The Devil's Cage Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Intervene

Schmidt was stunned for a while before becoming quiet when he saw Kieran come in with a smile.

Their tacit relationship was enough to let Schmidt believed that Kieran had quite a reasonable explanation for his behavior.

Nicil was different though. He frowned and sized up Kieran with a suspicious gaze.

"What do you intend to do?" Nicil asked.

"Of course, to agree to your suggestion! I also think that Schmidt needs some self-defense capabilities of his own!" Kieran said with his ever warm smile.

Nicil's brows were almost stuck together when Kieran said that because of the contrast between Kieran's previous attitude towards the suggestion and now.

Did Kieran not see clearly the hidden intentions in his suggestion?

Yet the thought was discarded by Nicil the moment it came up. Even if Kieran didn't see it clearly, he must have heard what Schmidt said before and given such circumstances

Suddenly, Nicil thought of the other only possibility.

"Do you think that you can really step into the higher rankings of the Sanctuary just because some of us mistook you as the reincarnation of Holy Knight Hugh?" Nicil shouted a question.

His manner was filled with vigilance when he said that and Kieran couldn't help but smirk when he saw how Nicil reacted.

"Are you saying that I can't?" Kieran replied with his question in a ridiculing tone.

"I am telling you that it is impossible! The high council of the Sanctuary will not be made fools by you!" Nicil almost exploded with his words.

Nicil had quite the relationship with Sanctuary for all his life. Otherwise, he wouldn't have joined in as a deacon himself. Therefore, he was blinded by his anxiety and he couldn't notice the teasing and ridiculous joking manner from Kieran's tone.

On the contrary, his actions symbolized his rejection of Kieran's suggestion.

Nicil stepped up to Kieran's face, staring at him without a blink. His aged face was putting a heavy manner that had never been seen.

"I will not let you succeed!" Nicil said with a decisive and loud voice.

"Then why are you here, trying to rope in Schmidt to your side?" Kieran replied with another question.

"Because because"

Nicil's stern manner was forced to a halt. He opened his mouth, trying to explain but realized that he didn't have any plausible explanation to give.

After all, he agreed to the decision during the council meeting to rope in Schmidt and use him as a bridge to buffer the relationship between Kieran and the Sanctuary.

It was just that he never thought that Kieran would take this opportunity to enter the higher ranks within the Sanctuary.


He couldn't stop it with what he currently had. He already could imagine the number of people who would cheer for Kieran to join the Sanctuary as a reincarnated Holy Knight Hugh.

It would be a completely different story if the Sanctuary had two Holy Knight under one roof instead of just a single one, especially in the current desperate situation.

Nicil froze for at least four to five seconds. He couldn't even utter a word from his mouth.

Then, he sat back down beside the fireplace, looking dejected and sighing a heavy breath. An inexplicable disappointment was all over his face.

However, Kieran looked at Nicil with an interesting gaze and so did Schmidt.

The moment Kieran replied with the question, Schmidt knew that Kieran wasn't really going to enter the high ranks of the Sanctuary. However, he was curious as to why Kieran agreed for him to learn the secret techniques from Sanctuary.

Did something unexpected happen?

Schmidt tried to ask Kieran questions with his eyes.

"I think that you should have better self-defense capabilities!" Kieran said seriously.

Schmidt was destined to always place himself in danger because of his job and most of the time, firearms and some petty mystical tricks were enough. However, it was different this time around.

[Triggered special event: Full scale war!]

[Based on player's previous special event's influence, the player is automatically placed in the extra faction!]

[The West Coast government and Sanctuary's war isn't over yet. After the assault last time, a full-scale war is inevitable. While being involved in the matter, you've become the target of hostility from the West Coast government and the hospitality of the Sanctuary because of your previous actions. In the upcoming war, your actions towards both sides and its effects will be your final rating at the end of the dungeon!]

[Note: Actions include but aren't limited to destroying. The bigger your actions influence, the higher your rating will be!]


The special event came to Kieran after he heard Schmidt and Nicil speak.

While he was surprised at the hidden strength of the West Coast government, it was natural for Kieran to adjust his plans accordingly.

One of the important things that he had to take care of was the people around him.

Kieran never hoped that his actions would bring trouble to the people around him and among those he could call friends, Schmidt was the weakest.

Kieran could already paint the picture with Schmidt's current measures of self-defense. If he was targeted by the West Coast government, he would get crushed to pieces.

Especially since his identity and position with the force were public, it was too easy for the government to slaughter him alive.

Even if Kieran was beside him 24/7, the government only needed an official retreat order and it would lead him together with Schmidt into a fatal trap.

Kieran knew what Schmidt's character was so he wouldn't allow such things to happen.

Coincidentally, the Sanctuary had extended their "olive branch of peace" in such a timely manner. Kieran wouldn't reject it by any means.

It would be a win-win situation for Kieran to have Schmidt learn the secret techniques in Sanctuary while he went off to settle [Special event: Full scale war].

However, some things weren't appropriate to speak aloud directly. Kieran gave the speech that he had prepared early one when Schmidt was giving him a look.

"You are the special operations team captain. You've always come in contact with things and people that commoners couldn't. Given such circumstances and the chance to get stronger, what reasons do you have to reject it? Don't forget that your special operations team is not you alone. You have partners, subordinates, and others as well. You need to think of them as well!" Kieran knew how to persuade Schmidt.

"But, you"

The persuasion was quite effective obviously. Schmidt looked like he was moved but still, he was a little hesitant.

"You are afraid that the Sanctuary will use you to force me against my will? Don't worry! The things you worry about will never happen as long as I"

Kieran purposely paused and hid his last words. His eyes turned to Nicil who had just reacted.

"After all, we aren't enemies, right? Dear Sanctuary Deacon Nicil" Kieran emphasized each and every word before Nicil.

Blackmail! Nicil understood the meaning behind Kieran's words.

If they weren't enemies, they would have nothing to worry about. But what if they were?

In that case, Kieran would not show any mercy.

Nicil gave a bitter smile but his reply was not slow by any means.

"Of course!" Nicil replied.

After hearing Nicil's reply, Kieran's eyes turned back to Schmidt.

The chief officer hesitated for one or two seconds before nodding in agreement.

"I'll make the arrangements quickly!" Nicil then wanted to head out.

Nicil felt like he was on a roller-coaster ride when he spoke to Kieran. He wished to not continue this conversation for a moment longer.

According to the normal age, Nicil was already an elderly person but according to the mystical way of counting age, he was still young and at most at his early prime.

He had no intentions to die an early death!

Nicil had decided to cut off contact with Kieran as much as possible in the future to ensure his own safety.

The threats in Kieran's blackmailing words caused Nicil to suffer a shock in his heart. He knew that Kieran would be able to do what he said.

Nicil walked out fast. Deep down in his heart, he was starting to find some replacement for himself in liaising with Kieran in the future. Yet no matter how fast his steps were, Kieran's words were one step ahead.

"Hold on!" Kieran said.

"Anything else that you require of me?"

Nicil turned around with a bitter face.

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