The Devil's Cage Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Prophecy Strikes Again

Ohara seemed to have not noticed Kieran's troubled expressions.

She put on her tender smile and walked forth to Kieran.

Just when Kieran's brows were about to lock together, Ohara stopped before Kieran.

"You've scared Azinder and the others," Ohara said in a peaceful tone.

"I just hated their eyes on me!" Kieran said and silently leaned backward a step.

"Just like the way you are in the past. You'd rather freeze and train yourself in the snow than enjoy the glory and honor from other people's gaze. So it's real, even though your body has changed, your soul still lives on." Ohara sighed.

She then looked at Kieran with more affectionate eyes.

'I dislike being treated like a clown, I didn't say I don't enjoy the glory and honor!'

Kieran criticized it in his heart silently but that was it.

During the time he spent with Ohara, he didn't find any effective way to deal with her but remaining cold and silent had become a habit for him. He really couldn't communicate with a person that treated him like another person, especially with this lady before him, her affectionate love that was overflowing from her eyes numbed Kieran's scalp.

Kieran never thought he would be up for something like this, being adored by someone but he knew the adoration came from a misunderstanding and being treated as a substitute. It was not a good feeling to his heart.

Those who never experienced it would never share his feeling and those who did could only sigh and do nothing.

Kieran was in an even special scenario because Ohara before him was a native, a real existence but they might not meet again in the future or at any time given by the system.

Under such circumstances, Kieran who never experienced any relationships before chose to stay cold and remained silent. Yet, Ohara didn't mind at all.

When she kept on telling stories of the past, Kieran couldn't help but frown.

Just when the time was right, Ohara stopped and switched the topic a moment before Kieran turned restless.

"Do you know why Azinder and the others looked at you that way?" Ohara asked.

"Why?" Kieran didn't conceal his curiosity.

"It is because of that woman's prophecy!"

Whenever Nikorei was mentioned, Ohara had always been filled with rage but after Kieran reminded her once, she changed her addressed to that "woman" but the rage and grudge still persisted in her words; though she did gave her best effort in not letting Kieran feel repulsed.

"Assistant o' assistant, in the form of a raven, ominous befallen. Named Bird of Death, a body of chaos, a heart of light, he will reign the land with a kingsly might."

"She never changed at all, always showing off of her gifts and talents. Since she knew everything from the beginning, of course, she is able to make such a prophecy." Ohara commented.

The coldness struck Kieran's heart for a while.

To be honest, Kieran had already forgotten the prophecy that embarrassed Ohara's reminder. Following Ohara's reminder, Kieran suddenly realized something. He finally knew what was the reasons behind Azinder and the other's gaze.

Didn't "a heart of light" coincidentally verify his identity as the reincarnated holy knight?

"Could it be that everything was within Rei's prediction?" Kieran suddenly had such thoughts in his mind.

"I've said it before, that woman only likes to show off her gifts, she knew from the beginning that you were Hugh's reincarnation, thus the prophecy. You don't have to care much about it." Ohara couldn't help but speak her mind when she saw Kieran's expression.

How could Kieran not be concerned?!

Kieran knew exactly what was going on, it was impossible for him to be Hugh's reincarnation and as far as his identity was concerned, he wasn't even someone of this world to begin with, but Nikorei claimed that she "saw" everything.

Kieran had once again felt astonishing and in awe of Nikorei's power, her title of God of Earth was really worthy, at the same time his heart had a sudden surge of impulse.

The stone gate! What was behind the stone gate?

Kieran wished that he could fly over to the stone gate and kick it down to see what it was inside.

"I predict good luck ahead!"


The sudden phrase interrupted Kieran's thoughts. Kieran raised his head to Ohara, looking at her with a puzzled expression.

"I predict that you shall have good luck ahead! So everything that happens to you from now onwards will be something good and it is because of my prediction!"

Ohara straightened her delicate face and said strictly.

"What? How is that possible?" Kieran refuted back directly.

"Yes, how is that possible? A prophecy or prediction is a set of unique calculations of probability. When you are within the equations and being deceived by some tricks from the mystics, you will believe it is real but when its true nature is revealed before you, you won't believe it at all! Because it is nothing more than coincidence!"

Ohara nodded and repeated what Kieran's said. Then she comforted Kieran with her own words.

"Hugh, you don't even have to care about that prophecy because you will become the king and reign the lands! That woman only saw your potential and deliberately made things look mysterious, boasting her guess!"

'Please lady, where did the confidence in me come from?'

Kieran rolled his eyes against Ohara's tender smile but it wasn't to mock her or anything.

He could feel that Ohara meant well, even though her thoughts were only for the reincarnation that never existed.

That feeling was the worst!

"I am 2567!" Kieran restated his name.

"Um. Okay, 2567!" Ohara tilted her head a little and looked at Kieran's serious face for a while, then she nodded slowly. Though inside her heart, she said silently, 'Okay, Hugh!'

The simple reason was that she didn't want to refute Kieran but she couldn't let go of Hugh's name. So she decided to call Kieran "2567" and her heart addressed him as Hugh again.

Dong, Dong Dong!

Just when Ohara was talking about all the proof of Nikorei being a big liar by her own, the cabin door was knocked on.

"Come in!" Kieran said as if he had been slightly liberated.

It was Azinder pushing in a crude dining cart before Kieran. A couple of dishes were placed on the cart, trying to look as glam as possible with every effort.

Though, the effect was better than worst.

It wasn't that the food wasn't good but the cook who prepared the food wasn't good that this kind of cuisine but Kieran wouldn't waste the food since he never disliked any food.

Azinder stood up and helped Kieran place the dishes on the table automatically.

Instantly, Azinder who was having a disturbed feeling smiled as he knew it was the right step for him.

Right after that, Azinder excitedly brought out the surprised he hid under the cart for a long time.

Candles and a candlestick.

He quickly put the candlestick down and lighted the candles.

"May both of you dear sir and madam have a good time!"

The captain of the ship mimicked a restaurant waiter, greeted his customer and bowed slightly before heading out.

Therefore, Azinder didn't see Kieran who froze completely with a poker face at the spot and of course he didn't see Ohara's shy expression.

But he knew what should he do before leaving the cabin.

He clapped his hands.


The lights went off, leaving the candle, the meal and both of them inside.

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