The Devil's Cage Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Searching For

Kieran's words were like knives and swords, thrusting their sharp edge into the divine being's inner heart.

No, more precisely, the divine being felt like its pride has been challenged.

The divine being had lost its godly wisdom a long time ago, even after the awakening of what was left of its power, all it could perform was instinctive moves but it didn't stop it from remembering the kind of being Kieran was and what proper behavior Kieran should show against itself.

All the inferior beings like Kieran should kneel and pray loudly before its majestic divine power, it should be the only proper way and not like what Kieran did, insulting its divine presence and acting disdainfully.


Even with the bits of divine power, the divine being could clearly feel the disdainful expression from Kieran which infuriated it more.

Its rage erupted like fierce waves, as the wind and clouds formed up a storm, all three of its head of a man, lion, and snake roared angrily at the sky.

It raised the long spear in its hand and it started to dazzle brightly.

A moment later, the divine being swung its spear downwards!


The dark skies and land were broken by a sudden lightning strike.

The burning white lightning with the breath of destruction was blasted at Kieran, like a falling comet from the sky.

Then, Gluttony's head of the cardinal sins beast who was blocking in front of Kieran opened its abysmal big mouth and swallowed the strike down.


An explosion occurred within the beast and Gluttony was blasted into pieces.

"Sinful being, you will accept punish"

The divine being was displaying its mighty prowess instinctively in a sonorous voice but before its words could finish, it was stopped abruptly.

Gluttony's head which had exploded in pieces started to regenerate and take shape once more following the other cardinal sins beast's head sucked in the negative energy around them.

The moment Gluttony returned to its form, it gave out a loud sneering roar at the divine being.

The divine being replied with its actions, raising its spear once again trying to strike down the ungrateful cardinal sins beast.


More and more white burning light formed above the sky like thunder and lightning, the breath of destruction appeared once again yet the cardinal sins beast charged towards the divine being without any fear. Despite its destructive breath, the beast charged and threw itself over like a real beast!

Each time a head was blown off, it quickly regenerated another, each time its body was damaged, sucking in a mouthful of negative energy would restore its form.

Under the highly dense negative energy environment, the cardinal sins beast was like the wild grass with prime life force, not even a prairie fire could destroy it anymore and more surprisingly, after going through the unsettling condition at first, the cardinal sins beast caused damage to the divine being.

Sloth was tangling with the divine being's snakehead, sending it off to a deep slumber.

Wrath went after the lion head, causing it to roar loudly at the sky in pain.

Lust was circulating around the man's head, causing confusions and disturbance to its senses.

As for Gluttony, Greed, and Envy, the three heads went after the divine being's limbs, tangling around and kept on chewing on its colossal body.

Only Pride remained stagnant, more precisely it seemed like the long spear and the scale sparked some interest in Pride, causing it to observe it carefully.

The observation was extremely domineering and even mixed with the power of the cardinal sin.

With the vast amount of negative energy as its support, the power of the cardinal sins were like vermins, penetrating every possible opening and spread out in its own corrosive way.


The negative energy storm was getting more and more violent. Even the negative energy barrier that enveloped around Ciaran City had collapsed and was turned into the purest form of negative energy, fusing itself into the storm and the storm was offering its energy to the cardinal sins beast without reservation, making it stronger and more terrifying.

As the darkness started to fade away, it only left the area above Ciaran City Central black. But some was maintained the way it was because when the darkness faded away, it revealed...

The God of Judgement! The divine being from the myths and legends that people revered!

However, at that very moment, the God of Judgement was suppressed! Suppressed by Kieran!

After the negative energy barrier collapsed, all the mystical individuals rushed towards the city center, including Smulder as well. Everyone who came was in awe, astonished and overwhelmed by what they saw, Kieran standing calmly aside and the cardinal sins beast that extended from Kieran's body.

"What...What is this!?"

Azinder the knight-in-reserve said in a stuttering manner.

"The Ancestor of Spirits!"

Smulder, Simon, and Maya replied in one voice.

