The Devil's Cage Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Value

The mimosa plant, a nickname that Kieran gave Starbeck.

He was also the only one at the moment Kieran could think off that could provide help to Lawless in real life.

After all, according to what Lawless had said before and what Kieran witnessed himself, Starbeck must be one of the wealthiest players in the game.

If Starbeck could lend a hand, it would be like sending charcoal in the winter for Lawless.

Though after some thought, Kieran frowned instead.

He had no leverage to ask for Starbeck's help.

The only communication he had with Starbeck was that party mission and their relationship has only gone that far. His only leverage that he could give was also the same as before, lending his hand to Starbeck during their next dungeon entry.

Though would it be enough for Starbeck to lend a hand? It will be difficult.

Even if Kieran were to promise his service for free or a couple more dungeon entries, the outcome would be the same.

Starbeck might be a coward but he was no idiot, he will definitely judge and size up the situation.

Kieran had a clear idea about that but he knew even clearer that Lawless was not in some common trouble.

Would a hitman's trouble be anything simple?

If anything involved a human's life, it would be anything but a small matter, especially when many more lives were at stake.

Against such a troublesome request, even Starbeck had to pay a hefty cost to lend his help and under equal circumstances, Starbeck had many more choices.

Starbeck had no obligations to Kieran.

The one thing that the underground game wasn't lacking was people willing to sell their lives for money! It was the same as the real world.

Almost out of instinct, Kieran recalled the bodyguards 1 and 2 beside Starbeck during their dungeon run.

Although both of them were dead, he was sure when Starbeck entered the next dungeon world, similar bodyguards would appear around him.

At the same time, characters similar to Kieran or Lawless would pop up left and right without any delay.

Kieran never thought he had any absolute advantages against those players, contending for the spot.

Maybe Kieran had a decent power level and low dungeon entry number but he wasn't arrogant to the point that he would assumed he was the only one with such an advantage. Among the mountains of players, there will be someone with similar or even identical achievements, it was not something out of the blue after all. In fact, the strange thing would be the opposite.

As long as Starbeck was willing to raise the bounty reward, all the players will gather around like bees to honey.

Comparing the cost of hiring him and the bounty reward Starbeck could afford to pay, one could imagine that the latter option would be more decent and affordable.

So, if Kieran wanted absolute advantages in such competition, there were only two options for him.

The first option was to lower his price and the second would be heighten his power, making himself worthy of the price.

Considering Lawless's safety, the first option was discarded almost immediately.

Only the second option was left in the open.

"Which means I have to make my own value surge high enough and become one of a kind?"

Kieran muttered softly, his eyes uncontrollably looked at the garage door.

Outside that door, one of the Supernova, Black Hell Banning was waiting for him.

Kieran's eyes glimmered, his gaze was unconsciously overflowing with killing intent.

What else was better than to eliminate a Supernova to increase his own value, thus making himself one of a kind?

Subconsciously, Kieran toyed with this idea in his mind. He didn't have much understanding about Black Hell Banning, most of it were stories from veterans around him.

A merciless, selfish Chosen One that was famous for his area of effect attacks.

It was everything he knew after concluding all the information in his head.

In other words, other than that frightening encounter that he could barely catch a glimpse of Banning, Kieran had no idea what else that Banning was capable off.

Judging from what he saw, he would require at least an Extreme level of attack to shake the black veil that shrouded above him that has over a hundred meters in diameter.

If Kieran used [Transform Devil], he could rely on [Flame Blast] to do so but given that Banning had no other hidden cards in his hands.

How was that possible?

A veteran player with the title of Supernova, how could Banning not have any hidden cards up his sleeves?

As for what his hidden cards were, it would be the important factor to figure out should both of them fight.

Another point was that, Kieran having the devil bloodline was not a secret anymore. Even though he never really transformed before players, Banning would also be specifically prepared against his devil, it would be a total disadvantage to him.

Even if Kieran had another hidden ace card, Creature of Desire, it was also restrained by holy attacks and blessed weapons.

On top of all that, there was another important point that Kieran had to consider!

How to locate Banning in the first place?

Recalling the battle they had before, from the beginning to the end, other than the black veil attack that was allegedly from Banning, he never showed himself at all.

According to Kieran's own guess, Banning should be in the center of the black veil area, but the black veil above the sky was over a hundred meters in diameter, using that to speculate Banning's location was definitely not a simple task.

At least it wasn't possible for Kieran alone.

"If I want to challenge Black Hell Banning, I must first locate him! Otherwise, before the battle even begins, he would be already victorious! Yet such a big area of attack Hold on! If that's the case, things might just work out!"

Suddenly, Kieran realized something amidst his thoughts. He squinted his eyes instantly as it glimmered.

A plan swiftly formed in his head but he didn't proceed with it right away.

There were some other things that required his attention before that, which was informing Lawless about his plans!

Although Kieran knew with Lawless's character, he would never allow him to proceed with his plan so Kieran planned to only "inform" Lawless, not ask, not explain.

After leaving his message, Kieran opened up the message from Coll.

Most of Coll's message were minor chit-chats, plus some advice telling him not to go out.

Kieran sighed and shook his head when he saw the advice. He was afraid that Coll's effort might go to waste.

It wasn't that he didn't wanted to stay in his broken garage and safely live out the danger period.

It was just that if he really did so, what he held to his heart and persisted since the beginning would turn into a joke and eventually he would turn into the kind of person that he hated most.

Kieran didn't have the wisdom or thoughts of a wise person, therefore he didn't really understood the good and bad in the world but only one saying that he understood from his childhood.

Repaying a debt of gratitude and avenging a grudgeful deed.

If he didn't repay his debt of gratitude, he would be less than an animal. Kieran wished to not lower himself to the point that being address as an animal.

So, what he owed Lawless, he would repay it with all his effort.

"This is so corny of me." Kieran mocked himself with a laugh and he opened up the message from Allen, the boss of Blood Alliance.


Allen: Join me in Blood Alliance, we will fight Broker together!

Allen: I have the equipments, skills of a Chosen One here, as long as you join me, the resources of Blood Alliance will all be yours to utilize!


"Coercing turned into temptation?"

Kieran's self mocking smile instantly turned into ridicule when he saw Allen's change of heart.

He knew what caused Allen to change and it didn't interest him one bit.

Kieran closed the message tab without even replying.

Then, he turned his attention to the character and skill tab, starting his final step of his plans.


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