The Devil's Cage Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Capture with One Haul

Under the night sky, Kieran's Creature of Desire finally moved, shaking away the suppression that it received from its counterpart.

Its wide mouth with countless sharp teeth started to suck in the spirits like a whale sucking in seawater, swallowing tons of spirits.

The night sky that was filled with vengeful spirits, specters and sorts were swept clean in an instant.

"How is this possible? How is your incomplete Creature of Desire capable of doing this!?"

Edgar shouted loudly, stopping all of a sudden.

A new thought bloomed in his mind: the Creature of Desire before him that belonged to Kieran was already in its complete form!

When this thought occurred, he looked at Kieran with anxious and doubtful eyes.

However, when he saw that Kieran was still standing firmly on his ground, he let out a breath of relief. However, his relief went away when supernatural darkness shrouded Kieran where he was standing.

Edgar suddenly lost Kieran from his sight.

"You think you can fool me with your petty tricks?"

Although his heart was anxious and doubtful, his words proved that he still didn't take Kieran seriously, showing nothing but contempt at Kieran's actions.

Edgar also moved quickly; that obsidian ring glimmered in a faint glow.

"If you wanted to use the darkness to dodge me, then I will give you eternal darkness!" Edgar said loudly.

Then, around Kieran's [Shadow Cloak], another circle of darkness appeared in a 50-meter radius, filling Kieran's darkness with a corrupting scent.

Everything went silent in the darkness. Then, concentrated, ceaseless rattling and whispering sounded in Kieran's ear. It sounded like his mistress was whispering love at his ears mixed with his enemies cursing viciously at him.

The noises overlapped one another and it was hard for him to tell them apart.

The sands on the ground started to become moist swiftly. It wasn't because life energy was being poured into the land. It instead became a pile of sludge that could take life.

The pile of sludge was rotting with a vile stench and it was filled with lethal poison as if it was a grim reaper's scythe swinging a flurry in the darkness.

"Die in the grasp of Black Sky Grave! I will have your soul now!"

Edgar said while he shook that piece of leather in his hand. However, nothing happened.

"I will have your soul now!?"

Edgar repeated his words and shook the leather once more. Still, nothing happened.

Then, the figure in the darkness vanished and Kieran appeared in a flash before Edgar.


Edgar didn't even make a sound or move his finger. The burning raw ruby that was floating around him started to burn fiercely, blasting out a fiery fire that engulfed Kieran.


However, upon contact with the ruby fire, Kieran burst like a soap bubble.

"A clone?!" Edgar was shocked.

Another figure of Kieran flashed before him. Edgar was more careful this time around but his over-cautiousness forced him to be in a disadvantageous position in the fight.

The dark red sword edge was giving out a bewitching glare ceaselessly, producing a numbing air-breaking whistle as it slashed down towards Edgar.


The loud clash produced a deafening blast. The leather in Edgar's hand opened up and protected him underneath like a formidable shield.

Tsk Tsk Tsk!

The supposedly soft leather piece turned into the strongest of metals when it came in to contact with [Arrogant Word]'s blade edge. When [Arrogant Word]'s blade grazed over the surface, it even produced sparks.

"Damn it! You piece of useless sh*t! How is it possible that you forced me into such a position? I will make you regret what you've done! I will!"

Edgar was crying like a losing dog. However, his actions were not to be underestimated.

The three great items floating around him lined up before him, emanating a distinguishable shine respectively.

The red burning flames even forced Kieran to retreat at least several meters away the moment it burned.

Even with [Body of Evil] and [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance], Kieran could feel a sense of extreme danger from the red flames, a lethal kind.


Just as Kieran was dodging away, the abysmal darkness shrouded Edgar as a whole. Edgar's presence in Kieran's senses started to get blurry when the darkness appeared. He was forced to use an extra hand to get his eyes on Edgar.


A sudden ghastly blue energy stream gushed and flooded the area. It combined the red and black around Edgar. The fused energy stream sent out shockwaves on the ground and was blasted at Kieran's Creature of Desire.

A series of soundless wailing came from the creature. Half of Kieran's Creature of Desire melted away from the shockwave, forcing it to be in an ugly position in its battle against its counterpart.

"Hahahaha! See that? This is what my true power looks like! My true power!"

Edgar laughed wildly, seemingly entered a hysteric trance.

The shockwave blast that he fired out even exploded with his wild laughs, causing Kieran's Creature of Desire to wobble hard.

Even under the moonlight, the explosion was extra bright. But more importantly, the brightness exposed Kieran's hidden hand that he was keeping away from the start.

Wrath appeared from the shadows, panting heavily and anxiously.

Pride crossed his arm, giving out cold grunts of disdain.

"The cardinal sins!?" The frenzic laugh was halted abruptly when Edgar saw those two counterparts of Kieran.

He was looking at the cardinal sins inconceivably. His frenzy state started to calm down and he muttered in a dull state of shock, "Just now"

Before he could finish his words, he stopped, because he was not willing to believe such things could happen to him.

He was the heir of the Royals. How could he be confused by some tricks?!

"This is impossible!?" Edgar emphasized his thoughts.

Yet, the facts were placed before his eyes. Kieran's Creature of Desire was not the incomplete version that he thought it was but it was truly born from the Eye of Chimeras as a catalyst.

The complete Creature of Desire possessed all the abilities that could truly strike fear and panic, including [Desire Dominance] and [Thousand Evil Eye Strike]!

While under [Desire Dominance] influence, the cardinal sins took advantage of it and infiltrated Edgar, causing him to lose his cool and became mad.

The cardinal sins turned a battle of life and death into something easy.


Edgar was stunned and he slowed down because of the appearance of the cardinal sins but Kieran didn't.

He raised his right hand and [Mardos Arm] fired out a spider web at Edgar.

The spider web landed precisely at the three great items that have lined up before Edgar with an air-breaking whistle. Another line of webbing was attached on the web, connecting the wristband and the netted items.

Kieran pulled it with all his might by raising his hand and the three great items flew to him instantly.

Edgar only came to his senses when he saw that his items were netted away. However, he couldn't even budge because a negative energy chain appeared and bound him down; Edgar continuously laughed coldly.

"Childish act! You think you can rob me of my rights to use the great items?! You will only suffer the consequences of your deeds!"

While Edgar was talking, the three great items within the spider web emanated a blinding shine, removing all gazes on them. However, a moment later, all three items dimmed down to a gloomy state.

A tiny spider mirage appeared from the wristband and crawled towards the netted items on the connected spider web. It easily landed on top of the web and stared at the three great items beneath, like a spider gazing at its prey that had fallen into its web.

The predator from hell blasted its aura throughout the field like a typhoon sweeping the land.

Not only did the three great items go silent, but so did Edgar.

His face was already pale to begin with but when he saw what happened to his items, even the slightest blush on his face bleached to a ghostly white.

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