The Devil's Cage Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Clashing In Every Direction
Chapter 581: Clashing In Every Direction
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The Fire Raven dived from the night sky with an uncommon tweet before it landed on Kieran's shoulder.

The power from the contract allowed Kieran to share a special link with the Fire Raven, thus he immediately got what he was after.

Kieran advanced forth even faster.

To be honest, when Blacksmith told him what was going on, he wished he could be twice the normal speed faster or even thrice!

The Title Dungeon sub scroll was related!

Kieran would never have thought the scroll was at stake but a sudden realization soon followed.

Only an item of such caliber would force one of the Supernovas, Black Robe to make his move.

Black Robe, Rayerwent. An unusual player among the Supernova.

Unlike from other team players or lone wolves, Rayerwent admired the huge organization and its power.

He attracted the struggling players to join his side with his title, thus expanding his forces. The Black Robes, which was Rayerwent's men, took over one of the corners of the big city and lurked around like a monster of the dark, waiting for the opportunity to devour its prey.

He was somewhat similar to a discounted version of Broker.

However, even though Broker did many of his malicious deeds out in the light, he would conceal his tracks and doings.

The Black Robe wouldn't. Similar to how he acquired the title of Supernova, Black Robe was a direct person.

"What's yours is mine if I like it."

Such an ideal was shackled down in the real world by laws and regulations.

But inside the underground game?

The shackles were released the moment he came into the game and the beast was unleashed.

From Blacksmith's brief explanation, Kieran knew Black Robe had grabbed the things he wanted more than once and this time around the target was the curse dispeller.

While using the curse dispeller as a lure, it dragged Lawless and the other lone wolves player, plus Kieran himself, into this battle.

Undoubtedly, Black Robe had been plotting this for a long time.

Kieran, however, had no idea where the details went wrong but he knew what he must do at that moment.

Eliminate Black Robe's healer! As long as the healer was a factor, the Black Robes army with more than 200 hundred men will suppress the lone wolves player with sheer force.

Sufficient quantity would trigger a qualitative change.

Kieran didn't deny that, especially when 200 men kept being healed up and possessed a myriad of different attackings means. The qualitative changes this time would definitely send the lone wolves into the deepest part of the abyss.


After Kieran dashed out from a small alley, the sight before him opened up brightly.

Then, an air-breaking sound headed towards him but it didn't stop his movements.

Kieran jumped up like a nimble sparrow and dodged the incoming arrow together with the explosions that followed.


Kieran managed to dash out of the explosion range.

It wasn't a mine but a remote bomb that has been planted early on.

The combination of A+ Intuition and [Tracking] allowed Kieran to familiarize himself with close quarters combat. Regardless of how good the enemies hid, everything was exposed under Kieran's sight.

For instance, the bomb that was buried under the debris.

It was very obvious because of the footprints and handprints around that single spot.

Similar to the net that was floating in mid-air. The net was black in color mixing with a dash of grey, allowing it to perfectly merge itself with the night sky but under [Tracking]'s vision, it was nothing but a bright white net.


The net was hurled down from the sky and Kieran leaped out in mid-air as well a moment before the net caught him. Kieran was able to step on the formless air as it was leveled ground because of his boots.


Kieran dived down like an arrow let loose from mid-air, shooting himself towards the bunch of players on the ground.

Four of the black cap mantled players were grouping up there.

Although there were a dozen more similar dressing players surrounding them, the magic circle under the four player's feet plus the magic staff in their hands were enough to prove everything.

They were the healers of Black Robe.

Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak!

A couple of machine guns fired at Kieran, the intertwined firing shrouded Kieran completely amid his dive.

Then, the Black Robes saw Kieran got shot into a sieve.

The scene was very realistic as blood and flesh flew in all directions and his body turned into a mushy pile of meat. It would be the real deal if there wasn't a bubble popping in the end.

[Illusion Puppeteer Ring]!

"Guards up!"

Regardless of how stupid a person was, they would know they were tricked.

The Black Robes quickly spread out in a disciplined manner, bringing out their official formation which they had been practicing for a long time.

The healers were placed behind the dozen other Black Robes and a metal barrel formation was formed around them.

