The Devil's Cage Chapter 514

Chapter 514: Bane

The voice was familiar and it even had a fresh memory in Tally's mind.

She opened her eyes instantly and she saw the person that she hated the most.

She saw Kieran!

Kieran grabbed the Fallen's black palm with his own was burning with layers of fire.

His face and eyes were calm but it really struck one with a chilling, terrifying presence.

His rage was encouraging his killer intent, anyone who laid eyes on Kieran at that moment would be horrified beyond thoughts but not Tally.

Escaping from the mouth of death after seeing Kieran before her, her heart was at peace.

Suddenly, an exhaustion of mind swept over her body, she was weakened by the contrast of her state of mind between life and death. Tally accidentally, coincidentally moved and went behind Kieran and leaned her head slightly on Kieran's wide, firm back.

Kieran raised a brow but that was it because his attention was focused on the Fallen before him.

Tss Tss!

The fire was burning the Fallen's hand and it shouted in a terrified tone, "How did you find me!?"

"Your stench is awful! From the first time you ambushed me, you left behind a vile stench, making me vomit. Even if you are numerous mountains and streams away, your stench makes me sick." Kieran said slowly.

The Lineage Fire burned even fiercely as he said.


[Flame Burst] triggered despite its slim chance of activating, engulfing the Fallen completely.

A 4 meter tall, 1-meter wide fire pillar rose up from the ground, erasing the Fallen's figure completely within its burning flames as if the Fallen really was burnt to a crisp.

But after confronting the Fallen several times, Kieran knew how cunning the Fallen was.

He sent out a thought in his mind and right away, Wrath and Gluttony walked out from the shadows slowly.

Gluttony was wiping his drool and Wrath was clenching his teeth hard.

Although both of them shared the same face as Kieran, the aura around them was wicked and evil beyond compare. Both of the cardinal sins extended their hands into the void and dragged a black figure out of thin air.

It was the Fallen!

The Fallen kept on struggling. The negative aura transformed itself into sharp claws to attack Wrath and Gluttony but its attack was useless.

Before the negative energy claws could be of any use, they were swallowed by Gluttony like fries, crunching them loudly. The noise made Wrath even angrier.

Even though they lacked the required negative energy and was unable to use words to convey their thoughts since the skill [Touch of Cardinal Sins] was limited at II but their actions were not one bit slow.

Wrath's palm was like a knife cutting tofu, it silently stabbed into the Fallen's chest and gripped hard. The Fallen's organs were instantly crushed into a pile of minced meat.

Gluttony went for a more direct way, biting on the Fallen's neck and chewing it off bits by bits.


"Hate! I hate all these!!"

The Fallen's cried agonizingly and started to struggle even more fiercely.

It didn't even care about the hands in its chest and its neck which was bitten.

Then, evil spirits flowed out of its body one after another, from a dozen to a thousand within only a blink of an eye. The evil spirit's target was clear, once they came out, they hurled themselves over to Elli.

"Humph!" Kieran grunted coldly.

He was too familiar with such a move.

Back when Kieran was on his way back to West Coast, during the first encounter with the Fallen, it used the evil spirits within its body to substitute its main body and escaped Kieran's grasp.

After that, more evil spirits were sent out to disturb Kieran time after time.

As for why the Fallen sent the spirits out, Kieran had no idea but he knew in order to not let accidents happen in the future, such an enemy should not be spared.

The Fallen's movements were surreptitious and seemed to possess the ability to shuttle through shadows but Kieran still noticed an inkling of its presence with Musou level [Tracking].

When Kieran discovered that the Fallen was heading towards West Coast City, his killer intent was boiling in his heart.

Why would the Fallen head towards West Coast City? The answer was self-explanatory.

In West Coast City, there were natives that Kieran could consider friends which he only had a handful of in the world.

Maybe they were just natives but they weren't strangers. Through contact and communication, each interaction was imprinted in his heart.

Kieran didn't know what the other players would do but he had certainly, unknowingly altered his initial thoughts about natives. He could no longer treat them as lifeless NPCs, piles of data or codes anymore.

Kieran had no idea whether it was a good or bad decision for him but one thing he knew for sure.

"The Fallen is dead!"

The underground room which was filled with magic circle's glow suddenly dimmed out.

It was not that the glow from the magic circle was weakening but because of a gigantic monster appeared above, blocking its glow.

Hundreds of thousands of arms curled out from thin air, countless legs intertwined with the arms, forming countless eyes at the point.

The eyes were blood red and were glowing in a rainbow glare.

Thousands of eyes gathered at a point and forming a giant teeth-layered mouth.


The moment the mouth opened, it was like a whale swallowing the sea waters as the evil spirits were gone in an instant.

Not only that, the black body of the Fallen started to look distorted as if it was disintegrating into ashes and flying away with the wind.

Kieran who was connected with the [Creature of Desire] ordered it to stop but the hunger that he felt from the creature made him frown.

Kieran hated hunger because it would remind him of his less pleasant memories. Even more so, the matter beforehand was far from being solved.

Although Kieran was tracking the Fallen, he knew what was going on at West Coast City and Hologest Port.

"I need to hurry up!" Kieran muttered to himself.

The Lineage Fire in his left hand burnt up high again. He cupped his burning palm onto the Fallen's head without any mercy. The breath of death was assaulting its face relentlessly.

The Fallen was struggling with all its life, trying to resist but it was useless.

If the Holy Knight was the mortal enemy of the Fallen, then Kieran was the bane of the Fallen!

The Fallen who could control negative energy and evil spirits were just like an appetizer for Kieran. The negative energy and evil spirits that the ladies feared were supplements for Kieran since he had the [Body of Evil], [Touch of Cardinal Sins] and [Creature of Desire].

If the Fallen didn't have that many strange techniques, Kieran wouldn't have let it escape after the first encounter.

Now, after having insights of what the monster was, there would be death waiting for it at the end of the road.

Tss Tsss!

The burning flames burned hot, giving out sizzling sounds on the ground.

The black around the Fallen has faded, revealing its pale skin and young face underneath.

If it wasn't for the scarlet eyes, no one would have thought the young man was a Fallen.

"Spare...Spare me!" The Fallen said.

Kieran clenched his palm that was cupping on the Fallen's head, crushing its skull to bits, following the Lineage Fire exploded like how [Charles' Fire] did.


This time around, the Fallen didn't escape, and couldn't.

It was burnt to crisp from the fire and explosion, revealing a dash of gold above its remains.

Kieran quickly grabbed the golden glow and before he could check what he had gotten, a loud grunting roar sounded.


Elli who had freed herself from the restrains dashed over in an angry manner.

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