The Devil's Cage Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Estate, Sword, Bridge
Chapter 565: Estate, Sword, Bridge
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"He is acting too natural and deliberate. He is quite familiar with the place as well, to the point that he doesn't even need to search the place and walked straight up to the vault and very naturally showed his face like he didn't even notice the big surveillance camera on top."

"While he is inside the vault, it seems like he has gotten what he was after easily. That portrait painting should be covered by other stuff but from the way he went into the vault, removing other obstacles in front of the painting to taking it out of the vault, the whole process was within seconds."

"Unless the vault is very small, to the extent that it could only hold one to two treasures, but it wasn't possible. No one would build a vault just to hold one to two treasures. Even if one would really go so far as to protect the treasures, how valuable would the treasures be? If it is that priceless, why would the security be so minimal around the place, as if the place was almost empty of people?"

"Other than that The key!"

Kieran took in a deep breath and pointed at the key in the hands of "himself" on the screen.

"Where does one usually keep the key of a vault?" Kieran said as he looked at Oaker who was nodding repeatedly.

"Hmmm, even more details than I'd imagined. Well, whoever it is, the vault's key would be in the place one would assume the safest. Probably be around the person's body or another small possibility is to hand it to someone he trusts, or keep it in some place." Oaker praised Kieran's sharp eyes and replied to his question.

"Correct! But, the key appeared in "his" hands!"

Kieran nodded, his tone had an unknown meaning behind.

"You are saying?" Oaker's sharp senses immediately picked up what Kieran trying to convey.

Oaker didn't forget what Ditko said before he left.

"Well, this would be easy if we can go to investigation!" Kieran said with a smile.


Artitelgar estate.

It was situated at the entrance of Dublin Street, the suburbs was directly behind it. It was the at the tallest point in sight, the building with the white roof, yet it was just a tip of the iceberg of the whole estate.

Kieran donned a black mantled over his body and was giving out a faint salted fish smell because of the fabric. He was following behind Oaker, en route on a straight road, heading up to the estate.

After going up for a while, the real estate was revealed to them. Judging from the steep road, Kieran could tell it was on the waist of a mountain and the white roof he saw at the end street entrance was the mountain peak building.

"This whole mountain is Artitelgar estate?" Kieran asked strangely.

"To be more precise, Artitelgar chose this mountain. The whole wealthy district, the commercial street was originally built to serve Artitelgar's family. Some rumors even have it that the whole Flame City was built because of Artitelgar's family. I've always treated it as a rumor but after meeting you people, I think it's quite reliable now," Oaker said slowly.

The terrifying fact of the authorities of rank was well rooted in Oaker's mind but it was incomparable to the underworld's horror.

What would happen when both of them meet?

Oaker couldn't even dare to imagine.

A whole city built up just to serve a family, it might sound absurd and outrageous but it might not a rumor after all.

At the end of the road, there was a garden with a tall gate with a squad of ten security guards patrolling the place. Still, it was only on the light side, Kieran could feel that tons of gazes were prying on them both the moment they appeared at the foot of the hill.

Oaker quickly went up to the premises, and so did Kieran following tightly behind.

"Inspector Oaker?" The guard at the door recognized the inspector but was curious about the visit.

They never thought the inspector had the qualifications to deal with their employer, even with the theft case, Oaker was nothing but a mere formality.

In fact, even Oaker's superior didn't have the rights to meet their employer at will. Therefore, after they were surprised, caution followed.

The leader among the guards even sized up Kieran who was hiding his face with the hood from the mantle. The chief security clearly sensed the black mantled figure was much more dangerous than Oaker.

"Hey fellas, don't be so nervous I'm just here for the bounty rewards!" Oaker said.

Then, he dragged the hood off Kieran's head.

When Kieran's face was revealed, the security around was stunned, their faces were filled with astonishment.

"Fellas, I think we should talk inside and have a good talk about the bounty rewards! If you fellas can't make the decision, I think I can pay a visit to Mr. Artitelgar." Oaker said with a smile.

The chief security took up his talkie, turned around and spoke through it. Soon after, the big bronze gate gave out a clear screech.

It wasn't opened up fully but just a small entrance at a side.

"Please!" The chief security said.

The inspector wasn't concerned at all and followed him in.

Kieran too followed behind quietly while sizing up his surroundings.

Paying a visit to the millionaire Artitelgar was nothing easy, especially after having speculations in his mind and understood the famous millionaire possessed an identity beyond any common human.

So, Kieran came up with this little trick. Although it seemed simple, no doubt it was effective.

At least they made it into the estate.

Following tightly behind the chief security, Kieran and Oaker walked for almost 20 meters before reaching a shuttle cart that could carry three people at once to travel further into the estate.

The chief security sat on the driver seat and Kieran and Oaker at the back seat.

The shuttle cart started up slowly and drove along the path behind the big gate, heading deeper into the big estate as sceneries at both sides passed by quickly.

Brilliant green lawns were accompanied by a thick jungle at the far end.

Parterres with beautiful and fragrant flowers filled the air with a faint aroma.

The birds chirped and insect buzzed ceaselessly.

As the shuttle cart made a turn, the scenery before their eyes took a sharp turn as well, presenting a totally different scenery.

It was a big lake!

A big lake with glittering reflections, the embankment beside the lake was long and continuous. There was even a stone bridge arched up on the lake.

Before the stone bridge, a shabbily dressed man with a long sword behind his back stood blocked the path like a statue.

When the man saw the shuttle cart, he re-positioned his steps and made way for the cart to pass through the stone bridge.

The man moved like a robot and Kieran couldn't help but glue his gaze on him, or more precisely the longsword behind his back.

Although the longsword only revealed its hilt and a small portion of its blade body, Kieran's nose could already pick up a bloody stench, his eyes could already see blood bursting out and hundreds of wails and screams of the dead echoed in his ears.

It was a murderous sword!

Kieran commented in his heart as he was shocked.

He grazed over the man as he traveled on the shuttle cart.


As the shuttle cart went onto the stone bridge, a slight breeze was blown at them.

The wind started to get stronger and mist started to envelop the lake without being noticed.

The glittering surface lake was turned into a gray blurry scene.


A big splash out of the water came from the left and Oaker's cry of surprised followed right after.