Any movement in any directions will not escape their sight.

So, when Kieran reappeared once more, he was noticed at first sight.

Guns were fired once again though none of the bullets could obstruct Kieran's forward charge.

[Reckless Charge]!

When the armored rhino mirage formed behind him, the land beneath Kieran's feet started to tremble and when [Arrogant Word] was treated as the horn of offense, his attack would never fail.

The metal barrel formation was crushed within an instant.

The four healers within the formation formed a lustrous light around them.

It was neither dazzling nor radiating with brilliance but it was tenacious enough, for most of the players though.

It wasn't enough before the sharp edge of [Arrogant Word]!


The bewitching red edge pierced through the lustrous light but it didn't shatter as expected.

Cracks appeared lightning from the point where [Arrogant Word] was stabbed, it spread outwards like an expanding spider web.

The cracks spread bigger and further, even Kieran who was at the hilt's position crashed into the lustrous light.


As the primitive force of nature trembled, the shattered lustrous light pieces danced under the night sky.

Kieran hadn't forgotten [Reckless Rush]'s attack authentication and that was why he chose [Arrogant Word] to act as the horn.

A Legendary rank weapon had not only the sturdiness but the sharpness as well.

With such a sharpness as the charging point, Kieran's [Reckless Charge] would never fail.

Of course, Kieran also considered all sorts of disadvantageous situations and the worse outcome before striking. He had to as the four healers before him were obviously Chosen Ones but up until now, they only displayed their healing abilities.

However, Kieran would never believe the 4 Chosen Ones came to battle with only healing abilities under their sleeves.

There were quite a number of guards around the healers but none of them really had decent abilities.

Yet they relied on such guards to protect four Chosen Ones?

It may be too careless of them.

Judging from Blacksmith's description, Black Robe wasn't a careless person.

So, the answer was self-explanatory.

Black Robe believed the four Chosen Ones had the ability to protect themselves.

Kieran dared not underestimate Chosen Ones when they obtained the trust of their superior.

But he was lacking options and what Fire Raven saw through its sights told him that he was running out of time.

He needed to deal with this fast, so he had to take the risk.

Kieran tried to utilize his battle style to deceive his opponents, trying to make them careless. He acted like he was a reckless warrior type with a little mind behind his actions and he did it perfectly!

The moment the lustrous light shattered, the four Chosen Ones did effectively dodge the charge instantly. Kieran even heard the laughs of contempt from their mouths.

However, such laughs halted the moment they were caught by a flaming spider web.

The spider web tightened up immediately and gathered all four struggling Chosen Ones before Kieran's charging trajectory.

Despite great danger was befalling them, the four Chosen Ones didn't give up. They were ready to risk it all with their last ace card!

Yet, Kieran's eyes were glaring with an unusual light.

[Deadman's Gaze]!

It wasn't as successful when it was used on the common players, the four Chosen Ones relied on their skills and items and quickly freed themselves from [Fear Illusion], but it was enough for Kieran.

When Kieran realized he was facing four Chosen Ones, he never expected [Half-dead's Gaze] would ring a dent, all he needed was to stall them for a second because he was still in [Reckless Charge]'s effect and the Chosen Ones were within range.



The slashing sound from the sword's edge and the crashing from the brute force sounded like a melody.

The Chosen Ones died a restless death. They never thought they would die in such a lame way.

In fact, everything unfolded as Kieran's expected. The guards around them were less than useless because the Chosen Ones still believed in their own abilities. After all, they were the ones that were different than the other Black Robes member. The Chosen Ones did get Black Robe's prioritized training though, they didn't just excel in the group itself, they also possessed outstanding knowledge.

That was the reason why they could spot Kieran's weakness with the first sight: his charge could only move in a straight line.

Based on that weakness, the four of them indeed had exchanged opinions and already planned out their next setup, all they had to do was wait for Kieran to step into their trap.

But, the outcome was far from what they had imagined, it turned out like they were the ones who fell into Kieran's trap instead.

That fake reckless charging was used to pull off the flaming spider web above their head!

They were deceived the very moment they saw Kieran!