The moment the term "Ancestor of Spirits" appeared, it calmed down everyone who rushed over.

They looked at each other, exchanging gaze looking puzzled, shock, fear, and reverence.

All sorts of expression were mixed into their doubting faces.

Then, their gazes to Kieran also turned extremely weird.

The blood descendant of the devil was already a terrifying lineage beyond comprehension, it had far surpassed the other mystical families who had the elven or dwarven bloodlines.

But when a devil blood descendant plus the lineage of the Ancestor of Spirits

"Assistant o' assistant, in the form of a raven, ominous befallen. Named Bird of Death, a body of chaos, a heart of light, he will reign the land with a Kingsly might."

The prophecy sounded in everyone's heart once more and it was the first time they looked at the prophecy without a mocking or sneering mentality.

Followed by another news that came into their mind, Kieran was also the reincarnation of a Holy Knight.


Every one of them gasped hard. It was that moment they realized how terrifying a person could be.

Having the soul of a Holy Knight who was known as the most holistic and orderly and at the same time having the lineage of the devil and the Ancestor of Spirits, two of the most wicked, evil bloodlines to exist.

Right after that thought, everyone's heart was grateful. They were grateful that Kieran had the soul of a Holy Knight, allowing them to know how to restrain him, or else going against a person with two of the most wicked, evil bloodlines would cause a severe headache to anyone and everyone.

Just the look of the divine being projection!

According to legends, it was near omnipotence, it was fair and just, the representative of power but now, all it could do was to linger on its last breath before the devil and Ancestor of Spirit's bloodline descendant.

Though lingering on its last breath, the divine being was no doubt powerful, every one of the mystical individuals present would acknowledge that and at the same time, they also had to acknowledge that Kieran was certainly more powerful than the divine being.

Ohara finally walked down from that building slowly.

After the negative energy faded off, there was nothing else to hold her down as she regained her strength. She walked towards Kieran from the crowd and none of them would dare to stop her, because of her identity of the Archdeacon of the Sanctuary but more because of she was the rumored lover of the reincarnated Hugh.

Now, the reincarnated one was performing the act of "killing even the Gods", no one else would dare to step up to her to test out one's ill luck blindly.

None of them wanted to become dead bodies and achievements beneath the reincarnated one's feet.

Ohara went through the crowd without any obstruction and appeared beside Kieran, looking at him affectionately.

Ohara had some thoughts in her mind before she came to Ciaran City. She wouldn't allow Kieran to take the risk because she didn't want to feel heartbroken again. Therefore, she has made up her mind if any danger would happen, she would be Kieran's shield.

In other words, Ohara was prepared to sacrifice herself in the trip to Ciaran City and based on the worsening condition of the city, it solidified her resolution even more.

However, it wasn't necessary at all! None of that was needed from the start at all!

Kieran's powerful strength had broken everything, he didn't even need Ohara to do anything, just stand beside him quietly. There was no need for anxiety or worry.

Although Ohara was a little down because she couldn't be of help, she preferred how she was feeling right now even more.

"It's great that you are back!" Ohara said softly.

Kieran shivered from his heart and to every inch of his body.

The moment he was showered by the affectionate gazes from Ohara, Kieran felt uncomfortable throughout his whole body. If it wasn't that he was immobilized because of the seven cardinal sins forming their beast form, he would have run away immediately.


Now, all he could do was act cool and nod.

Ohara felt relaxed and relieved when he saw Kieran's reply, everything was seemingly under control. She smiled once more.

It made Kieran's hands shiver while hiding under his sleeves.


A loud cracking noise, as loud as a deafening thunder strike sounded from the battle between the beast and the divine being.

The divine being's body was tattered!

After the relentless chewing and crunching, the last bits of divine power was depleted and after losing its only power, the divine being's colossal body turned back into rocks!

The rocks from the busted temple but Kieran wasn't concerned about all of that, even though he noticed a dash of sparkling gold amidst the crumbling rock body.

His Intuition was covering grounds, spearing in all directions trying to locate, the Fallen!

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