The Devil's Cage Chapter 538

Chapter 538: The Funeral Society
Chapter 538: The Funeral Society
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"Teacher? What kind of sh*tty joke is that?"

The oddly-dressed girl shouted loudly, her hot-headed temper made her forget the icy cold fear and raised her right leg for a kick at Kieran's weak point.

Kieran was faster.


Before the girl could see what happened, Kieran's left foot tapped on the front of the girl's calf.

A clear noise sounded and the girl felt pain in her right calf. Her right leg was flung backward following the force in front. Kieran also let go of her hands and the girl flipped and fell to the ground after losing her balance.


A heavy smash to the ground whipped up clouds of dust. It seemed like the girl fell quite hard but Kieran already held back.

Otherwise, with Kieran's power in his legs, he could easily crush the girl and not only bruise her legs.

"Snapped out of it already? If I was not the teacher of this school, you wouldn't have the chance to feel pain!" Kieran looked down at the girl and said coldly.


The oddly-dressed girl instinctively wanted to refute but nothing more came out in the end.

She wasn't an idiot, obviously, she had also the bloodline power in her and after having contact with the other world, she knew the importance of having strength.

She took in a deep breath and swallowed down her grumpy temper forcefully.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"That's supposed to be my question, what do you girls want? Why does Saint Brilliant High School have so many weird incidents happening back and forth? Don't tell me it's a coincidence that those fiends gathered here! And there are the suicide incidents that happened recently, four of them, am I right? Two jumped off the building, one hung himself and one sliced her wrist. Is that Ling girl one of them?"

Kieran didn't say he had no idea what was going on but chose a more skillful approach.

He still remembered clearly the lesson he learned in [The Queen's Shield].

Even though he had total control of the current situation, he would try not to be numbed by his carelessness.

Since he already had the advantage, might as well keep it that way. At least that was what he thought.

"We are releasing Senior Ling's soul! We have no idea what happened here either, but everything started with Ling's death! Ling jumped off the building about three weeks ago and two weeks ago, a teacher hung himself followed by a week later, another girl sliced her wrist. Someone jumped off the building today also, right? More and more fiends are gathering here, the Devour Woman there is one of them!"

"Damn it, why didn't we notice that b*tch is hiding under our eyes!" The oddly-dressed girl said.

Once she mentioned her friend was possessed by a fiend, she flung her fist, seemingly upset by the fact.

Kieran was listening quietly and from her expression and manner, what she said was the truth.

A hot-tempered, reckless girl might lie but when she lied, she wouldn't be so calm.

The other point that concerned Keiran was the surprise notification that popped up when he listened to her explanation.

[Solved case 1: Devour Woman]

Kieran was looking at the ice statue with a surprised expression. He never thought he would fulfill the minimum requirement of the main mission with such ease. Though the minimal was not something Kieran was after, but more.

There would be no exception in each upcoming dungeon either.

"So, after solving this "fiend" case, it would be considered as complete as well?" Kieran pondered the question but surely it was more than meets the eye.

He didn't forget how he ended up at the place. He was chasing that dark cold presence but now, it seemed like the presence was luring him to the designated spot.

"That's not right! If it is luring me, it can use a softer way to do so, there is no need for such a direct approach!" Kieran touched his chin.

The force from the flying shattered glass was not small by any means.

If he was a common man, the three of them might really have been killed on the spot.

Using such methods to lure someone was quite over, unless

"It has a certain understanding of my capabilities?"

Once the possibility came to his mind, he frowned. He hadn't encountered that many incidents since he entered the dungeon and the incidents that were able to probe his strength were only limited to the phantasmal image and the roof that he had been to.

Yet he was sure he wasn't watched.

The former was more like a triggered contraption, as he triggered the phantasmal image once he stepped into the office. The latter was more like a murder plotted for quite some time, it was purely coincidental he was there.

"Perhaps it can avoid my intuition detection?" Kieran wondered more.

Compared to other attributes, Kieran has quite the confidence of his A+ Intuition that it had exceeded the other players that shared his rank but not so much whether would it be enough to handle the whole dungeon world.

After all, there were more sub-missions that exceeded the dungeon's difficulty and the main mission in every dungeon.

The best example was Nikorei, the God of Earth. He never thought he would come across such a character back on the island prison, so no one could assure him he wouldn't come across one in the current dungeon.

"Hey! So what are you going to do? I've told you everything I know. I don't want to stay here any longer! It will be troublesome if we come across the Funeral Society!"

The oddly-dressed girl couldn't help but utter and nag Kieran when she noticed he was quiet.

The Funeral Society?

Another new term that sparked Kieran's interest.

Though similar to the girl before him, before really knowing what the organization could do, he had no intentions of having any kind of contact with them, yet a simple understanding was required.

"What's your name?" Kieran asked.

"Kana! Can I go now?"

The oddly-dressed girl spilled her name straightforwardly and after Kieran nodded, she went over and grabbed her dumbstruck friend.

As her body was lifted up by her friend, the tall dumbstruck girl seemed to have regained her senses.

She waved at Kieran and said with a tone that didn't match her dull face one bit.

"Eh? Good day teacher! Oh, Goodbye teacher."

"Wait, is she sick?"

She mixed her sentence with surprise and statements, plus her dull face, Kieran couldn't help but raise a brow against her.

If Kieran wasn't sure before, now he was very clear that the girl was indeed sick, and it probably was related to her focus trance, or "Sanctuary Force".

Kieran was curious to find out what it was but he wasn't in a hurry.

It wasn't too short nor too long for a week as he believed he had enough time to clear his mind.

After seeing Kana take Jen away, Kieran examined the area once more before leaving.

Kieran had no intentions of meeting the Funeral Society just yet but time and matters wouldn't change its course just because of one's thoughts.