The Devil's Cage Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Secret of the Death Shackles

At the docks of Final Island.

Schmidt and Nicil were there to send off Kieran and Ohara.

Though, there was an awkward feeling between the four of them.

Kieran was talking with Schmidt to the side, Ohara was focused on Kieran, not letting him out of her sight, even showing a slight smile on her face all the time.

Even if Nicil didn't ask, he was sure that Ohara only had Kieran in her eyes at that moment.

Schmidt beside him was completely ignored, which also included Nicil as well.

In fact, from the moment they transported themselves over from the Sanctuary Island to the docks, Ohara didn't even speak to Nicil at all, not even some friendly chit-chat.

Ohara's focus was all on Kieran.

If Nicil wasn't sure before, he was after seeing Ohara's reaction. He was showing an odd face throughout the journey to the docks.

Since Nicil was already at the age of a common elderly folk, he had much more experience than one could imagine, therefore he could clearly tell that what Ohara was going through right now.

"She's in love? No, that's not right! Her fire has been reignited because 2567 has been recognized as Hugh's reincarnation? Doesn't sounds right as well, the description is kind of"

Nicil didn't realize he was stirring his mind into a hot mess, he had to switch his focus to quickly regain his senses over the puzzled thoughts.

"With Ohara's aid, the matter with the West Coast government would be resolved smoothly. Even if there are any accidents in the process, we have 2567 on our side! I think the West Coast Government is having a headache against reincarnated Hugh right? Sigh, everyone was thinking highly of Ohara and Hugh before this Eh? Wait, why am I thinking about this again?"

Nicil smacked his forehead when his thoughts drove him back around the matters regarding Sanctuary, might as well not to think about it at all.

Kieran and Schmidt, on the other hand, kept talking to each other.

"Are you sure you are not that Holy Knight's reincarnation?" Schmidt asked.

"Of course I am not!" Kieran couldn't hold his bitter laugh when he saw his friend's serious expression.

It has been just hours since they last met and even Schmidt who he knew from top to bottom started to become dubious of him. Kieran could already imagine what would the others be like.

"That damn Phandle!" Kieran cursed in his heart.

"Fine. I never experienced all of this before but don't forget Elli back there"

Schmidt stared at Kieran for a few seconds before sighing. He reminded Kieran as a friend.

Soon after he opened his mouth, he couldn't help but shrug.

"Nevermind, you have your own thoughts, I can't really be of a help. All the best my friend!"

Schmidt then waved his hand at Kieran, saying goodbye.

"Um!" Kieran nodded and bid farewell to Nicil as well, then he went off to the ship that was waiting for him at the docks.

The captain of the ship was someone he knew, Azinder, the first overseer that sent him to Final Island.

A piece of plank that acted as the stairs were placed in between the dock and the ship.

Kieran and Ohara went onboard together.

"Sir Holy Knight, Madam Archdeacon!"

The knights-in-reserve and Azinder saluted with their renowned knight's salutation.

When Kieran heard the greetings and salutation to him, he subconsciously paused his footsteps, even though he returned to normal in a flash, Azinder caught a glimpse of it.

Azinder was puzzled standing on the deck, looking at Kieran.

"Hugh's memory hasn't recovered completely, he is still in a perplexed state."

Ohara beside explained, sounding very understanding of others.

Then, the sudden realization hit Azinder.

Kieran, on the other hand, a small twitch at the corner of his mouth.

"Hey, what in the hell, what's with the tone acting like a big sister apologizing for her naughty little brother here? And what's with all these dispatched knights-in-reserve and Azinder? You don't even doubt me for a single bit and accepted that I am the reincarnation of the Holy Knight? What joke are you playing on me?" Kieran thought.


Kieran took a couple deep breaths, trying to suppress his sudden surge of emotions.

After that, Kieran turned around and waved to Schmidt and Nicil again on the deck.


The ship's horn sounded. Azinder steered the ship around and quickly departed from Final Island. Kieran kept his sight on the figures of Schmidt and Nicil as he departed until both figured shrunk beyond his sight, he turned his eyes towards a certain direction on Final Island.

