The Devil's Cage Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Cyclops

The battle intentions were fierce as Kieran and Smulder gazes locked onto each other.

When their eyes met, sparks flew out from thin air but a moment later, both of them turned their gaze at a single direction.

The fleet of battleships on the sea, or more precisely the box as big as a house on that particular battleship.

General Barry was nowhere to be found but the box had already been opened up.

A cloud of dense black mist came out from the box. It shrouded the whole battleship within a breath's time and was going after the other ships as well, as if the mist was devouring the ships.

Kieran could even hear chewing noises from the mist like chewing with sharp teeth.

When he noticed a figure was faintly appearing from the black mist, he squinted his eyes.

A reddish, wobbling figure started to rapidly take shape within the black mist. It formed a visible head, chest, arms and a bloated stomach. Below its bloated stomach were tons of tentacles and veins extending downwards. The tentacles were latching onto a couple more battleships around it, forming a disgusting, vicious lower body, similar to a distorted octopus.


Its sonorous roar sucked in all the black mist around with one breath and it revealed its face.

It was a bald figure with a big bloodshot eye in the middle, it had a big mouth with sharp teeth. Together with its two robust arms, it was the center of attention on the battlefield.

Its lower body which consisted of multiple battleships was looking more haunting than anything else.

However, Kieran and Smulder both had their attention on the only eye of that monster.

"A cyclops giant?" Devil Kieran muttered in his heart.

Although its lower body was attached to multiple battleships, its upper body was identical to the cyclops giant that Kieran knew of. Yet according to the records, all the cyclops giants should have perished during the Blood Moon war a couple hundred years ago.

"They really live up to the name of the faction that ruled over the other side eh. They even found the remaining monster species like this! Besides"

Kieran recalled how the cyclops giant took shape. He took in a deep breath uncontrollably.

Obviously the monster before him had went through alchemic modifications. The monster didn't only possess the abilities of a cyclops giant, it even had some other powers that Kieran didn't know of, which skyrocketed its danger level.

Still, it didn't change Kieran's plan: be ahead of Smulder to eliminate the Sanctuary invaders.

Therefore moments later, Kieran retracted his blazing wings and dived towards the cyclops giant like a kamikaze plane.

Smulder has no clue of Kieran's plan but his pride and his armor wouldn't allow him to present his enemies to others.

The moment Kieran made his move, so did Smulder.

Sanctuary Force's light was dazzling brightly on its shining armor, Smulder leapt up in the air and moved through space with an extremely unique pattern. It was similar to a bolt of lightning and it charged towards the cyclops giant as well.


The mutated cyclops giant roared loudly at the charging Kieran and Smulder, it felt like its dignity was being challenged. Following the loud roar, the scarlet red eye on its forehead started to shine.

The wicked, rotten aura around the monster formed tornadoes, wreaking havoc on the surface of the sea. The seawater was drawn up promptly when the tornado landed, as if a water dragon emerged from the depths of the ocean and gathered in both of the cyclops giant's hands. It formed two giant water balls over a hundred meters in diameter.

Fooosh! Fooosh!

Following two heavy whistles, the two water balls were fired at Kieran and Smulder respectively.

Kieran extended his blazing wings amidst his hard dive and easily dodged the huge water ball.

Smulder had a different approach though. More precisely, Smulder did dodged the bland water ball attack easily like Kieran since it was really nothing special other than being big but just as he thought he successfully dodged the attack, the water ball that grazed him suddenly exploded.

The water ball burst out and caught Smulder like a net, drowning him in the process.

At the same time, twenty iron cannons on the battleships that formed the mutated cyclops giant's lower body were shining in red at their cannon mouth before blasting out red energy beams at the drowned Smulder.


The red beams overpowered the white force. It didn't just replace the colour, the white energy was being devoured.

Sanctuary Force's white light was being devoured by the wicked red beams!

"Specifically targeted at Smulder?"

Kieran who was still flying saw the scene clearly but he wasn't all surprised.

The simple reason was, if General Barry's forces were confident enough to launch an attack at Sanctuary, they must have some countermeasures to specifically target the higher ranks of the Sanctuary, otherwise regardless of how much calculations and plannings, it would be useless against them.

A couple of high rank individuals with destructive powers were enough to turn the tides around.

At the same time, since Smulder had decided to go with his plans, he must be prepared as well.

Although Kieran had no idea what Smulder had under his sleeves, he knew the opportunity before him was hard to come by.


His blazing wings flapped hard and strong, it whipped up a scorching strong wind as he paused his mid-air dive.

Then, lines and lines of mystical symbols and runes shone on his blazing wings.

The scorching strong wind turned into a violent one, forming a powerful cyclone.

The blazing light brightened the night sky once again.

[Flame Blast II]!


A fiery blastwave was fired downwards at the mutated cyclops giant in a mighty manner, similar to the punishment of thunder from the ninth heaven.

A red energy beam was also fired upwards from the eye of the mutated cyclops giant. It was fired directly towards the fiery blastwave.

The fiery blastwave versus the red energy beam.

The scorching fire versus the decay energy.

When both of the formidable energy beams clashed, a huge explosion occurred, causing deafening blast throughout the sky.


The blazing flames danced brightly in mid-air and the red beam scattered into more beams.

The flames were burning the decay beam and the beam was devouring the flames, yet in the end, the burning flames emerged victorious as it started to suppress the red beam.


The mutated cyclops giant roared in dissatisfaction.

The water tornadoes appeared once more and gathered around its already raised hand.

Though before it could fire out the huge water ball again, Kieran disappeared from its sight.

The mutated cyclops giant was still wondering what happened with its limited intellect and the next thing it felt was severe pain at its chin.

Kieran suddenly reappeared before the monster and launched a full-fledged kick.

That head with the size of a house leaned backwards with a jerking manner from the sudden impact.

Crack Ba, Crack Ba!

Countless of its sharp teeth was shattered upon impact from the kick. More importantly, the mutated cyclops giant's neck and its spine were cracking loudly without pause.

An agonizing roar sounded, its huge palm was swung at Kieran, trying to grab him but regardless of how terrifying its strength might be, its speed was too slow for Kieran. Before the huge palm could even get near, Kieran flapped his wings and moved himself to the other side of the monster, giving it another powerful kick.

Back in the illusory realm during the devil bloodline rampage, despite Kieran almost being converted to a puppet of flesh and blood, he had experienced the techniques and mastered the body of the devil and its fighting capabilities.

Still, the key point was the speed and power displayed in his devil form.

His kicking speed had exceeded how fast human eyes could see, his kicking strength was self-explanatory as the lower body of the mutated cyclops giant was almost lifted away from the barrage of kicks.

One needed to know its lower body consisted of a multiple battleships latched together. Although the mutated cyclops giant had strengthened the ships together with its sticky veins, causing its weight to increase tremendously, after receiving the barrage of kicks, it was shaken at its base.

It was enough to prove how powerful Kieran was in his enhanced devil form, at least Smulder was willing to admit he couldn't pull off such a feat.

Smulder laid eyes on such a scene when he freed himself from the red beams.

Promptly, a layer of solemnity was added to his gaze but he would not back off. Quite the opposite, his battle intent was overflowing.

He flew out with an exploding speed faster than before and reached in front of Kieran and the mutated cyclops giant who was being beaten up by Kieran within a breath's time.

Though, at that moment, an unusual change suddenly occurred.

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A serious boss fight!

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