The Devil's Cage Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Affected

A beast knew how to retreat from a powerful opponent but not humans.

Greed mixed with glimmers of hope made them want to take the risk.

When the trial-goers saw Kieran walk to the transparent box, some of the them couldn't stand it anymore.

Kieran might be exhausted after dealing with that monster from before, now he was just pretending to be strong but actually withered inside. Such a thought started to spread around the trial-goers which caused them to strike.

Each of them charged at Kieran like an arrow released from a fully taut bow.

Kieran noticed the commotion and raised his head to the charging crowd. He glanced at them with a cold gaze.


The loud yell sounded like rumbling thunder.

Within the eyes of the charging trial-goers, the snow beast from before suddenly reappeared again, in a much more violent, frenzied form, charging rampantly at them.

Instantly, they wanted to turned around and run but their legs felt like they were being cemented to the ground. They couldn't even move a muscle!

Other than that, the snowy ground started to melt gradually, turning into a swamp to drag them down.

A snow beast at their back and a swamp swallowing their legs. Fear and despair filled their body, until it consumed them wholly.

Ugh! Ugh!

Each of the affected trial-goers were throwing up mouthfuls of blood one after the other.

Under [Deadman's Gaze]'s [Fear Illusion] and Kieran's SSS+ Spirit level, all of the trial-goers that charged at Kieran was affected, none of them could escape.

One after another, they fell to the snowy ground, absent of any signs of life.

Kieran glanced over the floor of dead bodies and after confirming there were no spoils of war, he turned his attention to the remaining trial-goers who were hesitant.

The remaining ones were instantly shocked. They backed off with an unusual unity, no one dared to look Kieran in the eyes, Orgeton, Fenix and Black Hound included.

Maybe it was their pride and their guts to look Kieran in the eyes before drove them in opposing Kieran but after Kieran showed such terrifying power, their persistence was long gone.

A mere yell from him and a dozen trial-goers lost their lives.

That was something the three of them couldn't compete with. All three of them fell too far behind Kieran.

When such thoughts appeared, they chose to retreat. The same went for the others.

Still, there were some who were not willing to leave empty handed.

Jealousy struck their frenzied heart, causing their faces to twist in an ugly manner but they felt their lives were at stake. It prevented them from making any moves.

"Huh?" Kieran frowned lightly.

He still could understand if any of the trial-goers led the snow beast to his cottage however, when the jealousy rose in their hearts, it alarmed him more than the beast.

"So, they didn't chose Final Island without a reason!" Kieran thought to himself.

Before arriving at the island, Kieran's mind did ponder a question like, "why they would choose Final Island?".

He never accepted the reasons such as "Final Island was closer to the Sanctuary base" or something like that.

However, when they trial-goers before him acted unusually, it made him realize a hint of the answer.

"There is something here that can affect the people's heart like the [Touch of Cardinal Sins]?

As the thought lingered in his mind, Kieran picked up the transparent box and went back into the cottage.

When Kieran came back in, Schmidt finally let out a long breath of relief after observing the situation through the seams.

"I was really worried those fellas would really group up on you!"

Schmidt closed the wooden door after feeling the chilly wind and some grudgeful gazes from the trial-goers. He couldn't help but shiver. Then, he gave out a puzzled expression.

"Even if the others weren't chosen by Boller to participate in the trials, how would the Sanctuary, as described by Boller, allow these bunch to participate in the trials?"

"Because they are also part of the trials?"

"Part of the trials?" Schmidt looked at Kieran in astonishment.

"There is something wrong with Final Island. This place has some power or things that we don't know of and are affecting us without our knowledge. It will bring out some hidden emotions, manners or the deepest things inside us to the light!" Kieran spilled the speculations slowly.

"Shhhht! Then those fellas back there?" Schmidt gasped and pointed at the door.

"Should be affected as well, and based on my speculations, the affected ones will not pass the trial even if they had gotten the scroll!"

"No wonder they kept giving us so much optionsThe real trap is hidden right under our noses. What loose requirements, what only need one of the four courage, justice, wisdom and empathy, if we don't have a steady mind and unyielding will, nothing would matter!"

Kieran touched his chin and pondered the words that Azinder gave him.

Obviously, that overseer didn't lie to him. It was just that he didn't finish the sentence properly and Kieran had reasons to believe the other trial-goers had encountered similar situations as well.

"I think those Sanctuary fellas are not just your ordinary despicable bad guys eh! We have to be more careful from here onwards!" Schmidt commented.

"Um. At least we can slightly relax in this trial." Kieran pointed at the transparent box.

Although the box had a lock on it, Kieran had reached the Musou level of [Lockpicking]. It was too easy for him to open the box.

With [Deceiver's Key]'s aid, Kieran easily picked off the lock on the box but the contents were less than amusing.

The scrolls within were no different than the sample in Nicil's hands. Without destroying the scroll, it couldn't be opened.

Kieran squinted his eyes at the scrolls, he wasn't quite buying that the Sanctuary would arrange two useless scrolls as the trial requirements.

In other words, there must be something fishy about the scrolls, just that he hadn't found it.

However, after double checking the scrolls and still not being able to find anything, Kieran simply put the scroll aside.

No doubt the secrets on the scrolls were hidden well, it wasn't practical for him to break cipher it in such a short period. Rather than wasting time on the scrolls, might as well spend his effort on something useful.

Practicing [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]!

The night before, Kieran's habitual practices of the art gave him a sudden realization. He seemed to be able to enter the practice state easily now and the state would last long, so was the effect.

Although it wasn't as effective as the time where the skill was leveled up, which he saved up to almost 10,000 Points in one night.

During the process, Kieran was already suspecting something unusual about the island. Of course the outcome was more than expected but it didn't stop him from practicing.

He planned to spend the rest of the trial period practicing the art.


The Knight's Hall back at the Sanctuary base.

Smulder was listening to Boller's report patiently.

"The snow bastard was dealt with so easily?" Smulder asked his student in astonishment.

"Yes, teacher! It was even easier than we imagined. The exponential rate of growth of 2567 has far exceeded our wildest imaginations!" Boller gave a bitter smile.

"Is that so? Then"

Smulder revealed an interesting smile, then he gave orders to Boller in a soft tone.

Right after the whisper, Boller's face turned in shock.

"Teacher, is this?" Boller wanted to speak his mind subconsciously but just as the words escaped his mouth, Smulder had disappeared before his eyes.

Smulder's actions answered Boller's questions.

"2567, you better hope for the best this time around!"

Boller gave out an even bitter smile, mumbling to himself.

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