The Devil's Cage Chapter 533

Chapter 533: An Unreliable Start
Chapter 533: An Unreliable Start
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

[Entering Single Player dungeon]

[Difficulty: Sixth dungeon]

[Background: Night in the city is always filled with darkness and terror, endless sinners were born from it. A series of mysterious supernatural cases occurred in Saint Brilliant High School. As a new teacher in the school, you have volunteered yourself to the night patrol...]

[Main Mission: Solve at least one special case in 1 week, case solved: 0]

[Temporary language pack, Disappears upon exiting the dungeon.]

[Clothing, backpack, weapons, and other items remain unchanged, Temporarily altered appearance, Returns to normal upon exiting the dungeon]

[Hint: This is your sixth official dungeon. You can fail the Main Mission, but you will have to pay 600 Points as a penalty and your highest attributes will drop by 2 level. If your points are insufficient, the system will deduct from your equipment. If your equipment is insufficient, you will fail.]


As the blinding light faded away, Kieran found himself in a corridor. Simple memory fragments started to form in Kieran's mind.

"A teacher?" Kieran complained about the unreliable occupation that had been assigned to him.

Compared to this, the previous occupations, a detective and a reporter, it sounded much more reliable now.

He knew clearly what his education level was. Though he was quite hard working during school days, he was at most a junior middle school level, including the dropouts and part-time jobs, Kieran's precise education level might be even lower than a regular junior middle schooler.

Now assigning him to teach a bunch of high school students was definitely a joke.

Saint Brilliant was a high school and no doubt the students there were all high schoolers!

Besides that, according to his simple memories, this high school was quite a decent one too.

Whether was it the education level or its scientific research, each aspect of the school had respectable points.

"Assigning me as a teacher in this place, the system wants me to teach them [Mystical Knowledge]? I think the moment I opened my mouth, I'll be dubbed as a crazy person."

Kieran mocked himself with a laugh and started sizing up his surroundings.

On his left was a whole row off classrooms and on his right were the windows.

The classrooms were like what Kieran had in mind, equipped with front and back doors with a class sign on each.

Through the windows on the right, he could clearly see a big soccer field surrounded by running tracks outside.

A bunch of students were chit-chatting, laughing, and were crossing the field, heading outside the school compound. Even when the sunset radiance shone on them, it couldn't diminish their youthful energetic manner.


Kieran sighed. If it wasn't for his illness, he might share the carefree attitudes of the students as well.

Kieran then grabbed his backpack and headed towards the teacher's office that he remembered.

The description of the dungeon background was limited but it provided a specific time period.


Based on the limited information, something bad might happen during nightfall and it was already sunset by the time he arrived. Kieran wouldn't waste any more precious time since he was no longer a newbie.

Kieran was quite confident in his strength but it didn't mean he would require less information.

The disappointing thing was, the teacher's office was empty. He frowned.

Even if he hadn't experienced it before, he definitely had seen or heard it before.

Kieran had the most contact with teachers during his student days and he was quite clear about the teachers' habits.

Other than special cases, the majority of teachers wouldn't leave before their students, especially those class teachers. Usually, they would leave after the students of their classes had left the school compound.

Right now, while the students were still leaving, the teachers were already gone.

"The night at school is much more dangerous than I expected." Kieran guessed and was ready to turn around.

Although the teacher's office was empty, through the windows at the corridor, Kieran noticed a guard at the school's entrance and similar to the teachers, he must know something about the school's situation.

But the moment Kieran turned around

Tsssk GAK!

An irritating screech sounded and shut the door tight. Not only the exit door but the curtains on the windows as well. The already dimmed teacher's office instantly turned dark as the limited amount of light was blocked.

Darkness filled the office within a second. Kieran was stunned.

Kieran's A+ Intuition allowed him to sense the existence of wandering souls and evil spirits easily even if he didn't activate [Tracking], yet he didn't pick up any of those, not even the slightest amount of negative energy.

The place should be very "clean".

"What kind of tricks are we playing here?"

Kieran then activated [Tracking] with doubts in his heart but still discovered nothing.

Everything seemed normal under [Tracking]'s vision.

But what he saw a moment later was definitely not normal.


A gloomy and chilly wind was blown towards Kieran, causing his feathered mantle to flutter. The dark room grew even darker as the coldness came.

Dak Dak Dak!

The clear noise of footsteps sounded behind Kieran. He silently moved forward a step and turned around in a flash.

It went quiet! The footsteps stopped right away but the silence lasted no longer than one second. The footsteps sounded once more and were coming from behind.

"Illusions? No... not right, it's"

A wild guess came into Kieran's heart right away, and to verify his guess, he didn't turn around this time but instead he launched a kick backward.

But he missed!

However, the footsteps didn't go away and sounded even clearer in his ears.

If Kieran had doubts before, now it was verified. He didn't care anymore about the footsteps and ran towards the exit even if it was shut tight.

He dashed out quickly and went through the door all of a sudden, arriving back at the corridor.

Kieran turned around to the teacher's office and everything turned back to normal.

"It really is a phantasmal image!" Kieran thought.

Phantasmal images were not illusions and neither would Spirit authentication occur.

All the images had to do was to look and sound real enough to deceive those who see and hear, just like what Kieran did.

Though a fake was always a fake, perhaps it might deceive one for a while but it will eventually be exposed, especially when it came across Kieran as a player.

Kieran came back to his senses after his initial astonishment.

He couldn't believe in his sixth dungeon, he would come across some beings that could induce him in illusions without him knowing. Kieran's Spirit was already at a maximum SSS+, it had far exceeded the other players of the same level and allowed him to handle the dungeon with ease.

So, after some minor testing, Kieran noticed some inklings.

"But to create such a realistic phantasmal image"

Kieran's eyes sized up his surroundings once more, trying to locate the person responsible.


A sudden heavy bang sounded from outside the main academic building.

Kieran quickly followed the source of the noise and saw a fallen body.

Not only bloody and mushy but broken into pieces!