieran's heart.

"So these soldiers are mentally affected by Eye of Chimeras or something similar?" Kieran thought to himself.

The moment he laid his eyes on the soldiers, he knew something was off. It was not the pursuit team formed by Night monsters or the Mutants but they were real human beings from the dungeon world but something was very unusual about them.

Since Kieran had communicated with the Creature of Desire before, it allowed him to make educated guesses. When his guesses were verified true, he swiftly made alterations to his original plans.

Now, following his newly altered plan, he started to scan his surroundings with an anxious and doubtful gaze.

A layer of blood red mist started to spread around. The shallow veil of mist was getting denser by the second.

After a breath's time, the blood mist enshrouded the whole battlefield. Not only did it swallow up Kieran, it swallowed up the remaining rider soldiers as well.

A huge, disfigured figure appeared vaguely from the blood mist right after.

"Hahahaha!" You only realized something was wrong now? It's too late! Foolish humans!"

Mozorc let out a wild laugh after seeing everything that happened on the battlefield through a crystal. He commented with a contemptuous tone and especially emphasized the word "human". He didn't only comment on Kieran's strength but his judgment as well.

Originally, Mozorc thought that other than himself, there were no other Nobles that could defeat Benz. After what he saw, his thoughts were solidified. Kieran was not worth mentioning at all; it was just pure luck that he defeated Benz. Benz's time was almost up, therefore allowing a mere human to get the upper hand over him.

"Edgar, inform Contly to strike now!"

With an ordering manner, Mozorc spoke to a pale, scrawny person beside him.

The pale one was not like other Night monsters, displaying a hideous face. However, it did not bear the face of a human yet it was as arrogant as every other Mutant that existed.

Even with its pale face, he had quite the features and feeling of warmness attached to it.

Edgar didn't reply with words. He only nodded before he took out a crystal piece.

A hologram appeared from the tiny finger-sized crystal pieces. The projection was swirling around and shaking non-stop but it was clear and so were the sounds.

Even Contly's breathing sounded crystal clear for the other Nights and Mutants to hear.

More importantly, the projection was a first-person view of Contly in action.

In other words, the Nights and the Mutants saw things through Contly's eyes.

"Contly, bring Herbert in now!" Edgar gave his order.

Promptly, the projection started to move out and soon bore fruit.

Herbert was waiting at a shadowy spot patiently.

With the night sky and darkness around, his spot looked very safe but Mozorc's mocking manner on his face was getting denser.

"Take him in!" The Mutant leader ordered.

The projection moved out once again, meaning Contly was rapidly approaching Herbert but another figure was one step ahead of her!

Before Contly could get to Herbert, the figure stood in front of Herbert, blocking Contly from advancing.

More importantly, another figure appeared silently beside Contly and struck her down with lightning-fast speed, knocking her out cold.

The projection showed that she went through a violent concussion but the Night and Mutant race who were watching the projection knew who the figure who appeared was.

It was because of their identity. All the monsters felt strange.

The mocking manner froze on Mozorc's face. His violent, vicious gaze was staring at the projection that froze at the last moment before Contly passed out.

"Sven! Rien! You dare betray me!?"

A loud roar sounded before a strange aura erupted from Mozorc. The other Night and Mutant monsters started to back off, feeling scared of their raging leader.

At the same time, a strange subtle atmosphere rose among the Mutant race.

The news about Kieran being a high-rank Noble was not a secret among them. It was just something that they couldn't confirm it. Yet, Sven and Rien's betrayal had proved something.

Huuuhaa, Huuuhaa!

Amidst the heavy panting, Mozorc forced himself to cool down, suppressing the rage in his heart. His abilities allowed him to instantly grasp the subtle atmosphere.

His prompt decision made him point at the other crystal piece and said, "If he really is a Noble, how could he have fallen to such a petty trap? He is just a mere, petty human"


Before he could finish, a huge explosion came from the void and interrupted Mozorc completely.


The crystal piece was hit by the explosion and cracks spread on its surface like a spider web.

At a farther spot, the devilish aura was sweeping across the field.

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