The Devil's Cage Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Who's Dead Now?

Black Hell Banning's voice was arrogant and cold, as if he was a tyrant that had control over the life or death of his subjects.

He declared Kieran's death.

It sounded natural, it sounded affirmative.

Outside Wallway street, hundreds of thousands of other players saw the street got turned into a wasteland. Everyone gasped when they saw the ruined street and their gaze at Banning was much more fearful, as if they realized for the first time the meaning of the Supernova.

Especially the earliest batch that arrived at the scene among the surrounding players, each of them belonged to a team or an organization. They were tasked to monitor Kieran and Banning's movements.

Therefore, they were able to make it to Wallway street in time from other places when the black veil appeared.

"Too bad 2567 was too impulsive! With the strength he displayed before, if he were to accumulate more experience and strength patiently, he would surely be able to contend with Black Hell Banning!"

"I heard 2567 was still a half newbie, what fearful potential!"

"So what? He still died when he go up against a Supernova!"

"Hey, this is definitely not the end, don't forget 2567 and Lawless are good friends! With Lawless's character, the real show will start the moment he returns to the game!"

"Such hype! So much anticipation!"

"You bet it is!"

Pity, disdain, mockery or even taking pleasure in misfortuned,; everyone of the veterans outside were discussing the matter.

The ones who arrived later and the newbies who were just around the corner stuck their ears up for stories.

The players who just entered the game, or had been through the initial stages of being lost or were still at loss for what to do in the game were all there, gathering information instinctively. After all, dying in the game equaled to dying in real life, it was not a secret anymore since veterans advertised it somehow and because of that, it made the newbies and rookies tremble even more.

Their emotions got even heavier when they saw the scene before them.

Whether was it the black veil that shrouded a hundred meters and leveled a whole street, or the disgusting, fearful monster that could fire a thousand burning rays from its eyes, everything they saw before them was something they couldn't understand at their stage.

The newbies and rookies subconsciously placed themselves into Kieran or Banning's shoe, imagining what would become of them and every single one of them ended with one outcome.


It made them depressed.

Some of them who had escaped the stages of being lost saw death as the final result, it put them back into the lost and absent stage again.

Some of them though were excited by that what they saw, the power that they saw was very fascinating, it even pulled them out of their drowsy lost state and strengthen their gaze and goals.

Depressed and given up; excited and fired up.

Two different states of mind lingered and intertwined among the newbie and rookes hearts like two long swords swung in a flurry.

Their temperament started to change, some getting even weaker, some getting stronger.

The veterans shifted their gaze at the hyped up, stronger newbies that had the potential. After some slight inspection, they went over representing their team, organization and offered an invitation to ones with potential.

As for the weaker newbies, no one cared.

Some things were decided from the start and some things will turn harsh and cruel under the threat of death. The outcome might be bloody and gruesome to one's sight but it was reality.

Suddenly, some commotion occurred at a farther point.

A bunch of lone wolves players appeared at the end of the street following the commotion.

"Haha, be ready for a good show!"

Some veterans that arrived earlier smiled and they looked at the newbie that they just recruited, explaining the situation.

"These players are what we call lone wolves, the greedy, lonely wolves that are so used to being alone in the dungeon world. Although they might be quiet and obedient in the city here, but don't expect any cooperation from them! They know nothing about teamwork! Their existence will only tear the team apart!"

"As for the good show, the one who just gotten himself killed, 2567 was one of the lone wolves and he is a good friend of the infamous lone wolf, Lawless! So these guys that appeared are here for revenge!"

The veterans were mocking with all their vocabulary, but those newbies were confused over their comments.

"But you just said that they are lone wolves, why would they gather" One of the newbie player asked.

"Just for show! Because only with such petty actions they could display their so called "friendship" and allowing others to understand their "pride". I bet this battle would start off fierce but finish poorly! When Black Hell Banning strikes, these wolves will scatter in the wind! Bunch of noobs!" The veterans pouted and said.

"Is that so?" The newbie player muttered when he saw the lone wolves charging in with fierce manner.

Somehow, the newbie player couldn't believe what the veteran beside him said.

While that was happening, the bunch of lone wolves charged in with an angry roar.


It was Hanses who was wielding a giant shield and Coll with a mechanical dog.

Both of the lone wolves that had quite a relationship with Kieran stared at Banning with burning gaze.

