The Devil's Cage Chapter 522

Chapter 522: Being Noticed

While being thrown forward with top speed, it didn't hurt Kieran one bit.

He landed straight on the ground with his legs after a backflip, the landing impact wasn't as strong that he imagined, nor were there any sprains of the ankle or cracks on his bones.

It felt more like he took a step up the stairs and suddenly reached the top with one step though what he saw in his new surroundings shocked him beyond words.

The place was at night but there were two full moons hanging on the dark sky, resonating with each other. One was greenish white, the other was purplish in an odd way.

Two distinguished moonbeams shed their light over the city. The moonlight intertwined with the buildings, presenting a clear contrast between light and dark.

There was a squad of patrol guards heading over slowly with torches in their hands.

The leader of the squad had leather armor and a longsword equipped, and his other guards were donning linen clothes and long spears. Dogs barking could be heard from time to time.

A figure hiding in the shadows was holding his breath and concentrating on his movements, silently slipping past the patrol squad.

The patrol guards and the guard hound didn't notice the figure in the shadows but Kieran did.

Yet he didn't have the heart to care, not only because of the astonishment at the two moons in the sky but also the appearance of some dangerous presence that his Intuition picked up.

The dangerous presence felt like Kieran was in a room filled with malicious gazes, the sharp gazes were stinging his back.

"Where is this place" Kieran slightly frowned, his heart was recalling what Tiki last said to him.

"Find the answers myself means this place?"

Kieran started to size up the strange environment and buildings.

Though before he could form any practical conclusions, an unparalleled danger gushed out from his heart, similar to a dark cloud hovering over his head.

Kieran quickly turned around and ran without even thinking. He gave it all in his run and reached maximum speed with just an instant.


The strong wind followed, whistling throughout the streets as he shuttled through the paths.

Not only did the whistling wake those who were asleep it even attracted the patrol squad's angry grunts.


"Go after him!"

The patrol squad's voice sounded one after another but Kieran pretended he didn't hear any of it.

It was obvious that he wasn't concerned about the patrol squad but the danger that gushed out from his heart caught his full attention.

Especially following his run, not only did the dangerous feel not go away but it became stronger, denser and closer to him.

The greenish-white moonbeam before him was suddenly distorted, a huge palm appeared out of the voice and wanted to grab Kieran.

[Crow's Black Feather] shone faintly and boosted Kieran's speed, even more, grazing himself past the big palm, but moments later, hands were extended out from the distorted moonbeam in succession.

From a dozen of them to almost a hundred, coming out one after the other.


The rhino mirage formed behind Kieran, its primitive force of nature boosted Kieran's maximum speed to the next level, surging beyond his limits.

All the ghastly hands missed their target but straight up head, more hands appeared from another line of distorted moon beams.

Since Kieran activated [Reckless Rush], he couldn't alter his charging course but it didn't mean he was willing to fall into enemies range.

The Lineage Fire was burning in his left hand fiercely, [Arrogant Word] was glimmering in its bewitching purple glare.


The fireball was hurled out and the greatsword was swung in a flurry.

The hands were penetrated one after another but more hands replaced the fallen ones and it was still not the worst part.

The worst part was the patrol squad had startled countless others, resulting in squad after squad appearing on Kieran's trail. All of the men were strong and buff, well equipped with the best armors and weapons. Some of the armors on the men even had profound mystical runes carved on them.

Kieran's Intuition picked up that the unparalleled dangerous presence was approaching him rapidly as well.

The formidable presence of the armed soldiers and the killing presence from the powerful figure were pummeling Kieran, as if a spark of fire was thrown into a barrel of fire powder, igniting an explosive battle.

Though, everything went silent and ended without results following Kieran's sudden disappearance.

Beams of white light started to shine and beamed Kieran away into thin air.

At the same time, in a further part of the city, a bell was rung.

It was sonorous and rushed!

"It's a trap!"

Many of the men cried in shock.


