The Devil's Cage Chapter 571

Chapter 571: Actions
Chapter 571: Actions
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With each step Kieran took, the land shook.

Dust and rocks flew up together with the powerful force.

The towering armored rhino mirage appeared behind Kieran suddenly and charged his steps with thunderous force, turning it into an unstoppable rampage.

When the most primitive force of nature appeared on Kieran, Ren's pupils dilated. He had to dodge the incoming strike without hesitation, otherwise...

However, before Ren could escape, a spider web laced with fire descended from the sky.

The spider mirage was standing proud on the lava river of the land of sulfur, many other demonic entities figures surrounded the spider and roared loudly at the sky.

Sou Sou Sou!

The spider web was fired out at its target ceaselessly.

Even though Ren escaped the first fire web, he was trapped once again.

It wasn't hard for Ren to escape the web but Kieran's charge was already within range.

That bewitching greatsword was similar to a sharp rhino horn was aimed towards his chest.

Feeling the pressure of that glaring sharpness before his face, Ren's expression changed for the worse.

That casual, unconcentrated feel vanished and was replaced by a swift and fierce presence.

Ren halted his wasteful struggle and took in a deep breath.

Fuuuu! Fuuu!

His inhale was loud as thunders.

A single blood red spot appeared on his fair forehead.


The blood-red spot shone brightly and emitted a powerful vibration similar to clashing iron blades. A bright red beam as thick as a finger was fired out from Ren's forehead.

The space before Ren was torn by the red beam as if it pierced through a real object.

The red beam left a visible seam through space, pitch black particles were even left behind.

As the red beam swept across the space in an instant, a terrifying, lethal presence enveloped Kieran.


Kieran's charge didn't stop. After activating [Reckless Charge], he couldn't stop moving forward!

The colossal crocodile mirage raised its head and wiggled its tail before standing before the red beam.

Layers and layers of force field barriers appeared around the colossal crocodile.

Buuum! Buuum!

Two layers of Powerful rank force field barrier was pierced through like paper.

The red beam was still flying forward with full force despite the minor resistance from the barrier.


[Armor of Excellence] was shot! The red beam opened up a hole in Kieran's right shoulder as it perforated his body, similar to the two barriers before him, it was torn like paper.

Blood gushed out from the wound, Kieran even felt an unusual feeling of a blade slicing his body starting from the wound.

Kieran started to shake uncontrollably as he was still charging forward.

He felt like his body was being cut by a myriad of blades as the cuts sliced and torn him apart


A deafening lion roar shook the sky and earth.

The golden lion which had been crawling, snoozing on the ground opened its eyes.

The bleeding from Kieran's shoulder wound stopped immediately, following the disappearance of the slicing sensation.

[Lion's Valor]!

[Lion's Courage]!

As it dispelled the abnormal debuffs from Kieran's body, he chose the Strength +1 buff out of the three options. His charge continued forth and seemed even fiercer than before.

The sharp blade edge was inches away from Ren's body and it could tear his body in half at the very next moment.

Ren's face turned heavy, he raised both his hand and clapped his palm before his chest.


A heavy metal clunk sounded upon contact. Kieran's charge with [Arrogant Word] under the buffs from [Reckless Charge] was caught by Ren's bare hands!


Kieran's charge still didn't stop. The charge pushed Ren backward, dragging him away from the spot.

Ren's legs plunged deep into the asphalt road, leaving two deep trails as he was dragged away, he seemed like he was plowing through soft soil.

Though Ren wasn't a plow and Kieran wasn't the cow moving it.

The primitive force of nature gathered around Kieran as he directed all of it, plus his own into [Arrogant Word].

Ren was the person who had to withstand both tremendous forces charging at him. The raw power was shaking his hands as he was pushed backward.

Gak Tsk, Gak Tsk Tsk!

A teeth numbing screech came from Ren's palms and his arms. The sharp edge of [Arrogant Word] was slowly moving inwards to his chest.

Ren's face turned heavier, not only because of the tremendous power from Kieran that exceeded his imagination but also the upcoming wall behind him.

Ren was clear that his strength had started to fall short against Kieran's charge but had he clashed on to the wall, Kieran's primitive force of nature will surely explode in his face and he would be injured more than he bargained for.

Ren clenched his teeth immediately as a swift decision was made in his heart.

With only [Arrogant Word] between them, both of them were within each other's attack range and Kieran also saw Ren's facial expression. Kieran knew what Ren was thinking in his mind.

The victor would be determined in his next move!

Kieran kept pushing Ren forward, closing into the wall behind.



Ren crashed into the wall.

The wall was already old and worn down because of lack of maintenance throughout the decades and the moment both of them crashed into it, it crumbled completely, dragging the neighboring walls down together.


The primitive force of nature exploded upon contact, forcing out a mouth full of blood from Ren.


His blood gushed out like arrows, splashing towards Kieran's face.

Kieran was not bothered by the blood, he kept pushing forward with all his might as if he was ready to die with Ren.

Though, as the blood arrow was about to hit Kieran, a dark red raven's head popped out from Kieran's hood, spitting out a fire ball from its beak.

It was the Pawn Fire Raven!

However, upon collision of the fireball and the blood arrow, the fireball was extinguished immediately.

No doubt the Weak attack fireball was no match for the blood arrow.

If one fireball couldn't match the blood arrow, what about three?

Fuu Fuu!

Two more fireballs were spat out, neutralizing the remaining blood arrows.

It even burnt away the bloody stench in the air.

Ren smiled bitterly, everything had deviated from his expectations.

He turned his head around and saw Rassho Temple's main hall.

Similar to the outer walls, the main hall shared the same image of a busted state because of lack of maintenance.

However, Ren knew should both of them crash into the busted main hall, neither Kieran nor he would in one piece, even if he was one of the 21 Fiend Exorcists.

Yet, he was helpless against the situation at hand.

Ren's bitter smile turned heavier when he saw how persistent Kieran was.

Kieran too instantly knew what Ren was thinking after catching his expression and the slight movements, yet he didn't stop his charge.

Aside from the fact that he couldn't stop, even if he could, he wouldn't.

A battle was to determine who was the strongest and who would survive.

Besides, the situation has already exceeded the means of a mere battle.

Following the appearance of the Fiend Exorcists, Kieran knew he was caught up in a giant whirlpool of trouble. A slight misstep would cause him to die a horrible death.

In order to increase his chance of surviving, he knew what he must do.

Otherwise, he would be treated as a disposable pawn in other people's plans!

It would definitely end up bad for him then.

Kieran and Ren were closing onto Rassho Temple's main hall.

The moment before both of them crash, the main hall gate opened up and revealed an old monk with a saggy face.

The monk's movements were slow, he could even be considered as suffering a delay, yet none of those was concerning enough.

The most concerning point was Rassho Temple's main hall moved together with the monk's slow but actual quickstep!

Kieran and Ren grazed over Rassho Temple's main hall and crashed hard into the backyard.