The Devil's Cage Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Reverse Scar

3rd of Long Pipe Street, Banning's place.

After killing Banning, Kieran gained the address and access of his room within the big city.

The street before Kieran was a narrow, rugged and filled with rubbles and debris. The path was bumpy and rough, if one would walked above the rough path and without a leather shoe, the stinging rubbles might poke one's feet through the bottom layer.

Though even with leather boots, one would need to keep an eye out as well.

There were many puddles of black, stenchful water on the street, one would easily slip if not careful.

Kieran, tiptoed on the rubble and half broken bricks edge, gliding through the path like a bird touching the surface of a lake. Kieran moved swiftly and steadily, then arrived at a small building.

It was a double storey house but without the garden and corridor, only a single door facing out.

Though the double storey house had sunk halfway into the ground, making the whole building looked like half a storey shorter.

One would need to follow the steps downwards to enter within.

Kieran raised his head and saw a layer of cornice on the roof, it seemed like it was made out of wood with a steep arc leading down. Dark green moss was all over the cornice, even the wooden part felt like it was going to crumble at anytime soon.

Kieran has no idea how the game system distributed the players rooms but he couldn't be fond of the room before him.

A single look at the place made him feel humid and disturbed, easily sick of the look within seconds, plus the vile stench on the street made Kieran feel very unsettled.

He quickly moved on by pushing the door open and entered.

What he saw inside stunned him on the spot. The scene within the room had exceeded his wildest imaginations.

There wasn't any furniture, decorations, books or things that should be within a room. It was empty, an empty area with only that reverse cross in the middle of the floor.

Kieran didn't believed his eyes and went up to the second floor but still it shared the same scenery as the first. Empty.

Utter destitution!

It was the only term Kieran could come up when facing the scene before him.

Then, more thoughts appeared in his mind. He went over to the reverse cross and picked it up.

The bronze reverse cross with rust all over it was heavier than Kieran thought and its attributes shook Kieran's heart even though he had prepared himself for the worst.

[Name: Reverse Scar]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Strong]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Whisper of Evil Demon; 2. Blood Cerements; 3. Drain]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Using this cursed object is nothing good but it's better than being dead, right?]


[Whisper of Evil Demon: 20 minutes casting time, summon a black veil of a hundred meters in diameters. Curse of Evil will be casted on the targets within, the cursed targets will be forced to go through Constitution and Spirit authentication of A rank at least. Fail either one and the targets will suffer a Lethal attack, 1 per 3 days.]

[Blood Cerements: Acquired a defensive coat made out of the Blood of Evil. Has Strong level defense, 30 second duration, 1/day]

[Drain: You can spend an extra 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 points respectively to increase the authentication level of Whisper of Evil by +1, +2, +3. You can spend extra 30,000 Points to increase the defense level of Blood Cerements by +1. If you spend 1 Golden Skill Point or Golden Attribute Points, you can temporarily acquire a brand new Whisper of Evil or Blood Cerement effect. In the absence of Golden Skill Point, Golde Attribute Points, you can choose to lower any of your five stats by 1 rank to acquire a similar effect!]


"As expected!"

Kieran let out a long sigh when he saw the system description of [Reverse Scar].

His guess at Banning was verified finally.

The reason why Banning was so weak and poor was because of [Reverse Scar]! It was also the reason why Banning was selfish as a person, it was also because of [Reverse Scar]!

Kieran could paint the picture of how Banning acquired this cross and how he was drained by the equipment, leading him to turn into what he was.

He knew clearly Banning must have known the danger of using the cross but given the circumstances, Banning must have been forced to use it.

Regardless of the danger within the dungeon world or the confrontation with his enemies in the big city, Banning was left without much of an option.

After all, Banning lived through the end of the era of the Witch, a time where it was 10 times more dangerous than the current game period.

Though according to real world calculations, the era of the Witch was just a couple months ago but Kieran remembered how Lawless sounded serious and heavy when he mentioned that time period.

Kieran didn't joke about it, because what the Witch did in her time was worthy to be address as her era by the survivors.

While the Witch succeeded herself, sorrow brewed within the game.

The sorrow of the powerful ones being stuck with the Witch at the same era!

No matter how much effort the powerful players put in to catch up to the Witch, they could barely catch a glimpse of her back in despair.

Although there were the ten Supernovas that were labeled only second to the Witch that were admired by the common players, what about the other side of the truth?

Kieran sized up Banning's room once more. He couldn't imagine what Banning would feel like being in an empty room like the one he was in.

Would he be presumptuous or wail in despair? Or will he hug [Reverse Scar] day and night, quenching his thirst of being fulfilled?

Kieran's mind had hit a wall , he glanced [Reverse Scar] again before placing it at his belt where he could easily reach and turned around to head out.

It was unbearable staying in that room. Kieran would not want to spend another second inside.

He didn't go over to the other player killer's room after some thought because he knew that Broker would not grant him the opportunity to do so, plus his Weakened state was a problem for him.

If any battle broke out, he would be placed at a total disadvantage.

So, after moving away from Long Pipe Street, Kieran boarded the only transportation in the big city, the train.

After entering his destination as Wallway Street with the conductor, Kieran leaned back at the seat and slightly shut his eyes. His big backpack was placed beside his leg.

He was resting his mind and thinking about what words he would use to talk to Starbeck.

In the end, Kieran went with the direct way.


2567: I need your help.

Starbeck: ?

2567: Lawless had some big trouble in the real world, he would need some extra help. I can't really help him but I know you can.

Starbeck: What do you mean?

2567: If you are willing to provide help to Lawless, I can help you to go through 2 dungeon runs safely.


Two dungeon runs, it was what Kieran came up with after tons of thoughts about it.

It couldn't be too little nor too many Too little would make him looked less sincere and too many would affect his progression.

So, Kieran started off with two dungeon runs as based and he could go for three if bargained.

It was what Kieran wanted but the decision was in Starbeck's hand, since Kieran gave him the initiative to offer.

Keiran would still take it if it was a little too over.

Though, after around twenty seconds, Starbeck replied but Kieran frowned hard over the reply.

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