[Special Dungeon: The Shaman's Partner III]

[Difficulty Type: Free Mission]

[Dungeon Difficulty: Below Average]

[Main Mission 1: Clear the trial of the Holy Knight in 1 Week]

[Main Mission 2: Open the unknown stone gate in 6 months]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Initial Rating: F E)]

[Sub Mission 1: The name of reincarnation!]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating E D)]

[Sub Mission 2: Heart (Perfect Clear)]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating D B)]

[Sub Mission 3: Reinforcements]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating B A)]

[Special Event 1: Sanctuary War]

[Perfect Rating: A SSS]

[Special Event 2: Full-scale war]

[Perfect Rating: SSS ZZZ]

[Battle Performance: Very Active (Rating: ZZZ V)]

[Exploration Performance: Average]

[Special Rating 1: Complete main mission in advance (Rating V VV)]

[Special Rating 2: Eliminating God of Judgement's afterimage (Rating VV VVV, Rep + 1)]

[Acquired Title: Bird of Death]

[Bird of Death: After acquiring most of the dungeon world's natives acknowledgments, the title is granted automatically. It will not take up a title slot and is automatically equipped. Knowledge of the materialistic field increased by +1, be it threats, negotiation, trades, or deals. Has small chances of triggering panic and hostility]

[Player final rating: VVV!]

[Calculating player's special dungeon rewards

[Final player special dungeon rewards are as follows]

[Points: 150,000; Skill Points: 45; Golden Skill Points: 7; Golden Attribute Points: 7]

[Acquired special dungeon: The Shaman's Partner IV]

[Acquired special reward 1: Tiki's recipe (Normal condition)]

[Acquired special reward 2: Introduction to Naveya City]

[Acquired special reward 3: Analytics of the temple developments in Naveya City]

[Acquired special reward 4: Distributions of underground factions of Naveya City]


The dungeon ratings appeared in Kieran's vision, allowing him to let out a breath of relief.

He almost had to fight for his life during the encounter he had a moment ago.

While glancing over the dungeon ratings and the special rewards, Kieran directly ignored the recipe book and placed his attentions on the second, third and fourth reward.

"Naveya City?" Kieran frowned and unconsciously turned to the special dungeon.

The description then started to appear.

[Acquired special dungeon: The Shaman's Partner IV]

[The Shaman's Partner IV: You've entered Naveya City and were caught in an unexpected whirlpool of troubles and it is only the beginning]

[Main Mission: Starts after entering the dungeon]


"As expected!" Kieran squinted his eyes.

He recalled the strong one that gave out the dangerous presence back in the city and he couldn't help but mutter to himself, "So does this mean I've left the newbie range?"

Though before Kieran could ponder on the question more, the system notified him with a knock on the door.

[Player Lawless requested to enter the room. Yes/No?]

Kieran was shocked for a bit and instantly chose Yes.

Then, Lawless entered his garage with a cigar in his mouth.

The system blur blocked Kieran's direct view of Lawless's face but he could feel that Lawless was feeling quite agitated.

"Rachel told me, but I really wanted to return a favor. Maybe the results may differ but I've tried my best! So if you want to be angry about this or even scold me I'll see you out of the room!"

Kieran quickly stated his stance before Lawless could even utter a word.

He wasn't a masochist that wanted a scolding after doing a good deed.

After listening to what Kieran said, Lawless's breathing turned rapid and through a couple of deep breaths, Lawless only calmed his emotions down.

He hurled a cigar to Kieran right after.

"I've told you before, don't get involved" Lawless said.

"I can't control myself and I am already involved!"

Kieran pinched off the head of the cigar and lighted it up with Lineage Fire from his left hand.

Lawless was astonished.

"One of the rewards from the recent dungeons!" Kieran shook off the fire on his left hand after the cigar was lit.

"What an envious luck! I really wish that your luck could go on forever. Those guys have started to take notice of your presence!"

Lawless took a deep breath before saying.