The Devil's Cage Chapter 523

Chapter 523: Candidate

"Noticed me?" Kieran squinted his eyes.

It wasn't any sort of good news to him, yet things weren't at the point beyond redemption.

After all, he was still in the game and not as weak as he was in real life.

Though Kieran asked another question just in case.

"Is it in the game? Or in real life?" He asked.

"Real life? What are you joking about? Unless you blow your own cover, don't even expect anyone in real life know who you are." Lawless rolled his eyes and said seriously.

"When a death in the game happened, some fellas are already anxious to find out the mystery behind the game but in the end. All of them failed without exception and even paid a great cost as consequences! Similar to when the players didn't enter the dungeon regularly, the curse-like accidents occurred one after another on those fellas and the curses are very accurate! Every time they prepared to reveal the secrets of the game to anyone else other than the players or try to probe the game with some special means, the curse would fall on them like promised!"

"Otherwise why do you think people like Starbeck would quietly obey the rules of the game that were set by someone else? Right, Starbeck was an exception but the other wealthy fellas like him will not sit tight."

Lawless brought up the "mimosa plant" as an example, but the moment the words escaped his mouth, he seemed to have noticed it wasn't that appropriate.

Such a one-of-a-kind person was not suitable for any good examples.

Although Starbeck was not a person to meekly accept humiliation, the level of his courage was enough to prove that he was harmless.

In fact, when Starbeck provided his assistance in real life, Lawless was quite shocked.

Lawless never thought that Starbeck would provide him with such a great amount of assistance.

He felt deeply thankful for Starbeck because, with his assistance, the battle that had been extended for far too long and neither side could see a winning end ended in a flash.

Of course, Lawless was still grateful for Kieran's help as well. He knew if, without Kieran's help, everything might still be up in the air.

"Thanks!" Lawless said all of a sudden.

It seemed like Lawless felt awkward after saying thank you directly, he took heavy puffs from his cigar and tried to cover up the awkwardness with his actions.

Kieran shrugged. It was not a pleasant scene being thanked by a tall, robust bearded man in an awkward manner, so he didn't linger any longer on the topic.

"They are on to me in the game?" Kieran asked.

"Yup! Starbeck's identity wasn't much of a secret in the game, a lot of players knew his existence and those guys I've been fighting aren't idiots as well. After the last assault, they will quickly figure out what hit them!" Lawless nodded.

"The last assault? In real life?

"Yeah, in real life. I've blown their old lair to hell, except for a couple more that dodged death, most of them died in the explosion! Though we haven't got any leads on that Extremus fella!" Lawless stated.

He sounded calm but the words that he spoke were enough to send chills down a normal person's spine but not Keiran, he wasn't surprised nor resistant.

Kieran was mentally prepared for such a thing after he heard what Lawless said during the first time and after he requested help from Starbeck, he knew such incidents will surely come.

"Then what now?" Kieran asked.

"We'd continue on of course! Broker and Extremus are still working together and Broker made a fool out of us both, you think we should just call it even like that?" Lawless looked at Kieran.

"Fair? I believed that one who spared me a drop of dew should be repaid with a fountain but I also believed that an eye for an eye!"

Kieran then started to arrange his equipment and items but Lawless stopped him.

Kieran paused his actions and stay quieted, waiting for Lawless's reply.

"Now is not the time. We need to wait for the critical moment to deliver the fatal blow! When Broker and Extremus go after the Witch's Legacy, it will be our chance to strike! Broker is cunning already but he has unparalleled patience as well! So for me being here out in the light, he will definitely arrange troubles for us! He will stop us from interrupting him at all cost and this gave us the chance! The heavier the storm, the tighter we should bite onto him!"

"Then, not only Broker and even Extremus will reveal his flaws. It will be time for our lethal blow to take care of both of them, once and for all!"

Lawless clenched his fist as he spoke.

"That's that but it sounds too passive." Kieran frowned after giving it some thoughts and said slowly.

He understood what Lawless meant, using the frequent troubles that Broker caused them to get a hold of their progress of finding the legacy.

Supposedly, nothing was wrong with the plan but still, there were three difficult points.

One, the precise location of Broker's position.

Two, Broker might use it against them, purposely slowing down how frequently he sent out his men for trouble to misguide Kieran and Lawless.

Third, what kind of trouble Broker might cause. If they could overcome it, so be it but if they couldn't it would be a huge joke!

"So we will need another ally that is willing to strike aggressively!" Lawless said with a laugh.

Kieran's heart instantly thought of a perfect candidate.

Allen! The boss of the Blood Alliance, the player had completely mixed up reality with virtual.


The meeting with Allen went on smoothly.

Just when Kieran stated he wanted to meet up, Allen agreed without any question.

Though, the place of the meeting, Allen said he wanted to meet at the Reeder Irla Bridge outside of the outskirts of the city. Other than Kieran, no one should follow and the meeting time was set two hours later.

Kieran didn't object. No one was an idiot in this, Kieran discovered some clues from Allen's change of attitude but as long as Allen agreed to meet up, Kieran had the confidence to persuade him.

A man's irreconcilable hatred for someone who destroyed his home and murdered his wife had no way to turn around.

"You really wanted to meet this lunatic alone?"

Lawless seemed unsatisfied with the terms Allen set.

Though Lawless was quite fond of Allen being the aggressive person it didn't mean Lawless was limited to a single candidate.

Broker was no Mr.Nice Guy by any means, there were more enemies that hated Broker than Allen alone. The other players who were jealous that Broker dominated most of the player's benefits were also viable choices.

"Since we wanted a collaboration, we must show sincerity."

Kieran said while tidying his equipment.

"This is sincerity? I think he is doing this on purpose."

Lawless took a heavy puff on the cigar lingering in his mouth.

"That is why I have to be well prepared!"

Kieran then turned to his skill tab.

Enhancing his own strength worked most of the time and always a viable choice out of a difficult position.