The Devil's Cage Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Sealed Off

Kieran quickly went up to the deck and saw three iron battleships lined up further away. The flash of their cannons was shining brightly.


The relentless firing was ceaseless.

Some of the iron pellet missed and landed in the sea but some struck precisely on The Coral's force field barrier.

Layers of ripples spread out on the invisible barrier when the iron pellet hit it, even The Coral was shaken a bit but not as fierce as the first strike, maybe not even a tenth of the first.

Kieran subconsciously looked into the sea. He faintly spotted some round floating objects deep under the area and he frowned.

"Water mines!"

Even though [Explosive Weapons, Explosives]'s knowledge didn't include water mines, it didn't stop him from knowing what water mines could do. They were cheap, had formidable explosive force, easy to deploy but hard to disengaged.

Kieran didn't just spotted the water mines, he also realized the meaning behind it.

"They're trying to seal off the area and prevent reinforcements?" Kieran thought in his heart.

No doubt the Sanctuary had given the West Coast Government quite the pressure, maybe Barry's forces couldn't bear the burden anymore, otherwise they wouldn't spend their efforts on sealing off the waters.

Though Kieran still felt astonished over the fact that Barry could precisely locate them in the middle of the sea. In the current dungeon world, radar technology was just being introduced, it was incomparable to locking on to targets in the sea like modern warfare did.

"Is it some hidden technology? Or did he rely on the mystic arts?" Kieran guessed.

Azinder on the other hand was shouting his orders to his crew.

"Steer the ship around! Steer it away from the water mines!"

But before Azinder's loud orders subsided, the scout on the outpost tower was already reporting what he saw, "Captain! They are still deploying the water mines!"

The sudden announcement shifted everyone's attention towards the three enemy battleships.

Everyone saw that the sailors were pushing water mines down into the sea one after another at the side of their ship. The current of the sea then delivered the mines back to The Coral.

"Damn it! They are going to seal off the entire sea area!"

Even the slower members of Azinder's crew reacted to the situation.

At the same time, they knew what the consequences would be if the whole sea area was sealed off. Azinder and his crew wouldn't reach Ciaran City in time since they were on a reinforcement mission. Given their delay, Smulder the Holy Knight, Simon, Maya the Archdeacons plus hundreds of Sanctuary elite forces would be forced into a much more difficult situation on the battlefield.

Every second or minute they waste would possibility lead to their friends and comrades' demise.

Captain Azinder knew how severe the consequences would be but the situation before him forced him to plot another course around the mines. Should they break through the water mine waters forcefully, even with a force field barrier around The Coral, the ship would eventually go down with her crews.

After being hesitant for two seconds, Azinder gave new orders.

"Steer the ship around, plot a new course around the area!" The words escaped Azinder's clenched teeth.

"Aye, aye captain!"

The first mate took a deep breath and replied loudly with a strong nod.

The first mate was also a knight-in-reserve so he naturally knew how severe the consequences were. Although it couldn't be helped, it was the best option they could come up for the situation.

Just as the first mate gripped the steer wheel

"Hold on!"

A voice suddenly sounded loud, attracting all the attention on the ship. Everyone traced the voice back to where it came from and led to Kieran, standing on the deck. He placed his big backpack down and drew out [Arrogant Word] from the box.

"Sir Holy Knight? You want to destroy their battleships?" Azinder looked at Kieran with a slightly hesitant eyes.

Azinder had heard of how fierce the Sanctuary's ambush assault was but the biggest threat they were facing now was not just that three iron battleships. In fact, the three battleships were indeed troublesome but Azinder was not really afraid of them. Even though it seemed like both sides were not on equal terms by sending a merchant ship to fight battleships, his ship had advantages that the other three enemies couldn't compete with.

Nimbleness and speed! Plus some mystical defensive measures were enough to keep them safe.

The three battleships only had small to medium caliber cannon on them, if the situation was fortunate enough, Azinder even had the confidence to send them back with more than what they bargained for. Given that the water mines weren't in the waters, in simple words, the water mines were the real danger Azinder was concerned about.

Even though they could destroy the three enemy battleships, if the water mines weren't removed, they will still be in a difficult position.

"I'll open the way for us!"

Kieran jumped off the deck before everyone could react to his words.

He jumped off the ship but he didn't fall into the sea, instead the moment when his feet touched the surface of the sea, the giant rhino mirage formed behind him.

The rhino didn't feel any discomfort or not used to being on the surface of the sea. The most primitive force of nature gathered around Kieran's body and he swiftly charged forward to the enemy battleships.


As Kieran charged through the sea, the fierce airstream from the charge turned into violent strong wind after the roar, ravaging all over the sea area and causing rough waves in all directions, similar to a water dragon emerged from the depth of the ocean and overwhelmed everything in the area with its tremendous power.

The water mines in the sea was also pushed around by the rough currents, crashing into one another.


The first explosion went off soon enough and similar to a line of falling dominoes, the explosions went off one after another, blasting water out of the sea.

Azinder and the others back on the ship opened their eyes wide and their jaws dropped at the scene.

"He relied solely on the airstream of his charge to ignite the water mines under the sea, what tremendous power! If it was a frontal charge instead" Azinder muttered to himself.

One couldn't just rely solely on the water mines to crash into each other to cause the explosion, it must have a certain level of impact and force to achieve it or else removing the water mines wouldn't be that difficult.

Yet, Kieran only relied on the airstream and rough waves from his charging to ignite the mines, even though Azinder knew Kieran was the Holy Knight reincarnation, he couldn't conceal his awe in his heart as well.

He dare not even imagined what would it be like if one would crash into Kieran when he was charging forth. It was a scene too terrifying for him to picture!

Those who had thought about that particular matter quivered hard, they were scared by what Kieran displayed.

Except Ohara though, seeing Kieran charged forth to the enemies, her eyes were affectionate and tender like water. Kieran within her sight was exactly the same as Hugh in her memories.

Regardless of what enemies Hugh was facing, what kind of difficulties he was in, he would always charge ahead, just for the people around him!

"Hugh" Ohara muttered softly and sunk into her own memories.

She was quickly awoken by the sudden awe on deck, everyone stared even harder at Kieran, or more precisely Kieran's left hand as he raised it up.

A blazing fireball rose from the space before his hand and burnt up the air around his hand.

After a couple of breaths, the fireball in Kieran's left hand grew to 1 meter in diameter and rumbling ceaselessly.

Under everyone's gaze, Keiran threw the fireball towards the battleships before him.


The fireball with rumbling flames exploded upon contact with the ship's stem, blasting a huge hole in the ship's body.

Seawater poured into the breach rapidly and the battleship in the middle started to tilt with exceptional speed.

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New type of naval warfare.