That direction was the core of the blizzard during the night on Final Island, the spot where he couldn't reach even after he leveled up [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] to Musou level.

To be honest, even after leveling the skill, Kieran never thought he would be able to enter the core directly but it was possible for him to close the distance a little more.

It was what Kieran had in mind at the time of training but in reality, he still couldn't move closer by more than an inch.

Even if [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] had reached Musou, one more step beyond and the damage on him would have exceeded the threshold of [Saint Thorns II].

As for [Secondary Elemental Damage Resist], it was rendered useless long before he reached that spot.

On top of that, [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]'s training had entered a difficult position. Back at the spot he was at, the surge and rumble of energy inside his body had already subsided long ago. If he took another step forward, the energy would faintly reappear but his body couldn't withstand the blizzard's damage.

He would have died within ten breaths and no doubt he couldn't even finish one round of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] practice in ten breaths. It was because of this that Kieran had to temporarily suspend training on Final Island, at least it wouldn't cross his mind before he increased his Constitution, HP or [Saint Thorns II].

Despite the harsh condition, it didn't affect his resolution in training on Final Island, because against the leveling cost from Musou to Transcendence, [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] required a hefty 300K Points and 30 Golden Skill Points! It was hard for him to even imagine how long he would need to save up if he solely relied on dungeon rating rewards.

Point requirements aside, Golden Skill Points were the main question with tons of problems.

Even with his VV high dungeon rating, he would need to at least save up for another 5 dungeon runs to reach the requirements.

Among the 5 required dungeon runs, his strengths and abilities would surely be greatly clamped down because of he had to save up Golden Skill Points for that one skill.

Severe consequences would also follow, which was the advantages he had since the beginning of the game would be depleted throughout those possible 5 dungeon runs.

So, when a shortcut like Final Island was placed before him, it was hard for him not to be moved. Naturally, with Kieran's attitude, he would have come up with a proper plan for training, yet it didn't stop his curiosity towards the island itself.

"What will that place hold?"

Kieran gripped the handlebar on the ship, staring directly at that spot as his heart was being filled with guesses.

Footsteps then sounded in his ears. Although Ohara tried her best to slow her steps and be as quiet as possible, it was still exposed thoroughly under Kieran's A+ Intuition; Kieran didn't really care about her.

He tried to be as cold as possible, it was the only way that he could think of at the moment to deal with her.

Ohara stopped beside Kieran, she followed Kieran's gaze back to Final island.

Memories started to emerge from her eyes and felicitation filled her words that escaped her mouth.

"I never would have thought I am still able to stare at Final Island with you like this Your persistence for that place never changes at all!"

Kieran was not moved at all.

Hugh the Holy Knight trained before in Final Island was not a secret to Kieran, since he trained on Final Island as well, he would have noticed the unusual phenomenon on the island as well, because of that curiosity, a lot of people had their minds all over the island, included that Holy Knight as well.

Soon enough, Kieran received surprising information regarding the island.

"You've always thought that that place held the secret to break through the shackles of death."

The secrets of the shackles of death?

Kieran turned his eyes over to Ohara instantly, his interest was peaked by the words. He hoped she would reveal more, but Ohara slightly blushed over Kieran's gaze, she raised her hand and did a clench of a fist, trying to say "fighting" and cheered over Kieran.

"Although everyone sees differently, I believed in you! Since you couldn't solve this secret the past life, you will do this in this life instead! And I will be here to help you"

Kieran was dumbstruck by the gesture and when he saw Ohara was deviating further and further of the topic without revealing any information about the shackles of death, Kieran took in a deep breath and tried to suppress the sudden emotion surge back into his heart again.

"Let's discuss the matters about the West Coast Government."

Kieran interrupted Ohara and said coldly before heading into the cabin.

"Ve...Very well!"

Ohara wasn't upset at all when she was interrupted, instead, she was quite delighted. She eyed over Kieran's back, clenched her fist once more. Deep within her heart, she cheered for herself.

"You can do it, Ohara!"

She then quickly followed Kieran into the cabin.

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