The Devil's Cage Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Opinion

Coincidence! Everything was too coincidental!

When everyone was almost finishing repairing the defensive magic circle that Nikorei set around West Coast City, a large amount of living dead appeared at Hologest Port.

Regardless of what perspective one looked at it, it seemed like someone planned beforehand but even still, they needed to move out immediately.

No one would doubt what Charles said but at the same time, no one would doubt the horrifying consequences that a living dead plague could bring.

More importantly, once the whole Hologest Port was infested, West Coast City which was only three hours drive away wouldn't be safe either.

Though, the defensive magic circle had to be completed.

Ciaran City was the best example, everyone present hoped that West Coast City would not follow the footsteps of Ciaran City at all costs.

"Let's split up! Charles and Elli stay behind to complete the defensive magic circle. Me, Raul and Cidney plus some men will head for Hologest Port!" Simones said.

No one objected to his suggestion. Nikorei's defensive magic circle was not something any John Doe could control or repair, other than Nikorei's disciple, only Charles the alchemy master would fit the job.

Though, just as everyone was about to move out, Tally Landsky pushed open the door and blocked the exit.

"Get out of my way!"

Elli said, trying to remove Tally away since she hasn't any good impression of her.

"Remember what you said little girl, I'll be expecting an apology soon. If you people wanted to die, I won't stop you but if you all want to live, listen to the news that I just received first!"

Tally said while she glanced over everyone.

"What happened?" Charles asked after exchanging gaze with Simones.

"A ship from the East Coast mystics has appeared outside the port," Tally said.

Instantly, everyone furrowed their brows.

No doubt it was a bad news for them, it was well known that the West and East had never gotten along well. From Nikorei's time to Kieran's latest assault.

The faces of East Coast mystics were thrown at the ground, trampled repeatedly in the past and now they appeared at such untimely timing, even an idiot knew they harbored ill intentions.


After capturing everyone's expression, Tally opened her mouth again, purposely prolonging her tone. Everyone else was caught off guard, showing shock on their face.

"And!? What a terrible day this is!" Simones sighed.

"Spill it lady, what is it?" Elli asked directly.

"And it seems like the East coast and the Southern bastards have formed an alliance! One of the leaders of the Loran faction should be onboard one of the ships that haven't dock yet!"

Tally replied with a smile when Elli pressed the question without courtesy.

"Loran faction? This is indeed a terrible day!"

The alchemy master let out a long sigh and continued with a heavy tone, "Seems like we have to slightly alter our previous plans."

Even Charles wouldn't dare to be careless when facing the Old Southern's Loran faction.

Fighting against a bunch of abnormal fanatics was certainly nothing good and when those fanatics possessed immense power, it would be even more terrible than it looked.

It was what Charles was feeling, let alone that not only he had to face the Loran faction but there were other enemies waiting for him as well.

"Elli, you"

"Wait! If you don't mind, I hope master you can consider my opinion!" Tally interrupted Charles's words. Even though everyone around her was looking at her with doubt of judgemental gaze, she kept her smile on.

"Say it." Charles wouldn't mind considering another suggestion, maybe it would turn out to be a surprise as well.

When Tally saw Charles was ready for her opinion, her smile on her face became brighter and the brightness of her smile expelled the depression in her eyes.

She knew her chance had arrived, the chance to return to the public eye and all she had to do was to capture it.


In one of the ships from the East Coast back at the sea, a scrawny man was squinting his eyes over the port at West Coast.

He could clearly see the place without any aid from other tools.

When he noticed the certain figure among the mystical individuals crowd who was exceptionally shorter, Gertrude couldn't help but smile.

"Master Norm, everything is proceeding as expected, Charles has been baited! He couldn't take into account whether to repair the defensive magic circle at West Coast City or deal with the living dead catastrophe at Hologest Port!" Gertrude spoke to the person beside him.

The person was bald, donning a scarlet red linen outfit and only his belt and dagger were the only accessories on his body. Other than the vicious scar on his head and the slight difference in facial features, the person was identical to Braid, even his manner of speech."Um!"

"Very well!"

The cold tone sounded at first and followed by the fanatic one, exactly like Braid's talking.

"Then shall we wait for it patiently?"

Gertrude slightly twisted his body out of comfort when he heard the voice but his face was still bearing the fawning smile.

"Leave the living dead alone for now."

"As for the magic circle utilize your spy. I do not wish to see any mistakes in the plan!"

"Don't forget that is the magic circle left behind by Nikorei!"

"Though she was nothing remarkable herself!"

The mix of cold and fanatic tone intertwined perfectly, but it made Gertrude's fawning smile even heavier, trying to curl up to his master.

"Very well!" Gertrude answered right away.

He then quickly contacted his spy through his secret means but after mere seconds, his fawning expression changed.

"Master Norm! The spy has reported that Charles and Nikorei's disciple are setting up the magic circle!"

"What!?" The cold and fanatic voice sounded in unison but it wasn't the end of his shock.

Moments later, Gertrude received another report from his spy, saying that Charles had appeared in the reinforcement squad at Hologest Port.

"What...What in the" Gertrude was lost, looking at his master, Norm for answers.

"You want to confuse me?"

"How naive are you?"

"Send the men to assault the port now! At the same time, activate your spy to kill Nikorei's disciple and the couple in the reinforcement squad!"

The cold and fanatic voice gave orders after another.

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