"You are to avenge 2567? Two ignorant ants!" Banning said with a cold laugh under the blood shine shield.

"Ants? Then you should really try the power of ants!"

Hanses was upset by Banning's remarks, he lifted his shield, ready to test out his luck.

Even though Hanses knew he was no match for Banning, he insisted on fighting as well.

Otherwise, the burning fire within his heart will burn him inside out instead.

Coll was silent, the system blur prevented others from seeing his expression, yet the others around could feel Coll's boiling magma presence.

Different from Hanses's character by nature, Coll had guilt over his heart.

Kieran saved his life before. Lawless who helped him more than once even entrusted him.

Even still, he saw Kieran head to his demise without doing anything.

Coll didn't rant about Kieran neglecting his advice.

At that moment, such blame couldn't replace Kieran's death in his mind, all he could think of was why didn't he persuade Kieran with more effort. Why would he just PM Kieran, and not go up to his door instead?

Coll was scared of the Supernova. He feared death.

Though, at that particular moment, he had one thing that he fear more than death, the gaze of the other lone wolves at him on the way there.

The gaze were like swords and knives, slicing his flesh piece by piece.


After a soft laugh, Coll took out two bundle of special explosives from his bag.

It was not the common black powdered explosives but it was liquid explosives!

The ghastly blue liquid in the explosives gave out a daunting shine to the others under the natural light of the city.

Coll strapped the explosives on himself without any hesitation and stared at Banning from afar.

He only spilled out a word after that, "Come!"

Banning didn't reply.

The face of the veterans that arrived earlier turned green. They knew the destructive force of liquid explosives. If any one of the explosives went off, it will cause a huge crater on the already leveled Wallway Street.

The veterans around started back off one after another. Those newbies and rookies that had no idea also followed tightly after being explained to. Though some of the players' gaze towards the lone wolves had changed.

Especially when many more of the lone wolves walked out from their bunch without hesitation, preparing their fighting stance against Banning, showing him their resolution.

Ramont stood up in front, wielding two swords in each hand, one was burning with fire and the other frozen with ice. The mixture of aura surrounded him fiercely.

The slim Raven also walked out slowly after, opening up a scroll in his hand and mysterious runes appeared underneath his feet.

A taller lady with a red mantle over her body floated in mid-air, and had gemstones circulating her while emanating a dazzling shine..

"Hmph! Hanses, Coll, Ramont, Raven, Blacksmith, who else? Come on all out, so that I can take care of all of you once and for all!" Banning grunted coldly.

"Are you blind or what? Of course all of us are standing here!"

The girl with only 150 cm pushed herself out of the bunch and stood parallel with Hanses and the others.

"Lemour? Are you sure you want to oppose me?" Banning asked.

"It's not that I wanted to oppose you, it's just that I really wanna punch your face so hard! 2567 is quite a decent lad! Although his ideals are quite frantic, I am looking forward to what he could achieve! Now you crushed my anticipations! So If I don't teach you a lesson, I can't calm my heart down!" The alchemist, Lemour crossed her hands and yelled at Banning loudly.

"Well, well, well!" Banning growled heavily in a depressed manner.

The bloody reverse cross was once again stabbed into his palm and it retracted the blood shine shield around him in an instant. The black veil once again spread out in the sky.

The other veterans around started to stagger back and retreat in panic.

The lone wolves though made a charge at Banning.

"Then, you people will share the same fate as 2567, death! Everyone of you!"

Banning shouted in rage against the lone wolves charging on him.

He wanted to pull out the reverse cross from his palm once more but another palm was faster than his.

The palm's finger was long but strong. It covered Banning's right palm and squeezed it.

Then, a voice sounded beside the Supernova which Banning thought was impossible to hear anymore.

"Who's dead now?"

Kieran's figure started to take form clearly beside Banning!

GrackTsk! Gak Tsk! GrakBak!

Kieran squeezed his palm tight. Banning's palm gave out noises because of the force crushing his bones and after a second, the heavily injured palm cracked in a clear sound.

Kieran crushed Banning's palm with sheer strength.

The others opened their eyes wide at the scene, whether was it the lone wolves or the other retreating veterans.

Their widen eyes were filled with unconceivable gaze.

"How is this possible!? I already"

Banning was growling loud. His words voiced out his inconceivable thoughts.

"Is that so? Oh well, I think I forgot to tell you... I am an immortal!"

Kieran said with a soft laugh.

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