The Devil's Cage Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Something's Wrong

Kieran launched his right kick hard, the energy wave from [Blade Kick] was sharper than a blade but was swallowed by a shadow that burst out from the black figure.

The powerful energy blade wave that could even slice a deep crack on a concrete pillar was dispersed, similar to a clay ox plummeting into the sea.


A low mocking laugh came from the figure's mouth but when Kieran's right kick followed up instantly and appeared before the figure, it's laugh stopped abruptly.

Transcendence level [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats] didn't just allow Kieran to attack formless ghastly beings while attacking other kinds of enemies, Strength, Agility stats had +4 buffs and each of his kicks and an extra +1 attack level buff.

While Kieran's Strength and Agility base stats had reached A level, after the +4 buff, it was further increased to S+ level. The explosive power and speed from Kieran's kick had exceeded the common logic of men. Although one could clearly see Kieran launch a kick, its power was comparable to an elephant or a rhino rampaging.

When all of that had another +1 buff from the environment, the elephant and rhino rampaging had elevated into a more frenzied, rampant state.

Think of it like being rammed by a frenzied elephant or rhino.


The black figure was like a ragdoll rammed over by an accelerating truck, a huge bang sounded and sent it flying away. Even though the black figure had its crossing its hands up blocking a direct contact, its arms were like a mantis hand trying to stop a truck.

Crack! Crook!

Its defensive arms were crushed without any resistance.

Kieran's right leg was kicked onto the black figure's chest without any diminishing of its force.

Crack, Gaktsk, Gaktsk!

Its chest had sunk into its body from the impact and it was still not the worse that happened.

Kieran caught up to the figure who was sent flying backward in a flash, he grabbed the figure's head with his left hand which had been burning fiercely.

While burning fiercely, Kieran flipped his wrist and dunked the figure's head downwards with all his might into the asphalt path on the ground.

Even without the buffs from his kicks, Kieran's A-level Strength was enough to finish the job against the black figure who had suffered immense damage. The black figure couldn't even resist anymore.


The black figure's head was dunked deep into the asphalt path, at the same time the Lineage Fire had been charged up to its 5 seconds limit exploded.


A 4 meter tall, 1-meter wide fire pillar sprouted out from the ground.

[Flame Burst], the additional skill that has only a small chance to be triggered.

Ohara who was beside opened her delicate eyes wide to the burning scene. Astonishment filled her eyes quickly but soon was replaced by infatuation.

The kind of infatuation that expressed her lover was powerful and brave was all over her face.

Slightly different from the admiration of someone strong, it was much more genuine and sincere.

The fire pillar burned for few seconds before extinguishing itself as Kieran walked out from the fiery spot.

The first thing he noticed was Ohara's odd gaze at him.

"What's wrong?" Kieran asked.

"No...NothingIs that a Fallen?" Ohara repeated shook her head and quickly shifted the topic.

"Different than the one I saw at the breach but similar, more of an imposter of sorts."

Kieran said.

Although both figures were very identical in terms of looks and power, Kieran had the experience of fighting both of them and he was sure this imposter was not the one that he saw before.

The dangerous sense that came from the Fallen was not something an imposter could mimic.

Even still, this imposter had rewarded Kieran with an unexpected item.

[Name: Cracked Obsidian]

[Type: Gemstone]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attribute: Embed in your weapons or equipment to grant your weapon 1-2 negative energy damage or 1%-2% negative energy resistance!]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Under a high density negative energy environment, this obsidian is a special kind of soul shard, its value is further surpassing normal gemstones!]


Kieran held the tiny fingernail-sized obsidian which had an irregular shape in his palm.

He slightly smirked when he saw [Cracked Obsidian] because it gave him more anticipation of the trip to Ciaran City.

Not only the influence of the dense negative energy around him but also the potential rewards.

[High-density negative energy field, related skills effect increased, player gains +2 buff to all stats and skills]

The reason why Kieran easily defeated the imposter Fallen was not just because of his own strength but also his strength that was boosted again to the next level.

He was eager to find out how high his power level would surge up to when he arrived at the core of the negative energy field.

"An imposter similar to the Fallen?" Ohara frowned from what Kieran told her.

"What is it?" Kieran asked.

Kieran never dared to underestimate the Archdeacon, especially in terms of experience and knowledgeable facts. Kieran knew where his limits were, even though he tried to cope with the vast knowledge with his best efforts, because of the time limit, he still had some gaps to fill when compared to a real mystics who knew the histories, let alone Ohara the Archdeacon who was in-charged of the records back in the Sanctuary during her normal days.

Surprisingly her interest was also reading those records as well.

"It is very difficult for the Fallen to rise, even harder than a Holy Knight ascension. Even though they've betrayed the Sanctuary, not all of them could rise as the Fallen. Those failed ones have been thinking about how to acquire similar powers to the Fallen since the ancient days before the Blood Moon War. Yet according to the records, none of them succeeded" Ohara explained in a puzzled tone.

"Records? Maybe something was left out." Kieran said while touching his chin.

Rather than believing everything in the books, might as well act without one.

Kieran understood the saying since a long time ago and more so, some truths might not be the same as the records written in books.

History books were written by the victor from the past. Back in the days, Sanctuary as the victor of the war had probably hidden a part of the truth due to some ulterior motives.

It needed to be known that this was almost 200 years ago, even with the age calculations of the mystics, it was enough to eliminate at least two generations.

So it was common for the records being inaccurate in regards to certain facts. Ohara understood the reasons as well, so she didn't refute Kieran.

"What should we do now?" Ohara asked.

For Ohara, it was normal for her to treat Kieran as the leader, since back in the days, Ohara had been listening to Hugh's orders as well.

"Well, of course, we are heading there!" Kieran pointed the direction with his finger.

The direction led to the center point of Ciaran City.

If the spot they were standing now was dark, then the center point was darker than black.

The negative energy was clumping, gathering at that spot with methods unknown to common logic.

Ohara's Sanctuary Force quivered when she saw the pitch black area but she didn't reject and nodded instead.

Not only because it was Kieran's suggestion, it was also the main destination of their trip: Barry's main lair!

However, when Kieran and Ohara traveled further for less than 500 meters, trouble struck them again.

A squad of alchemy enhanced warriors appeared before them.

Kieran frowned because his instinct felt that something was wrong. Not the alchemy enhanced warriors but the current situation.

Translator's Thoughts


Guess how powerful Kieran will get when he stepped into Ciaran City?