The Devil's Cage Chapter 455

Chapter 455: Second Trial

As for what happened within the Sanctuary Council, none of the trial-goers on the island knew.

In fact, when the trial-goers saw Nicil come by the underground hall with a giant two-handed greatsword on his neck, all of them caused an uproar.

They were either stunned at the scene or filled with confusion but every one of them were looking at the person behind Nicil.


All the trial-goers gazes were curious about the person who seized Nicil and brought him into the hall except for Schmidt.

The dear police chief officer stood up from the corner and waved at Kieran casually.

"Yo, mate! Here!"

Instantly, all the gazes in the hall were placed on Schmidt instead.

When Schmidt felt the sharp gazes that were poking him like a thousand needles, he shrugged it off, hiding his unsettling feelings and walked to Kieran. Kieran kept away his greatsword and went to Schmidt as well.

"It's been a while! It's almost 5 months since I last saw you! You really don't leave traces or news around do you! Believe me, if you to returned to West Coast now, Elli would teach you a good lesson! She's been looking for you since the moment you disappeared!"

Both of them hugged it out in a manly way.

Schmidt then tapped strongly at Kieran's back while they hugged and Kieran returned the favor.

Right away, Schmidt spilled out the petty threats from Elli that were waiting for Kieran back in West Coast with his clenched teeth.

"Is that so? Seems like I'll have to delay my return to West Coast a little longer then."

Kieran was not concerned about the matter though.

It was not that Kieran wasn't concerned about Elli but the point that concerned him was different. Though, Kieran tended to be more vigilant whenever he should reply to Elli.

"Whatever, that's your choice." Schmidt shrugged his shoulders.

As a single middle-aged man, Schmidt had no right nor the qualifications to advice Kieran with constructive feedbacks or proper guidance, thus the chief officer decided to shut his mouth.

Kieran and Schmidt then went over to the corner but the other trial-goers didn't let their gaze rest, instead, when Kieran walked in with that intimidating manner, most of the gazes were placed on Schmidt, a person that they thought there was nothing worth mentioning about.

No doubt, it gave Schmidt some pretty big pressure.

Since Kieran was in front of him, he clearly felt the pressure that Schmidt was feeling which was causing a burden to his condition.

Kieran then turned around and glanced over the other trial-goers.

The rampant, merciless gaze together with the faint sulphuric sense came like a strong wind, assaulting the others.


All the other trial-goers' hair moved by themselves, some of the weaker ones even took steps back. A terrifying expression appeared all over their faces.

If some of them were still doubting how Kieran could be so bold and dauntless when he seized Nicil and brought him to the hall with his greatsword, Kieran replied them with actual actions, showing them what they witnessed was just the tip of the iceberg.

Kieran was opposing the rest of the trial-goers alone, and more importantly, he didn't even make a move, all he used was his gaze, his aura, and it froze all of them, striking fear in their hearts.

The devilish aura turned into a frightening pressure, suppressing everyone within the hall and filled every inch of the place as if a mountain was crashing down on them.

Kieran's gaze slowly went over each of the trial-goers' face, most of them turned their heads and avoided the sharp gaze. Even the three among them who looked Kieran in the eyes was wobbling and about to a fall.

Though, it was no longer important to Kieran how they reacted.

He believed after displaying his terrifying aura, if the trial-goers were not idiots, they should know what kind of attitude they should use in treating him and Schmidt.

The key factor of his decision was still Schmidt.

Since he was just a common police chief officer that was merely stronger than the commons, Kieran was worried whether Schmidt could return to the West Coast in one piece if he didn't place any insurance on him.

Kieran already had the intention when he seized the Sanctuary overseer in the hall with his sword. Since he was presenting himself as a tough guy, might as well go all the way with his act.

The other trial-goers finally let out a breath of relief when Kieran put away his fearful gaze, and the mountain-like pressure lifted away from them. Subconsciously, they started to avoid that corner, showing that they were afraid of him.

However, when Nicil saw the scene, he was sure that Kieran was definitely the assistant taught by Nikorei herself and might even be her disciple!

Among the teachings he received, it would be natural that Tiki was involved as well and only then a person like Kieran would appear.

While his heart was thinking as such, Nicil gave out a slight cough for attention.

All the eyes in the hall were attracted to Nicil promptly.

"Ahem...I am Nicil, one of the deacons of the Sanctuary. I hereby congratulate everyone who passed the initial trial and now we shall enter the next one! Before that, does anyone have any questions? If so, please voice them now!" Nicil asked.

"Sir Nicil, how many trials are there?" A big strong guy asked directly.

He was the one that didn't move his gaze when Kieran glanced at him.

"Three," Nicil answered.

"So, how many people can pass the trials?" Another man from the three people asked.

Different from the big buff guy, he was tall and his physique was average, but the weapon that he wrapped in a black cloth was concerning.

Even if the weapon didn't reveal itself, everyone around could feel the sharp temperament within.

"At most three, at least well, none I guess!" Nicil answered without hiding anything.

His eyes then glanced at the trial-goers that went silent after his answer.

"Any other questions?"

After a few second pause, Nicil continued.

"If not, then I shall announce the contents of the second trial!"

"Over the next three days, you people will need to find a scroll on this island that is exactly the same as this in my hand."

Then, Nicil took out a goat-skinned scroll that was not longer than 20 cm, enough for one grown man to hold within his palm.

Nicil then passed it down for the trial-goers to read. The scroll swiftly arrived at Kieran.

Kieran examined the scroll carefully. There were no visible words on the scroll, whether was it the common language or mystical writings. When Kieran tried to open the scroll, he noticed that the scroll was sealed tight, other than breaking the scroll itself, it couldn't be opened at all.

While that was going on, Nicil didn't stop giving the instructions.

"There are three scrolls in total. Regardless of your methods, anyone who gets either one of the three would be considered qualified for the next and final trial. During the night of the third day, those who couldn't get the scroll or are immobilized, including losing your life will be considered to have failed the trial!"

"Am I clear enough? Does anyone wants to quit now?"

Nicil asked with a smiling face.

None of the trial-goers spoke a word. It seemed like everyone was resolute of their decisions.

"Very well, let us begin now!"

Nicil announced that the second trial had officially started with his delightful nod.

When Nicil's voice subside, a couple figures started to move out in a hurry.

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