The Devil's Cage Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Small Path Square
Chapter 580: Small Path Square
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The flames burned fiercely yet the turret on the rooftop was unharmed.

A force field barrier formed in the nick of time and protected the turret from being blasted to hell. Even though the explosion did quite the damage to the barrier which caused it to wobble, the turret was still operational.

"See that? You lone wolves have gotten so used to being alone, how would you people know what great teamwork is"


Before the sword wielder's words could finish, he was interrupted by another explosion.

A figure suddenly appeared above the rooftop with dual wielding fire and ice swords.

The left flaming sword slashed opened the wobbling barrier and the right freezing sword was swung towards the turret, freezing it in an instant.


Coll's eyes shone brightly, his words stuttered from his mouth because blood kept gushing out.


The longsword stabbed that through Coll's abdomen was drawn out quickly. Coll was like a ragdoll that went out of control as he plunged to the ground. The sword wielder was infuriated because of the embarrassment, he wanted to slice Coll's head off.

The stinging embarrassment on his face made the sword wielder abandon his game of teasing as he wanted to end this quickly.

He wanted to kill Coll before going after the other who destroyed the turret. He would not stop his relentless pursuit of the latter because the mission assigned to him was to ensure the turret's proper operation.


Just as the sword was inches away from taking Coll's head, a strong wind struck the sword wielder from behind, forcing him to swing his sword the other way.


The brick that was hurled at him was sliced but the powder from the brick and the coated lime powder exploded upon impact.

The dusty cloud instantly shrouded the sword wielder's face.


A painful cry came from the sword wielder but he didn't alter his sword stance.

After that, sprinting footsteps were approaching the sword wielder rapidly.

"You think you can win me with these petty tricks?"

The sword wielder replaced his blinded sight with his hearing, the moment his words ended, he swung his long sword down in a flurry. He wanted to teach the person who ambushed him a lesson, informing him of the gap of strength between them.


His swing was powerful and quick but the longsword missed its target.

The person dashing towards the sword wielder didn't attack the sword wielder as expected, instead, he threw himself over the sword wielder's feet.

His target was the heavily wounded Coll on the ground.

Hanses managed to grab Coll and roll away from the sword wielder, drawing distance between them.

At the same time, he poured a tube of high quality [Healing Potion] into Coll's mouth.

Gulp Gulp!

Coll finally opened his eyes after a few coughs, he had to clear the lingering blood from his throat.


Coll overjoyed when he saw his comrade saved him from the brink of dying.

Hanses, however, saw Coll's wounded chest as his outfit was torn apart by the sword wielder. Without further ado, Hanses took off his coat and covered the exposed chest.

"Hold on a minute will ya!" Hanses then stood up and went over to the sword wielder.

The sword wielder had regained his sight and he saw Hanses approaching him. He also saw Coll who escaped death yet still couldn't move around.

"Hmph? Your girlfriend? It's really nothing you know, she fell on the ground bleeding out after a small stab from my sword." The sword wielder mocked Hanses with his vulgarities.

Undoubtedly, the sword wielder wanted to provoke Hanses. It was quite common among the veterans, using verbal attacks, the more common the method, the more effective it would be.

The sword wielder laughed when he saw Hanses dash towards him.

He then thrust his sword forward at Hanses.

The sword flashed brightly after the motion. It should be a long sword but it bloomed like a peacock's tail and its tip was as sharp as a viper's fang, jumping onto its prey to attack all its target's weak points.

The sword wielder mockingly laughed again when he saw Hanses's arms suffer multiple bleeding wounds.

"The Shield Wielder Hanses? Take that away and what are you? You bunch of idiotic lone wolves, what are you without the hot boiling thoughts? You can't even think properly!"

The sword wielder seemed to know Hanses quite well and because of that knowledge, the sword wielder showed a disdainful gaze as his charge.

However, when the bouquet of swords was caught by Hanses despite it was being swung in a flurry, the sword wielder couldn't believe his eyes.

"Other than unable to think straight when my blood boils, I have my own nature of battle and also my ACE!" Hanses yelled loudly and punched the sword wielder's face.

Amidst the bone crackings, the sword wielder was punched up in the air, he was more than a meter away from the ground and before he could fly further away, Hanses grabbed the sword wielder by the leg and dragged him back.


Hanses dragged the sword wielder's leg and slammed him down on the ground like a giant hammer.

"Apologize to my friend Coll!" Hanses shouted.

Yet no answer came from the sword wielder as the man disintegrated into light particles.

The scene went quiet for a while.

Hanses scratched the back of his head and turned around awkwardly to Coll who was struggling to stand up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hold back"

Hanses went over and helped Coll up.

"Remember, help me keep the secret!" Coll signaled to Hanses.

"Why don't you tell the others that you are a female player? Aren't female players quite common? And Okay Fine, I get it!"

Hanses gave up immediately when Coll stared at him quietly. He quickly shifted the topic.

"This place is filled with Black Robes men, that Lawless really thinks he is above all laws, how could he even cross the Black Robes? Besides, even a sub scroll of [Blade of the Daybreaker] is involved The Black Robes will never just let him go like that! We only have two options left"

"Let's find Lawless!"

Before Hanses could finish, Coll interrupted him.

"I will not be a burden to everyone! I am not skilled in battle, after all, machines are my only forte! Bring me to the turret spot!" Coll said.

"Okay!" Hanses nodded.

Hanses carried Coll up and headed towards the tall building.

He did saw the turret was frozen by Ramont's ice sword but he knew Coll must have an idea. What he had to do was deliver Coll to the turret.


After freezing the turret, Ramont dashed down the tall building by sprinting on the wall.

When he was less than 10 meters off the ground, he tapped on the wall with both his legs and instantly sprang himself away horizontally from the wall and crashed onto the ground.


But before Ramont could land properly, a loud shout came.

The Black Robes nearby fired at Ramont without a second thought.


Ramont quickly swung his swords in a flurry, forming a sword barrier around him.

The bullets couldn't even pierce through his flurry blade defenses.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Sou Sou!

Under the heavy Gatling gunfire, two distinguished air-breaking whistles reacted to the downpour of bullets.

Then, the Black Robes gunner screamed in agony.


"I need healing!"


The agonizing screams were ceaseless but what they got in reply was slashes from a sharp claw.

Moments later, when the whole bunch of Black Robes were disintegrated into light particles, Raven the loner walked out from the shadows. Beside him was two fox-like leopard cats following him around.


Raven glanced over Ramont and landed his sight on Small Path Square's direction.

"I've dealt with the turret. The heal though I have no idea but I hate that Chosen One who shut off our communications! Don't let me find him or I'll crush his balls!" Ramont said angrily.

"The healers should be dealt with but the communication blocker is hiding elsewhere and our reinforcements should arrive any moment now."

It was quite rare of Raven uttering a long sentence.

"Reinforcement? Whatever, let's stick to the plan and head towards Small Path Square!" Ramont said.

Raven didn't object but the moment both of them moved out, a great thundering growl sounded at that very direction.

The ground even shook fiercely following the growl.

A giant 20-meter twin-headed snake rushed into the square like an ancient rampaging beast.