The Devil's Cage Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Coincidence?
Chapter 536: Coincidence?
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The footsteps were coming from outside the iron gate and approaching fast.

Then, a clumsy figure leaped over the gate followed by another two more which had more precise movements than the first one.

Kieran who was already in the shadows was sizing up the sudden trio with squinted eyes.

Their faces were young, even with their home clothes, they hardly concealed their student appeal.

Walking in the front was a tall girl and behind her was another girl with spectacles and a thick bangs. The last one though was a little more peculiar than the other two, it was a girl but had a rounded hairstyle of a man. There were two metal nose ring on her nose and had a huge round earring on the left side of her ear, almost reaching her shoulder.

With all those unnecessary accessories, the delicate face of hers became wild and untamed.

Living in her own world was definitely a phrase that best suited the weird looking girl.

Though, the thing that caught Kieran's attention was not only how she dressed but her unusual presence.

A faint gloomy and cold aura lingered around her, it felt more furious similar to the negative energy flow but not entirely the same.

"What is this?" Kieran was searching the knowledge in his mind but none of them provided an answer to describe such a presence.

There was also a furious side of negative energy?

Indeed there was but it was more furious and violent than anyone could have imagined.

Once that kind of energy which had accumulated the negative emotions and wails of death exploded, the consequences were far beyond anyone's imagination yet such a violent, furious negative energy usually were hidden from plain sight, like a dark rapid current hidden under a silent river. It was not as visible as the ones around the girls.

Kieran muttered to himself the comments he had on the girls.

Three of the girls who leaped over the iron gate into the school compound didn't even notice Kieran beside. Transcendence [Undercover] had hidden his presence beyond normal people's comprehension, though one of them didn't look like anything normal.

"Hurry up! We need to pay tribute to our senior sister, otherwise after midnight tonight, her soul will wander the school forever!"

The tall girl said in a quick manner before placing her bag down and took out a bunch of candles, a bouquet of flower and a yellowish book.

The tall girl arranged the candles and flowers into a unique arrangement with a skilled manner.

One candle on top, two in the middle and another two at the bottom. The middle space was slightly wider apart and the bottom space was slightly narrower.

The bouquet of flowers was plucked out one after another and was placed in the middle of the candles where their directions intertwined.

"A pentagram?" Kieran was slightly shocked over the circle that she formed.

To be honest, when Kieran saw how she arranged the candles, he knew it was a basic structure of a pentagram, just that he didn't think she would connect the candles with flowers.

The more astonishing point was, following the lighted candle, the tall girl took up the yellowish book and kneeled down before reading what was inside.

Although she was a young sweet girl, the moment when Kieran saw her performing the rituals, a word formed in his mind.

A monk!

Back in the real world, Kieran did see monks before. Even though their numbers were far fewer than the priests, it was their lesser numbers that made the impression.

Kieran's memories couldn't help but overlapped the girl's figure with a monk and even from a certain aspect, the girl was looking more authentic.

Not because Kieran saw it with his own eyes but also because of her devoted manner.

A faint, illusory light started to appear on that beautiful face.

"Sanctuary Force?" Kieran was overwhelmed beyond comprehension.

Although the force was very weak, even when compared to common outer Sanctuary members, it was still quite weak, let alone comparing it with Smulder the Holy Knight.

Yet Kieran was certain the light force was indeed the Sanctuary Force that he knew of.

"So, different dungeon worlds will also share the same energy system?" Kieran furrowed his brows.

He was no longer a newbie himself but he never heard of such things before.

Similar energy systems did exist, not only had he heard of it before but experienced it as well but the similar energy systems existing in different dungeon worlds was a first. It was very different from the negative energy that was formed because of a natural phenomenon.

Which mean

The inheritance of the legacy power!

Sanctuary Force had its own legacy form and it was only restricted to Sanctuary members only yet how did the girl before him now acquire the power?

A product of coincidence? Or she created it herself?

If it was the former, luck may still be an excuse but if it was the latter, the girl before Kieran had gone beyond common sense.

Even if she wasn't an unprecedented figure, she would also be a remarkable genius.

Out of instinct, Kieran started to pay more attention to the tall girl, though it didn't distract him from noticing the changes in the surrounding.

A thin layer of mist started to appear in the whole school, the cold and gloomy presence spread all over the school compound as the mist surrounded the place.

The temperature around started to plummet. The street lights behind the back gate started to flicker and eventually went off.

The girl with the spectacles suddenly let out a terrified cry.

The oddly dressed girl was rubbing her fist, seemingly eager about something.

The thin layer of mist turned dense and the temperature had fallen below zero. White breath was coming out of Kieran's mouth.

The tall girl with the yellowish book was shivering non-stop, even her chanting started to stutter and the faint light seemed like it would go out at any second, similar to a candle in the wind.

Then, dark shadows appeared in the mist one after another.

"Food, Food!"

"Delicious Food!"


Heavy and cruel voices sounded from the mist.

The girl with the spectacles had curled up into a ball, the oddly dressed one was clenching her teeth, eagerly looking at the shadows. When a dark shadow came out of the mist, she leaped over like a jaguar.


The air-breaking sound swept away the mist and scattered them away in an instant, revealing the real form of the shadows.


The life-size models that students used for biology classes!

That kind of model that showed half of its brain, eyeballs, and organs on one side and looked human on the other.

Gak Tsk Tsk!

The human model was slowly turning its head around, its eyeball on a side was circulating under its bare muscle. Blood oozed out from its eye socket and dyed its body red in an instant.

When the blood flowed through the plastic-made organs, the organs came alive!

First was the heart, starting pumping vigorously and followed by the lungs, breathing heavily.


An irritating laugh broke out from the slithered mouth.


Right after the laugh, the human model was crushed!

The oddly-dressed girl crushed her foe with a single blow from her fist but she didn't look delighted at all.

She quickly turned around out of instinct and looked at her friends.

The spectacle girl who had curled up into a ball quivering a moment ago has suddenly appeared behind the tall girl. Her thick bangs were suddenly combed backward, reveal a mouth.

A mouth on her forehead!

The mouth started to open wide, almost breaking the girl's crown. The girl's feature was twisted beyond shape but the mouth wasn't satisfied.

Gak, Gak Tsk!


A loud bang caused the head of the spectacle wearing girl to explode, a giant mouth sprouted out from the girl's rain.

While the sharp teeth mouth was splashing its stenchful saliva, it went for a bite at the tall girl.

"Jen!" The oddly-girl shouted in shock.

At the same time, she was dashing towards her friend, trying to stop the big mouth from eating her. However, the scattered mist enshrouded her once again, throwing more shadows at her side.

"Damn it!" She clenched her teeth as she knew she was within the enemy's trap.

Right of the critical moment, the shadows that were throwing themselves towards her and the dense mist stopped as if time itself has frozen.

Dak Dak Dak.

Clear footsteps sounded in her ears.

The mist then quickly dispersed as the footsteps sounded.