The Devil's Cage Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Mermans Meat
Chapter 560: Mermans Meat
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A faint smoke flowed out from the Jar of Sealing Fiends.

Kieran carefully backed up to the wall as he witnessed the scene.

Although Lee had been evasive about the jar before, according to the information Kieran gathered throughout the night, the jar was exactly what he had first speculated: a treasure chest.

The treasure chest was passed down from an unknown era and what it held inside was anyone's guess.

In simple words, the things inside might benefit fiends or humans.

Though, according to the books, most items that benefited humans would cause damage to fiends and vice versa.

There was also the exception that the item might benefit both sides but to determine what it was, it would depend on one's luck.

However, it was not exactly Kieran's assumption.

Even though the books didn't have a clear record, after that many decades and based on how special the jar was, there must be some conclusion concluded by some intelligent folks. Yet, the jar was in the hands of a certain faction and by that time and most people didn't have access to it.

A simple example was the latest owner of the jar, Ling.

Luck wasn't really applicable to her case judging from how she held tightly to the jar. She must have understood some things about the jar and was able to verify what was inside.

That was why she held it tightly in her arms even during the battle with Kieran.

Since that Ling was a fiend, Kieran had to be extremely careful.

Not only did he avoid the smoke but he also held his breath, staring at the jar with a heavy gaze.

The unsealed [Jar of Sealing Fiends] slowly dissipated in the air but the smoke from inside didn't spread out nor disperse.

The cloud of smoke turned into a single ball, looking like cotton candy or even a real cloud in the sky.

Then, a great aroma came from within the smoke, causing Kieran to gulp down his saliva uncontrollably.

Greed and Gluttony inside him were almost going out of control, following by the others.

Other than Pride, even Sloth was staring at the cloud of smoke before his eyes.

The Eye of Chimera's energy was beating vigorously in his heart.

"What is this?"

The unusual reactions of the cardinal sins made Kieran reach out his hands into the smoke.

He maximized his own will and sanity to restrict himself from swallowing what was inside the cloud.

[Name: Merman's Meat]

[Type: Meat]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attribute: The flesh of a high fiend, consuming it will greatly boost low fiend's power and prolong the lives of natives.]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Do you really want immortality? Well, you still need a great chef the legendary cooking utensils!]


"Merman's Meat?" Kieran was stunned.

Then, a sudden realization hit him. The only thing that could cause such a ruckus in Ling's heart who longed for life more than anyone, other than this piece of meat, there wasn't anything else.

Kieran then squinted his eyes at the [Merman's Meat].

Even though Greed and Gluttony were screaming in his heart, "Eat it! Eat it!", tempting Kieran to consume it, but Kieran didn't plan to.

He saw the Pawn Fire Raven egg at a side, he clearly felt that the egg was restless when [Merman's Meat] appeared. It was a feeling of longing, an urge!

"The temptation of a high fiend to a low fiend is this lethal? Even though the low fiend raven hasn't even hatched! No wonder the other fiends were so eager to get their hands on this!"

Kieran tried to move [Merman's Meat] near the egg and the red glow radiated even brighter.

Kieran couldn't help but take in a deep breath, he was overwhelmed by the scene.

At the same time, a sudden thought bloomed in his heart.

What would happen if he fed the [Merman's Meat] to the Pawn Fire Raven?

According to the books, Pawn Fire Raven was a low fiend and not even an outstanding one among all the others. It relied on its enormous numbers to secured a place in the vast amount of fiends out there and Kieran only had one at the moment, he couldn't rear a whole bunch given the circumstances.

However, the thought did cross his mind but he was lacking Pawn Fire Raven eggs.

Ling was able to increase the raven's amount because she had the resources and powers of three generations of her family, granting her a decent achievement.

Kieran had limited time so if there was a way to enhance the Pawn Fire Raven, Kieran wouldn't mind at all. Even more so when he had the choice of choosing between a native and a fiend, the Pawn Fire Raven that he already decided on was a natural choice.

He didn't place the [Merman's Meat] onto the egg immediately, even though he did decide the eventual route for the piece of meat, he didn't mind using it to create more issues.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kieran pressed the bell beside the head of his bed.

After ten seconds, a knock sounded in front of his door.

"Anything that I can help you with, Master Bird of Death?" Lee asked standing outside the door.

"I need a box made out of ice!" Kieran requested.

Fortunately, the books from Ling's lair did mention clearly how to perfectly preserve the [Merman's Meat].

"Very well, right away sir!"

Lee left in a hurry and returned as fast.

After Kieran granted Lee the permission to enter, Lee entered Kieran's room.

Lee was instantly stunned when he saw what Kieran was holding.

"Mer...Merman's Meat!?" Lee stuttered heavily as his voice was trembling.

Right after that, his eyes were radiating in an unusual brilliance. It was the glare of greed, followed by some other emotions that was brought up together with greed.


A cold, heavy grunt sounded like a grenade echoed in Lee's ear right after that.

Lee quivered out of his bad manners and quickly recollect his senses.

"I'm sorry Master Bird of Death! This is too astonishing! Anyone who laid eyes on the Merman's meat will be moved, I am no exception either ! But since it is in your hands, I dare not have any other thoughts!"

Lee handed over the ice box and stated his stand. He did sound sincere though.

He didn't even raise his head as he spoke, but the change of tone was enough to express what he really was planning.

Kieran smiled against him, it was the effect that he wanted.

Not only from Lee, Kieran wanted more men, fiends to know he had the Merman's Meat but he needed to set a limit on how many should know about this. It shouldn't be too much or too weak in terms of strength.

Therefore, the Funeral Society member before him was the perfect medium.

With Lee's character, given that he wasn't able to get his hands on [Merman's Meat] himself, he would definitely sell the information, luring even more competitors.

Whether it was the rewards from selling the information or the chances for him to acquire profit in times of trouble, it was enough to motivate him.

"Master Bird of Death, [Merman's Meat] is too valuable! It will attract horrifying foes and even a true High Fiend! So please don't bring the meat out of this basement! Only the shielding field here can isolate the [Merman's Meat]'s presence!" Lee said.

"But I want to see that millionaire who lost Artitelgar portrait!"

Kieran purposely frowned in front of Lee, knowing what Lee's true intentions were.

"Please believe me! Having the [Merman's Meat] with you, anyone would show up before your door despite the millionaire rejecting my request for a meeting a few hours ago! Please leave everything to me! I will make the necessary arrangements!"

Lee then quickly left after delivering what he wanted to say.

Kieran stared at Lee's back, his face was filled with anticipation.

"I'll leave my potential rewards and loot to you then!"

After muttering in his heart, Kieran turned back to his books beside him and stuffed his face into reading again. There were too many things that he wanted to know, he had to make the seconds count.

Yet, some obnoxious disturber would surely appear during crucial times.

Dong, Dong Dong!

Kana was frowning, knocking at Kieran's door.