The Devil's Cage Chapter 454

Chapter 454: An Unyielding Attitude

Nicil was shocked and panicked.

He was looking at Kieran with more astonishment than his expression showed.

The conclusion that he came up with was toppled following Kieran's chilly entrance.

It was not a great for Nicil, but he couldn't think of anything else.

A sharp and cold killing intent that far exceeded the tip of the sword pierced into his heart.

Nicil knew that Kieran before him was not in the mood for jokes.

If Nicil remained silent, Kieran would really kill him.

Such a thought rose in his mind all of a sudden when he saw Kieran's cool, expressionless eyes.

"Schmidt is with the other trial goers in the hall, and congratulations, you've passed!"

Nicil said after a deep breath.

Then, Nicil pointed at the sword tip before him and said slowly, "I think we can have a better, more suitable way of communication!"

"Is that so? But I think our communication should be this direct. Now, tell your approaching men to back off, otherwise, I couldn't guarantee what else I might do! And take me to Schmidt!"

Kieran laughed coldly and sized up the little cottage that seemed empty. He filled the entire space with his accumulated killing intent from all the massacre that he had been through like a whistling whirlwind.


The fire in the fireplace dimmed down even further.

The cold that could cause one's soul to shiver started to spread, freezing the men that were approaching in their spots as if they were really frozen. Most of them were afraid as if they had seen some terrifying demon.

Nicil's apprentices and assistants had never really been in a real fight before and when he felt the fear in them, he sighed because of the difference in strength.

He couldn't help but say, "2567, I've said you already pass the test! There is no reason to"

"I've said it once, bring me to Schmidt right now!"

Kieran's wrist slight moved forward, [Arrogant Word]'s tip was pinpointed at Nicil's neck tightly. Lines of blood started to flow down the sword edge.

The bewitching greatsword started to emanate its glare.

The rock-like unyielding attitude made Nicil halt his words.

Nicil looked at Kieran who was wielding the greatsword yet was calm in his temperament, he felt like he was looking at another person's figure before him instead.

In the end, Nicil didn't say anything because he knew it was useless from that point onwards.

He knew Kieran wouldn't let him off if he didn't bring him to Schmidt.

"Should I say as expected of Nikorei's assistant? You share the same grumpy temper as her."

Nicil touched the crystal ball after the thought rose in his heart and sighed upsetly.


After a spring contraption was triggered, the bed inside the cottage started to descend, revealing a flight of stairs downwards.

"Follow me then!" Nicil said and he strided over.

Kieran followed him closely.

[Arrogant Word]'s blade was placed near Nicil's shoulder as its tip was aimed at his neck throughout the process as if Kieran was prepared for a fight at anytime.

Kieran knew Nicil was one of the overseers of the trials and because of that, Kieran decided to approach the matter aggressively.

He wanted the Sanctuary to be afraid of him, not treat him in an unscrupulous way.

This time they had Schmidt as one of the trial criterias, but what about the next time?

Kieran had thoughts about the intentions of the Sanctuary. It was nothing more than having him to choose between mission or friend and from there onwards, extending towards aspects about life, comrades and sorts.

Every aspect of the trial could be considered as the beauty of life.

Every aspect of the trial could be admired by others.

However, it didn't mean Kieran was willing to allow such beauty to be built on his painful decisions, despite him also acknowledging the beauty and admiration of life.

Truth be told, if Kieran didn't figure out the trial situation before him, Kieran would not just threaten Nicil when he saw him but would kill him directly, without any mercy.

Therefore, the killing intent that Nicil felt was genuine and from the moment they met, the killing intent hadn't went away.

Nicil knew the best since [Arrogant Word] was still placed on his shoulder and aimed at his neck.

"Not just having the same grumpy temper as Nikorei, even his way of carrying out things are similar to Tiki?"

Nicil was a little regretful of his decision to participate in the trials.

It supposed to be a normal trial test, why had he wanted to join the merry party when he heard Nikorei's assistant was coming for the trials?

Shouldn't he be in his room, planning the new trials for the possible trial-goers that might become the next Holy Knight?

"This shouldn't be the case!" Nicil walked faster as his mind was vexed.

He anxiously wanted to shake off Kieran behind him!


Meanwhile in a bigger stone room, a few people was gathered around the table, one of them laughed out loud when he saw the scene with Kieran.

The laugh was delightful and carefree, the volume of the laughs and the lack of intention to stop proved as much.


Boller who was standing beside the laughing man had to remind him of the situation in the room as he saw the others that shared the table started to look ugly.

"Well done, Boller! You finally found a suitable candidate to participate in the trials! This is wonderful! Did you see Nicil's expression? It's very amusing!"

The laughing belonged to a buff elder who bared his top even in such harsh temperature, revealing a body of scars.

The elderly man was really delighted by Kieran's arrival. The trembling pebbles on the stone table were proof and the others who shared the same table had their faces turned even uglier.

"Smulder! This is the council hall of the Sanctuary! Now, someone showed contempt of its holiness and I suggest we disqualify him!"

A bald elderly man with a long white beard down to his chest grunted out loud.

"What are you saying? Can you speak up? I really can't hear what you are saying! Useless Simon!" The bare top Smulder raised his pinky finger on his right hand and dug into his ear before leaning his gaze towards the bald elder.


Simon, the bald elder was insulted by the manner of address He stood up abruptly and scowled at Smulder with an enraged face.

"I thought you are going to hit me or something! What useless trash you are Simon!"

Smulder flung visible earwax at Simon's face with his pinky finger.


An explosion went off, similar to a ton of explosives being ignited together. Simon who was struck with the earwax was sent flying backwards like he was being hit by a trailer. Simon didn't just get blasted backwards, he was embedded on the hard wall that he crashed into.


The remaining two people in the room spoke up.

One was a middle aged man that looked like a dwarf and his long beard was touching the ground. The other one was a woman, her delicate features helped her hide her true age.

As Smulder's name was called out, both of them stood up left and right before Smulder, blocking him from pressing the attack against Simon.

"Maya, Ohara? You both have sided with that useless trash Simon now?" Smulder raised a brow.

"No, it's just that we"

"I don't care what the hell you both are here for, I will only say this once! I am the one hosting this new round of trials, it is my responsibility and I will be the judge whether the candidates are qualified or not!"

"Anyone, ANYONE who dares to interfere with me or dares to lay as much as a finger on these candidates, I will skin him, OR her alive, tearing their bones apart!"

Smulder interrupted Maya with his loud and stern voice, stating his stand in this trial.

As Smulder was scolding, his eyes were staring at a single spot, where Simon was embedded.

Then, Smulder turned around and went off without giving the others any chance to explain.

Boller gave a bitter smile at his teacher's back and apologized to Maya and Ohara, the other two Sanctuary Archdeacons before he went after his teacher.

As for Simon, Boller didn't even bother to spare a glance at him.

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