The Devil's Cage Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Accidents

After the order was sent out, the fleet from the East Coast was divided into two groups.

One group would stay behind and patrol the area and the other would sail rapidly towards the port.

Unlike West Coast Government's iron battleship and fire cannon, East Coast's ships were leaning more towards the combination of the olden wooden ship like the Old Southern and the modern ships like West Coast's.

Their ships were equipped with motors and also boosted with magical circles.

When the mystical runes on the ships started to glow, the speed was boosted at least two-fold, boosting the ships swiftly towards the port. At the same time, there was a formless barrier formed around the ship as well.

The mystical individuals from West Coast at the port could clearly see the overflowing killer intents of the invaders on the deck of their ships even under the night sky.


The messenger from West Coast gave the order out without any hesitation.

The situation before them has gone beyond their control the moment the East Coast mystical fleet appeared in West Coast's waters, a fierce battle was inevitable.

Although he was just a temporary leader, it didn't mean he would shrink back from his duties, causing any delay in his decisions.


Small to medium caliber iron cannons were extended out from the garage at the port one after another and were fired at the incoming invaders moments after they were revealed.

As the fire flashes shone brightly from the cannon mouth, dozens of iron pellets struck the charging invader's ship.

Their formless barrier shook a little but was still holding on firmly, there wasn't even a scratch on the barrier.

The messenger frowned while Gertrude who was on the deck of his ship smiled of his enemies ineffective attacks.

"Fellow fallen West Coast mystics, you all have already forgotten the glory of the mystical realm! Now I will show you what real power is!"

As Gertrude's declaration subsided, the command soldiers aside started to wave the flags in their hand.

Promptly, more mystical runes appeared and glowed on the fast sailing ships.

As they rode the waves and winds, the seawater that had been pushed away by the ships suddenly gathered after the flag wave. Almost a dozen ships lined up in formation and as if they turned into a giant hand, pushing the sea water forward roughly and ceaselessly!


After a few seconds and a series of spine-chilling air whistle, the gathered sea water formed a huge tidal wave as tall as 50 meters and was crashing down at the port.

Gertrude was smiling viciously at the scene and


A huge crashing noise sounded and a translucent force field barrier formed in front of the port.

The barrier was slightly different from a real force field barrier, it was more like a huge wall than a dome shape. When the tidal wave was crashing at them, it turned into a giant wall of a dam.

Gertrude's vicious smile was frozen for a while.

"Let's see how long can you people withstand the waves!"

He grunted loudly, the command soldiers beside waved their flags again and formed another tidal wave, crashing down at the port again without any mercy.


The dam-like wall force field barrier started to shake. Anyone with common sense knew the force field barrier before them couldn't hold on for a few more strikes.

Instinctively, everyone turned their attention to the messenger.

"Continue your attacks! Don't stop!" The messenger said.

While he gave his order once more, he tried his best to look as dull as possible and forbid himself to look at Charles who was drawing the magic circle.


The iron cannons fired at the ships again but it was still useless against the force field barrier of the East Coast, let alone there was another tidal wave between them.

The moment the iron pellet crashed into the wave, it was washed away instantly and would never be seen again.

The ineffective cannons kept firing without pause, they continued as hard as they could which made the West Coast mystical individuals frowned. They started to look at the messenger in a dubious gaze and also Charles who was still drawing the magic circle.

What were they up to?

The crowd was confused and Gertrude on the other side also shared the same confusion.

The representative from the East Coast looked at the port from afar with a furrowed brows.

Maybe since after the Blood Moon War, West Coast's level has fallen inferior to the East Coast but it wouldn't be this bad that they couldn't even dissolve the tidal wave attack.

More so, West Coast was the home of the God of Earth. Knowing how she worked, Gertrude wouldn't believe that she didn't leave any defensive methods behind for her people.

"Is this a trap?" The sudden realization hit Gertrude and unconsciously, he looked at his master, Norm.

After all, the assault order was given by his master.

Norm only replied Gertrude's gaze with a couple of cold laughs.

"So what if it is a trap?"

"I only wanted to make sure where Charles is!"

"Continue the attack!"

The cold and fanatic voice sounded steadfast.

"But Nikorei"

"Are you doubting my orders?"

Gertrude didn't carry out the orders right away because the fleet of ships were all from the East Coast mystics and harbored none of the Old Southerners.

Now using his own men to act as pathfinders, even Gertrude as an extremely vile person would feel hesitant. But soon enough, Gertrude didn't hold his stance and accepted the orders when Norm questioned him.

Then, they saw balls of fire appeared at the port one after another.

The burning fire ignored the tidal waves and the force field barrier and was thrown towards the East Coast charging fleet with unimaginable impact force.


The seemingly indestructible force field barrier a moment ago was destroyed and what followed was the crew and the ship. Some of the luckier ones that were set on fire and managed to jump into the sea, the other unfortunate souls were blasted to pieces during the explosion.

The stench of burning bodies started to fill the air in the sea area.

Gertrude's face turned pale when he saw the fleet burning but Norm was excited over the scene.

He looked at the huge magic circle further from the port, its scarlet glow was shedding its red light all over the port and the short figure standing in the middle of the magic circle was very eye-catching.

"Charles is indeed here!"

"Well of course, compared to West Coast City, what does Hologest Port has over him?

"Well, Nikorei's disciple is also important but now you aren't with her, she will be destined to meet her maker!" Norm emphasized in a strange tone.

He turned over to Gertrude.

Gertrude was stunned for a second and quickly understood what his master's intention was.

Gertrude contacted his spy with his secretive methods right away but a reply was long overdue.

Gertrude's expression turned ugly as seconds turned into minutes because he knew what this meant for him.

The assassination of his spy has failed! But how was it possible?

All the spies were carefully hand-picked by himself, not only did they possessed far superior strength than common mystics, each of them had secret techniques that exceeded a common man's wildest imaginations.

Even if his spy was killed, surely the spy must have caused some substantial damage to the target and Gertrude would be the first to receive the news but now?

Nothing! Nothing at all!

Gertrude tried to contact his spy again since he couldn't believe what he realized and this time around not that single spy anymore but all the spies he had sent out, yet the results were the same.

Gertrude's body started to quiver hard after the news, he knew he will be finished soon.

Back then when the whole East Coast mystical realm agreed to his request of "attacking West Coast again" was all because of the achievements of his spies.

At the same time, they were also his biggest reliance and leverage and now everything was gone.

"Master Norm My spies have failed!" Gertrude said as if his soul has escaped his body.

"Garbage!" Norm commented in a disdainful manner and he continued, "You should be thankful that our setup at Hologest Port was completed. Now, all we have to do is wait for the plague to spread!"

Norm then went towards his cabin.

Gertrude saw Norm off and he signaled the command soldiers beside him. After ordering a temporary retreat, Gertrude hurried over to the captain's cabin.

Although the plan worked, he has lost his greatest reliance, now he would have to figure out his future by himself.

One needed to know, the other people had unusually terrible table manners.


"We did it!"

Seeing the retreating East Coast fleet, the messenger let out a breath of relief in his heart. He couldn't help but look at Charles, but Charles seemed to be contacting others.

After a while, Charles signaled the messenger and right away, the messenger's relieved state turned nervous again.

The signal meant accident! Accidents happened!

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