The Devil's Cage Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Bugs

While Elli was being aggressive and threatening, Tally replied with a smile.

The Landsky family's eldest daughter drew some distance from Kieran without batting an eye and she calmly asked Elli who was dashing towards her, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? You say what's wrong? What did you do just now!? You think I'm blind?"

Elli was like an enraged lioness, if it wasn't her last bit of sanity holding her back, [Void Hand] would have twisted Tally's neck.

"Oh? But why are you so angry? Unless you are fond of 2567 here?"

While holding her chest up, Tally was looking at Elli calmly and composed while handling her rageful question.

The young lass was instantly stunned. She quickly shook her hand in panic and slightly blushed.

"Wha...How can it be?! What are you talking about!?"

"What am I talking about? Well, why do I feel like you were all serious just now?"

Tally looked at the young lass in a ridiculing manner.

"I'm just reprimanding you on behalf of 2567 and from his perspective and"

Elli was giving the excuses even she didn't believe and at the same time, her eyes quietly sized up Kieran.

When she saw Kieran expressionless face and was not paying attention to the little squabbles, she let out a breath of relief in her heart but also felt a little depressed.

Obviously, Elli didn't know how to hide her emotions before Kieran.

While Kieran only felt a stinging pain in his temple when he saw the depressed expression on the young lass' eyes. He was a total amateur in such matters, not only did he not have any experience, he didn't have any examples to pull from.

Whether was it his player friend Lawless or the Schmidt or the other natives, none of them were reliable in terms of relationships.

So Kieran decided to go with what he assumed the best way out, drawing distances from the squabbles.

"Things are not over yet. There are still fleets from the East Coast at the port and a ton of living dead in Hologest Port. All of these are urgent matters, I'll leave this place to you two!"

Kieran then went outside after he finished.

His eyes were squinting silently, examining the jewel in his palm, as big as only a button but pitch black in color.

[Name: Dark Nether Stone]

[Type: Gemstones]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: ???]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: You will need a specialist to appraise this!]


Similar to [Ghastly Sapphire], another gemstone that required an appraisal and its rarity was even higher than the former but it was not what Kieran concerned about the most.

When he held the [Dark Nether Stone] in his palm, he could clearly feel the desires from Eye of Chimeras from his heart, or more precisely [Creature of Desire] and [Touch of Cardinal Sins] were signaling him, telling him they were hungry.

Excluding [Creature of Desire] and Gluttony of which both were fond of any kind of food and only exist to eat, the other cardinal sins had their own characteristics yet they showed signs of hunger.

Even though Kieran was lacking sufficient knowledge, he knew the [Dark Nether Stone] was not a common gemstone, but to find out what its properties were, he would need to return to the game lobby and ask Blacksmith for help.

As for now, Kieran raised his head at the enormous Creature of Desire, he deactivated it with a thought from his mind and disappeared into the shadows of the passageway.

Dak Dak Dak

His footsteps were moving further away and eventually went silent.

Elli was looking at Kieran's back blankly and until he completely disappeared, only then did she regain her senses. Then she looked at Tally when an angry face.

"You did that on purpose!" The young lass grunted angrily.

"Is that so?" Tally didn't deny it.

The Landsky family's eldest daughter then pointed at the broken magic circle around the place and said calmly, "Elli my dear, you better hurry up, don't forget you are the most important part of the plan. Even if 2567 has returned, you can't afford to be careless, sweety."

"I'll remember what you did today!"

Elli didn't tangle with Tally as she knew the importance of her role in the plan but her heart refused to give in and sent out a threat to Tally.

Tally, on the other hand, was smiling against such a threat. She didn't care because she knew Elli was a person with a baseline and had a code of conduct to her actions.

Even if she turned bad anyhow, there will be a limit to how far she would have gone for her characteristics.

It was easier than flipping a hand dealing with her compared to all the previous opponents Tally faced before in the past.

Though, Tally's heart was blooming with a certain unknown, strange feeling, causing her to look at the passageway that Kieran disappeared into uncontrollably.

"2567 eh?" Tally muttered to herself softly.


Gertrude was walking towards the deck in a light mood. He felt beyond fortunate that the network that he maintained allowed him to overcome the obstacles before him.

Though a moment later, Gertrude's light mood turned awful right away.

What did he see?

The night sky in the south-east direction was dyed fiery red.

Gertrude was dumbstruck and astonished because he couldn't believe what he saw because he knew what it meant.

The falling comet or the precise name, Comet Burst!

There were many names to that secret technique and the masses knew how destructive it was.

At the same time, the one man that could use such a secret technique whose name was very well-known among the mystical realm, the alchemy master Charles!

Though shouldn't Charles be at the port not far away from them? How could he appear in the south-east direction? The direction where Hologest Port was located?

A series of rushed footsteps sounded from the cabin, it was Norm from the Old Southern who rushed up to the deck. He was looking at the fiery red sky with a vicious face.

"Master Norm, we've been tricked. The port"


A slap on his face interrupted Gertrude's words.

"Shut up!"

"I don't need you to remind me!"

The cold and fanatic voice intertwined, and Norm turned his head to the port at afar.

"Charge! Charge to the port! Kill every one of them!"

"I'll let them know what is it like to make a fool out of me!" Norm shouted crazily.

Gertrude who was covering his face quickly sent out the orders.

Wasn't he pissed off? How could he not be pissed off after being slapped by his master?

But he knew that if he couldn't present any kind of visible contributions or merits, no matter how pissed off or angry he was, he couldn't escape his demise.

Holgest Port was already dealt with, all that was left was West Coast City.

The fleet launched their charging once more.

"The enemies are coming!" The West Coast mystical individuals at the port skipped a beat in their hearts.

When they saw the changes of the southeast sky, they knew the Charles who was with them was just a substitute but it didn't stop the people from turning to their leader in times of danger.

Simones returned to his original look and smiled bitterly after sensing all the gazes from the crowd.

It could still be considered as smooth progress at his side but accidents occurred at Elli and Charles's side.

Elli was currently unreachable and Charles's attack was moved up two hours in advance.

It might not be much for that two hours duration but it was crucial at such a critical moment.

Without Nikorei's defensive magic circle, they could even stand a chance in defending the invaders.

"Hold your ground! We must defend the place until the defensive magic circle is finished, then victory shall be ours!" Simones said loudly after a deep breath.

There was no need for extra words, the grudge they had with East Coast forced them out without any path of retreat.

All they could prepare for was a fierce battle!

Every one of them started to move out.

Norm at the ship saw the scene, he laughed coldly when his enemies were still stubbornly resisting in a desperate situation.

His red robe shooked and countless locusts gushed out from his wide sleeves, bringing a vile stench together with their appearance, swarming the sky above the port.

The swarm of locusts formed a black cloud and buzzing noise sounded in succession.

The West Coast mystics face turned pale when they saw the horrifying scene.

When the swarm of locusts hurled down at them like heavy rain, despair surged up in their heart.

"This is the end!"

Translator's Thoughts


Locusts, in some country, they are considered delicacy.